sally on June 26th, 2013
Camu Kaze Energy Shots Rock!

CamuKaze Energy Shots Rock!           photo by Sue Bennett

The Amazing Camu Berry, wild-crafted from the remote Amazon rainforests of Brazil and Peru, holds a bounty of healthy  promises in future of naturally sourced supplements!

Camu Camu (myrciaria dubia,) also known as the Brazilian cranberry, is one tart fruit that is not eaten by the native people. This berry  is one the of the richest known  sources of naturally occurring ascorbic acid and the Vitamin C complex. Its 70 different synergistic compounds and 16 amino acids have been found to reduce inflammation, brain fog, low energy, and speed-up recovery after exercise . This nutritional powerhouse is ideal for those of on the run… or without access to high quality Vitamin C supplements. The Camu Camu Berry is available in veggie caps, or in delicious, high concentration liquid energy shots; that are stimulant and caffeine free. Our brain needs higher amounts of Vitamin C than other organs for proper cellular signalling, healthier hormonal balance, DNA renewal, and collagen health!

Most of the ascorbic acids in our supplements are created with synthetic benzene and acetone chemicals. They are combined with GMO corn or lab manufactured Vitamin C…  that may actually create adverse reactions instead of positive ones. A 100mg capsule of  Camu Camu equals the bio-availability of 1.6 grams of a lab made ascorbic acid; so smaller doses do work. Even the “food grown” sources of “natural Vitamin C”  start with chemical USP… and have a fermentation process before getting a natural end result. The dried or liquid concentration Camu Camu berry puree is natural and healthy… like eating fresh fruit in the sun!

NATURALLY BUFFERED: Camu Camu has enough naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, and potassium… creating its own natural buffering system. Hence… you don’t get an upset or burning acidic feeling. You can consume the Camu Camu on an empty stomach and feel great!

HEALTHY BOWELS : No more loose bowels… like folks reports from synthetically sourced Vitamin C… because these natural buffering agents (calcium, magnesium, and potassium) work to protect and restore gut tissue.

SKIN & MASKS : The benefits of ingesting Camu Camu Berries are endless… even providing  UV protection! The sun can be hard on your skin. The capsule powder makes a wonderful rejuvenation mask… mixed with whipped egg whites, 1/4 mashed avocado, and Silverbiotics silver liquid. Leave on for 20 minutes, rinse, and apply the Silverbiotics ASAP365 Gel. Then your favorite serum and day cream. Consumed internally, the ascorbic acid contributes  to stronger collagen strands for firmer, younger looking skin! Greens+ camu-vitamin-c

IMMUNE SUPPORT : Consuming 400mg of Camu Camu daily is equivalent to taking almost 6 grams of Vitamin C. This  triggers our immune system to produce additional white blood cells we need to fight colds, flu, and environmental illnesses.

JOINT PAIN/INFLAMMATION: Taking 500-800mg for muscle aches, joint pain, and athletic injuries really works . It is easy on your stomach and promotes healthy body repair quickly!

Vitamin C is needed in all of our body systems from collagen production and muscular strength… to brain health. Camu Camu promotes healthier, younger looking skin, hair, nails too. It promotes lower inflammation, better pain management (including sprains and shingles,) healthier immune system, hormonal balance, and increased energy!

Switching to the naturally sourced Camu Camu as your primcamu berries bulkary source of Vitamin C will electrify your daily nutritional regime!

Remember to hydrate this Summer. Drink large amounts of alkaline water mixed with electrolytes, or drink a Camu Kaze Energy Shot . The Hymalyan Sole water, coconut water, and raw salt will help maintain adrenal health during outdoor activities. Add Sole or Camu Kaze to your water bottle when  exercising… which replenishes lost electrolytes… naturally!

Camu Camu, natures Vitamin C, is absolutely the best naturally sourced Vitamin C that you can take .

Stay strong, energized, and protected with Camu Camu!

In Continued Health,

~ Sally Byrd



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sally on January 3rd, 2013

Ferris Acres Creamery100_3808The excessive tragedies: hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, fires, murders, financial , personal losses,record setting temperatures ,excessive political wars  and  a government out of control – ENOUGH ALREADY !

We can’t control ALL the daily barrage of stresses - emotionally , physically and financially now matter how much we plan or control the issue.   We don’t always know or understand the  reasons behind the cruel , horrendous events that seem to escalate in these end times.  We don’t agree with most of the  circumstances or decisions , but we can certainly prepare and handle it from a faith point of view. One thing that has come out of 2012 is prayer . The United States of America has been a recipient  of prayer from our citizens and many fellow countries with big hearts .

Bill Wilson , co-founder of Metro Ministries is a hands-on passionate leader for inner cities worldwide Ferris Acres Cows in pastureand their children’s welfare , says it best : The greatest opportunities are disguised as impossible situations. Many of these situations could have been a lot worse. Yes, innocent people are paying the price and it is never easy for us to share the grief of those families who have lost everything  they own ; their dreams, loved ones and employment  . Bill deals with children who have nothing , but can regain hope and vision through his teachings on God’s love and  financial blessings to regain lost, empty and despondent  lives . .

We can Pay it Forward with prayers and random acts of kindness , not just for a day, a month or a year , but every day .

Prayer helps us find comfort there there are no words to express our feeling or even offer comfort to our loved ones. Faith is mandatory because tragic events serve no purpose  . The CT shooting tragedy  at the Sandy Hook elementary school is very close to my heart since I grew up in Fairfield , CT about 30 miles away . My sister attends a church in Newtown-Grace Fellowship that I attended with her last spring. Mt Pleasant Road, Newtown , CT 203-270-1005 , that has been working overtime consoling families  , friends , and fellow Americans for the last few weeks. My wonderful sister Hove had a vision the day before the murders . She saw all of those children playing and running around in a beautiful place-heaven . Although she was unsure of the meaning , she understood by Friday and was grieving for the families left behind but comforted by the knowledge that every single child was in heaven with God. No pain or trauma , just love.  I love this church and also the Ferris Acres Creamery – when think about  Newtown I think of country roads, farms , happy families and phenomenal ice cream!stock-photo-9114008-pigeon-in-the-sky

The  Ferris Acres family dairy  that offers some of the best ice cream that I have ever had .I limit ice cream in my diet  but there is something good about enjoying an occasional  homemade dish of of creamy frozen dessert and gazing at the beautiful cows in the pasture . These animals  are lovingly cared for by the Ferris family who has owned the farm since 1864. Usually I stick with gelato for treats but their ice cream is legendary .  Ferris Acres Creamery ( open  April through October ) is the last working dairy in Fairfield  County, CT and a happy reason to visit Newtown in the future. located at 144 Sugar Street in Newtown , CT  , open April 2013.

It has been 12+ years since the movie Pay It Forward  movie starring Kevin Spacey,Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment hit our  theaters and  left deep impression in our hearts.  For many of us it was wake up call; a wow , some peopel really care.  Now 2012 is another call to action to  make a difference in 2013.It starts with us . One person . We can make a difference.

Donate time to a loved one , neighbor or complete stranger. Doing nice things for people whom we may not even like, creates a sense of personal satisfaction and  freedom  that can take us through the hard times. Many of us have resolved to do 26 random acts of kindness over this month -maybe we should do this every day . Love is simple and kind.

We are so  blessed to live another day , even while we are grieving .

Discover your life’s purpose this year and start to really live it .  Life is precious gift . Tragic events and financial crisis can lead a country to pray in masses and force us to change and positively impact our environment .

Love , Kindness and a Smile are contagious.  Pass it on America!

In Continued  Health ,

Sally Byrd










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sally on November 13th, 2012

Did you wake up without an alarm today or did it take several to get you moving ? Were you cranky or happy? Were you complaining or thankful  ? Did you immediately want a cup of coffee or a cola drink  to wake up ?

Fuel for the brain comes in many ways . Food, supplements ,exercise, prayer,happiness & joy ! Our brains are wired to be happy . When we feed them garbage foods ,they will eventually rebel and so will our bodies. The 4 major neurotransmitters ( dopamine,acetylcholine,gaba ,serotonin ) are the drivers for how well our brain is aging. Coffee and soda consumed in  excess depletes your dopamine levels : Over 2 cups per day may lead to less energy ,increased weight gain, addictions of any type ( including food,med,smoking,sex,unnecessary spending ,avoiding intimate relationships etc. ). Is it worth it?

Many  of our circumstances are not ideal but making the best out of each day - thanking God for what we have is the best way to approach . Giving daily thanks combined with proper nutritional eating , supplementation and movement .

As our factors for aging accelerate after 30 years old,  our neurotransmitters start to misfire and create chaos.  These subtle changes affect our mood , behavior. and our energy levels.

Mental cognition challenges are increasing as America’s quality food supply decreases . Even eating 100% organic will not supply all of the nutrition your brain needs to balance the sensitive and complicated chemical pathways in your brain. The fact that Prop #37 did not pass in CA this past election, is a warning sign for us; that gov’t ,big pharma & food manufacturer profits are more important than our health . We have to start taking care of ourselves , since it is NOT in the governments best interests to do so .

What if I told you there was a great tasting superfood powder that would assist your brain to become younger instead of  getting older?

There is a new super-food  that was designed to balance all 4 major neurotransmitters of your brain . Many of my reader’s  know that I have been taking the Original Greens+ super-food supplement powder as my multi for almost 20 years now. Sam Graci , a brilliant researcher created the Original Greens+ back in the 80′s for central nervous system support and overcoming depression. That is why so many people have experience better health and better aging when they ingest Greens+ daily .

I was very privileged to work closely with their science research director and genius ,  Chris Daniels to create another updated  Greens+ formula specifically designed for the aging brain .

Kudos for Dr Eric Braverman’s research ( Path medical center in NYC ) which focus’s on neurogenesis ; recovering and restoring an aging brain. Dr Braverman  offers several books that discuss how we can reverse our brains health by up to 15 years and look better too .His most recent release : Younger Brain,Sharper Mind and my favorite ; the Younger Thinner You Diet  that lists all of the herbs ,spices and foods what we eat by brain neurotransmitters.Dr Braverman’s says that a younger brain burns more calories and a better functioning metabolism is the key to healthy weight maintenance.

I find it fascinating and encouraging to have a found a doctor who believes in eating this way as many aging well cultures have for years. The American diet and fast food restaurants that use artificial flavors and boring processed salt , black pepper and fake fats , fall short when compared to the fresh herbs and spices consumed by our ancestors.  To many  people , cooking is lost art . For those of us on the go , supplementation is a must . I live most of the year eating out.  so I support my immune system with nutritionally dense super foods.

The New Vanilla Chai , smart and fit Greens+ has over a 90,000 orac level which means it will help put out the fire of inflammation anywhere in your body . Only one tablespoon daily  will equal the vitamins  & minerals in 5 serving or org fruits and veggies. Plus you get probiotics,enzymes,phytonutrients and enzymes.  There Is no sugar added or maltodextrin or any GMO food.  The herbs , spices and sea vegetation that restore youthful cellular regeneration .

The pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean offer both dopamine( joyful bliss )  and serotonin( common sense)  balance. The Turmeric , lecithin and ashwagandha ginseng offer support for both the dopamine and acetylcholine - brain energy  ,faster  response time ,  less inflammation with improved  cellular dehydration within our skin,bones,muscles and organs. The Cinnamon is for Gaba balancing to reduce life’s anxiety and boost your confidence.The ,ginger  and red gapes,Jerusalem artichoke all assist in to balance dopamine .  Maca balances our sexual hormone and offers adaptogenic qualities for people of all ages. Combined with the sea veggies, org grasses,fruits and fibers , you just can’t beat this smart & fit brain food.

The Vanilla Chai mixed w/ Almond,rice ,hemp , soy or org cow  milk will also resemble a milk shake not a grassy tasting  green drink.

All 4 neurotransmitters will be affected so that drinking 1-2 scoops daily will help to balance the heart , brain , sexual challenges,circulation and inflammation , all from food! And you get 10 serving of veggies !

My favorite morning recipe is : 1 scoop of Vanilla Chai ,1 scoop of the Greens+ organic amazon chocolate , 1 tablespoon of the Greens+  organic Chia seeds with 4 oz of mate  green tea and 4 oz of almond milk with a couple of ice cubes.

Talk about an energy enhancing brain balancing hormonally balanced drink which can cross your blood brain barrier in 20 minutes if taken on an empty stomach .  Easy to make  and drink anywhere. A blender will make it frothy but even just using a shaker cup will work . Our bodies like to extract nutrients from food not chemicals .

At 39.95 for 1 months supply , this concentrated brain fueling super-food offers cellular nutrition  from food, the way we are supposed to live. No lab made chemicals here.

Food as fuel , repair & regeneration. It all in the new Vanilla Chai Smart and Fit formula from Greens+ .Pure  food for the conscious mind .

Go Green . Drink Greens+ Vanilla Chai daily . A healthy  younger brain depends on it !

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd




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sally on October 6th, 2012

On a recent 12 day jammed packed business trip to the Southwestern region of the US ,  I took time after work to take of myself and enjoy some of the nature’s best moments.

Colorado is easy . The numerous parks and places to walk even in downtown Denver are amazing. However after all the walking and light weight training , luggage and a long flight , a trip to Chinatown was necessary to get the kinks out . The Miracle Massage and Reflexology offered good reviews so I ventured down to SW Denver. After an hour of foot and back prodding from Luie, an intuitive guy who knew where all the sore spots were,  I was relaxed and renewed.. Tipping in these low cost places and be half the cost of the massage . At 25.00 per hour a 10.00 tip is suggested, Luie got 15 …… he deserved it .

Ready to clear out the toxins quickly a bowl of PHO next store was required. Fresh herbs and limes help the liver to detox and increase the positive effects of the bodywork .  I love Vietnamese food because you can eat gluten and dairy free  which helps us cleanse more efficiently .

Early fall in New Mexico was beautiful . The purple sunsets extraordinary . Hiking around the hills east of Albuquerque proved to be great after work release.The signs posted that Mountain lions may be close by were a little discouraging so I was extra careful and stomped around a lot and did not venture off the paths.

In Santa Fe , I was a little more cultured and made to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and the Lorenzo staircase to see what all the fuss about. Very impressive , beautiful craftsmanship , I was not disappointed. Santa Fe is artist’s dream- sculptures,and art in every form line the streets in a tasteful way . The people are friendly and the folks at the Vitamin Cottage were incredibly smart . Very impressed too with the Sprouts staff ! For a taste of incredible Thai food visit Thai Cafe downtown .You will love the vibrant colors of the tables and plates …very cheerful and happy and the fr food is cooked from scratch without msg .  329 W San Francisco Street ,Santa Fe , NM .esh

A break came on Saturday after a training , I drove a couple of hours NW through several Indian Reservations to a little town -Jemez Springs. The hills reflected a varied color palette and cottonwood trees lined the small stream interweaving throughout the drive. I felt as though I were transported back into a Laura Ingalls novel, By the Shores of Plum Creek .  A friend of mine, Jolene  used to rave about the Bath House house here and she was right ! There is now a scenic route that highlights all the lakes and hot springs in this area, if you can spare a few days for exploration, go for it . There is luxury and budget lodges available.Would love to allow about 4 days here.

Go for the soak and a massage . They also offer wraps . Ask for Sherri . She was strong, joyful  and gave me a fantastic massage after a long  hot spring soak in an old concrete tub . No frills but the job gets done. Hiking , natural parks and specialty shops featuring local artists  dot this road . They do need some help at the local library in case anyone  needs a PT job !

On your way out of town , The Ponderosa Winery was also on the check list. I didn’t know that made wine in NM . Different flavors from similar grapes due to the uniqe growing conditions  , the humming birds, flowers and fresh peaches enhanced the bucolic scenery . Just be sure to drive the speed limit as you are NOT in US territory when driving through the 2 Indian reservations back to Albuquerque.

Trying to avoid the excessive hi  carb and greasy  typical SW menu , I found quite by accident , a Vietnamese restaurant who made my favorite dish . Beef & mint stuffed grape leaves, served hot with small bowl of spicy PHO . ( I usually take out 1/2 of the rice noodles to save on carbs ) . Everything was fresh and reasonably priced. Viet Rice . Checked it out.1340 Rio Rancho Drive SE . The service may be slow but it is well worth the wait .

Salt Lake City offered a more rugged severe mountainous view. But back back tucked away from the highway and the massive salt lake was Sundance , Robert Redford’s Eco resort that I had not frequented since the 80 ‘s . I took the chair lift up the mountain  and hiked 2 hours down . Was ready for business that evening !

Most of us are leading such hectic lives. Try and carve out moments of gratitude and exploration when you can . You will find yourself rewarded in so many ways and will be able to bless those you meet along the way.

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on August 8th, 2012

Salt Again ?

Yes,  I have been emphasizing eating , drinking, bathing and using it on your skin because we are deficient in minerals and minerals  are needed for many of our metabolic pathways including our nerves!

Raw , unheated, unfiltered and or solar dried salt is healthy in so many ways . It can correct adrenal burnout and balance an inactive thyroid gland  while helping  to restore healthy heart muscle and balance anxiety levels.

So what’s the scoop  about breathing it ?

Therapeutic salt rooms  are popping up throughout  FL with rooms available in  Orlando , The Villages ,Tampa , Sarasota, Cocoa Beach, Weston and more.

Salt therapy is common throughout Europe and dates back to the early 1800′s when  salt mine workers were found to have a  lower incidences of lung  disease .

This was attributed to the better air quality and  negative ions,  generated by the salt particles. Over time this therapy known as Speleo therapy was used to treat chronic sinus, skin and lung conditions.

Now  known as Halo therapy , these rooms are covered with 3 inches of sea or Himalayan salt and there is small crushed salt particles from a 1-10 micrometers of sodium filtered through HEPA filters and delivered into the room into the rooms delivered a sense of peace and relaxation. Treatments last 45 minutes and cost around 45,00 for a single session . However,  monthly  , quarterly and yearlong packages offer tremendous savings and include  unlimited visits .

Over time , there have been reports that sleep patterns and loud snoring symptoms have improved. Most people with chronic sinus and rhinitis, asthma allergies, hay fever,emphysema, cystic fibrosis  and even ear infections will notice improvements in 4 or 5 sessions. Side effects are rare ; some people feel a slight tingling in their throat and a slight salty flavor lingers for a about a hour.

I had the opportunity for a treatment; courtesy of my acupuncturist Dr Janean Hamilton , who works PT at the Villages .Give her a call at 352-750-9909 !

A very relaxing and calming experience .Combine it with an acupuncture treatment or a massage and you will feel as though you were at a spa all day ! A staff member who “rakes “the salt chunks in the rooms between sessions were reporting   softer and silkier skin even without using body lotions.

Minerals are so important to our overall health – using traditional treatments like Salt Rooms and other therapies help to keep your bodies in balance.

Try a treatment or buy a package and BREATHE IN ! Your body will notice!

*photos by Bill Burke

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd



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sally on May 28th, 2012

America is losing its mind! Really , maybe that’s why the government is acting the way they are ! Maybe we should take a survey of congress and see what medications everyone is taking ! How are their diets?

Why are the medical doctors still pushing these meds when they know they are dangerous?

Now that would be an interesting study to fund! In the meantime we have to all take control of our everyday health .

Even though we have preaching the virtues of healthy fats for years , there is still confusion over cholesterol rich foods , medications  and their effects on our daily health .High cholesterol numbers are merely a symptom of a much deeper issue -diet and hormonal imbalances.

I personally feel that Cholesterol lowering medications or statin drugs are a waste of money for most people . They are also very dangerous in the long term scheme of optimum health care.

Statin drugs may be part of the problem in the  ”dumbing down “of Americans while  contributing to  the  ever increasing Alzheimer and dementia numbers of our senior population. In light that they reduce cholesterol levels – BOTH good and bad, they also trigger a reduction of critical nutrients needed for healthy cholesterol and cell health such as  : Vitamin D3 , COQ10 , magnesium,L-carnitine  and vitamin C . When these nutrient levels fall ,  fatigue sets in as ATP production slows  and hormone receptors are compromised leading to fatigue , weight gain and a sluggish brain and liver.

Dr Eric Braverman , my brain  hero says that The brain is the furnace of weight loss in his book : Younger Thinner You Diet . Maybe these drugs are contributing to the middle age spread, in spite of all the diets out there. I love this book because he echos lifestyle tips that I have been teaching for decades that I know work long term. It helps to hear from a medical doc …..people listen !

Our brains are 30% by dry weight cholesterol . If we don’t support this healthy fat with other healthy fats  ,our brains are at a disadvantage .That is why we need our Omega 3′s , krill , chia ,evening primrose oil and flax.

Many of us need a cholesterol of 190-200 for optimum health .Especially Blood type O and B’s which have a higher range than A’s . I have seen levels in strong healthy O’s that are almost 300 .One lady ( a mom of a friend lived to be in her 90′s with a 343 cholesterol – how do you explain that ? )  Mine was around 200 last time I checked and I am a Type O+ and am in great health for an avid  road warrior.

The elevated cortisol levels and poor dietary choices  due to long term adrenal stress is what causes most A and AB cholesterol levels to spike upwards. Fix their adrenals first ! Then work on the liver with Liverclean and the amino acid Taurine 1,000 mg  and the colon with probiotics like Yogourmet ,Dr Ohira or Natren. The best tips to lower dietary cholesterol is to not mix sugar and simple carbs with proteins.Buffalo wings with a sweet honey mustard is a sure way for a  cholesterol spike or fried foods with a sweet sauce or dip .

Instead-   Eat spices and herb with every meal to allow proper circulation and healthy cell communication.

For O & B blood types ; a 3 or 4 oz buffalo or grass fed burger without the bread or roll ( even gluten free) eaten with veggies , herbs and spices will maintain a healthy cholesterol .

For A’s and AB , a chicken breast or piece of fish with veggies will do the same. Add an order of  french fries or even a baked potato and  the cholesterol spikes in your blood because of the sugar . Its about food choices and managing stress levels , not about adding a prescription med to your daily program .We are not perfect,  so add some beneficial foods to the culprit to balance out any favorite foods that you know you should not be eating !  Add some flax oil to a baked potato with your  favorite chopped fresh herb like scallions or parsley and you reduce the sugar absorption of the potato . This is course is best for B blood types!

Cholesterol deposits and plague occur partly because the liver can’t do its job, then the gallbladder becomes overloaded as well.  The organ is overworked and underfed . Adding more toxic chemicals to the liver will further reduce it effectiveness and other organs will start to falter, like a game of Domino’s.

Excessive cholesterol medications will also lower the Dopamine receptors of the brain . Dopamine levels control your energy levels and the health  of your adrenal glands.  This is why so many people on medications are exhausted. The more exhausted they are the more they reach for caffeine , sugar or other stimulants ,which will in time ,lower their dopamine levels. Up jumps the weight and down goes the energy .

When you are on a medication that lowers cholesterol , it does not only work on arteries and blood to your heart . but it also affects your brain!

This is also the time to check your “sex hormone ” levels . As estrogen , progesterone and testosterone levels drop , cholesterol ( a hormone) can rise sharply .

A  positive Harvard  study  published in June of 2010, verified that consuming  eggs , even daily was good for you ! Egg Yolks are one the best sources of dietary choline , a much needed brain nutrient that does not raise cholesterol . Harvard found that eggs will not raise blood cholesterol more than 2%. men need a daily average of 550 mg a day and women 425 ……..we need healthy fat !

My suggestions: Keep your caffeine intake to about 300 mg or less per day . Metabolically rev up your diet with herbs and spices. Start eating by  your  your blood type and genotype dietary protocols and clean up your liver. Add 1/2 teaspoon of raw salt daily to your water or food( adding valuable minerals )  and your cholesterol should start to level off.

Start to consume : Egg yolks, lecithin(non gmo  soy or sunflower)  , chia seeds, flax seeds, dandelion , artichokes, arugula , watercress, endive, garlic, red onion , cold water fish with the skin ,rosemary,turmeric,ginger,basil,tarragon,cayenne, raw sea salt and drink your Greens+ daily .

Elevated Cholesterol is not the enemy ,   but a clue to change your diet and maybe some unhealthy lifestyle choices.  As we age our hormonal umbrella of protection shrinks and a simple loss of hormones can also contribute to elevated cholesterol spikes. So pay attention to your estrogen , progesterone and testosterone levels !

Healthy cholesterol , weight hormonal balance  and brain health go hand in hand .

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd

***artichoke photo was taken by Carter Byrd , my daughter


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sally on April 16th, 2012

America’s obsession for raw kale is at an all time high -Raw kale juice, smoothies, kale chips , kale powders, salad bars, and gourmet raw take out options are everywhere .

Even though Kale is a nutritionally dense ,green leafy vegetable , it  happens to be part of the cruciferous family. Raw Kale should not be consumed  if  there is any suppressed thyroid gland  or even thyroid gland removal .

I have discovered that women over 40+ who are in their  hormonal declining years who may have any of the following symptoms : abdominal weight gain, thinning hair, dull skin,  memory challenges , a  diminished sex drive , anxiety , sleep disorders, cold hands & feet, bruising ,anemia  should avoid  kale and the rest of the cruciferous vegetables in their raw state.

Kale is part of the Brassia family of cruciferous vegetables . This family of foods includes popular vegetables that “fight cancer” but they can also  inactivate your thyroid function.

Cruciferous vegetables contain “goitergenic  enzymes: that inhibit iodine uptake on the thyroid gland. Many time an under active thyroid will grow larger ( goiter-like) to attract additional iodine sources in the body. The doctors love to remove goiters ,but this surgery may cause lifetime weight gain and mental and cardiovascular  problems for that individual .

Our aging thyroids need iodine to function. This important tiny butterfly gland is critical to hundreds of biochemical processes and healthy brain activity . Many women are telling me they just don’t fell right but their thyroid tests show up normal, leaving them in frustration of where to turn . Others are prescribed high does of Levothyroxine or Synthroid that offer in complete chemical pathways .  Some  doctor may recommend an anti-depressant or anxiety drug and start to layer the prescriptions furthering a reduction in thyroid activity .

Other “healthy” foods that will trigger similar responses when eaten raw include : Broccoli , Bok choy , Brussels sprout,cabbage , collards, kohlrabi , mustard greens, rutabaga and turnips . These veggies contain the highest amount of goiter expansion and thyroid suppression  activity .  So no broccoli slaw, Cole slaw, kale chips or salad bar selections for people with any type of hypo thyroid disorder, including goiters.  Eat these foods  cooked and rotate your intake .

The goiter active compounds are heat sensitive and many of them may be reduced up to 50%  when cooked over 118 degrees .The very popular kale chips ( they are yummy!) are only at cooked at 115 degrees, rendering them a raw food. Please eat them sparingly!

For those who know they have a hypo-thyroid challenge or who currently use any thyroid medications, please  limit these cooked foods to about 2-3 x’s per week. If you notice any of the unpleasant symptoms creeping back in , then cut them out all together.

The opposite is true for Hyper thyroid folks. I know one young lady who eats Brussels sprouts 3 x’s a week to keep her thyroid functioning at normal levels because she has the opposite problem. Over active and she can barely sit still .

Foods that will help to speed up thyroid function and to regulate our bodies temperature include  the following : Healthy Fats like  butter, ghee( Purity Farms ) , coconut oil ( Kelapo brand is the very best ) , avocados, dark chocolate 75% or more  , buttermilk ,  cheeses and raw unprocessed see salt ( Himalayan or Celtic )   not the commercial high heat table salt.

Supplements include using higher doses of Vitamin D 3 up to 10,000 iu unless other wise prescribed by your health professional , selenium, magnesium , copper , bladder-wrack  and potassium liquid iodide drops like Luggol’s .Healthy spices include cayenne pepper, turmeric, rosemary , parsley, cilantro and fennel.  Thyroid combination supplement products that work include Dr Venessa’s Thyroid Balance , Terry Naturally Iodine and NF factors Thyro-sense.

So this spring, watch the frequency of the cruciferous vegetables and switch to artichokes, green beans, asparagus , beet tops , Swiss chard, spinach , summer squashes and peas.Drink lots of water with your pinch of raw salt in it.

A healthy thyroid means a healthy brain and body ; it is one of the keys  to aging well.

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd



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sally on March 1st, 2012

Are you thirsty when you wake up ? Is your thermostat cranked up  ? Are you drinking more  hot caffeinated drinks to stay warm ? Are you “puffy “, swollen  or retaining water in your face ,  hands, legs or belly ? Travel by airplane ? Serve in the any military division  or  are you drinking tap water ? Are you on a diet ? On medications?

ph 8.8


The colder winter  months can be deceptive . Hydration awareness  is prominent in the summer months because we are more conscious of perspiration and increased physical activity . However, just turning the heat on can dehydrate your body .

My normal rule of thumb is drink 1/2 of your weight in oz of high quality alkaline water with a 1/4 teaspoon  of raw sea salt ( Celtic or Himalayan ) for minerals and electrical balance which can range from 8-12 glasses daily for the average person. Morning  hydration should be 16 oz min w/ lemon,lime or raw apple cider vinegar before your cup of Java  or Tea.

I have mentioned the attributes of healthy salt addition in a previous blog called Stressed & Tired, Eat more salt !

High quality salt can hydrate the brain ,stabilize blood pressure, reduces toxins and mucous and can be an asset in liver repair. Adding raw salt to  daily water intake or (use Trace mineral drops or O2 water additions ) the electrical impulses in our central nervous system can be restored leading to a balanced body .Raw salt contains many minerals needed to promote healthy blood and healthy sleep . I have met so many salt deprived people who  because of other health conditions do not eat healthy salt. Raw salt will actually stabilize blood pressure ,reduces excessive mucous( colds and flu ) hydrate the brain and detoxify the liver.

I usually have my patients add a “pinch ” of whatever raw salt they like to each glass of water they drink , ensuring a healthy flow of minerals and enzymes and absorption . Our brains need the electricity and the natural salts contain many important minerals and trace mineral to support  the electrical grid to improve cellular communication  in our brains and bodies .

For those people who exercise or are under chronic  stress , taking  cholesterol lowering medications, have been in any type of  accident ( auto , fall , sports related)  ,  drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages , that amount needs to be increased.

When you feel the sensations of thirst in your mouth , you are already dehydrated and may be comprising up to 2%-3%  of brain function leading to reduced thinking and focus. Long term dehydration can mean increased headaches, wrinkles ,insomnia ,  edema, and increased  DNA damage to the cells leading to a plethora of other diseases .Water sends low electrical impulses directly to the brain, making it the most important “vitamin ” of your day !

You or your family and co-workers also may notice in increase in anger or impatience as Serotonin levels decrease as the levels of 2 critical amino acids fall : Tryptophan and Tyrosine. Low levels of these amino acids can trigger carb cravings and weight gain. All from being dehydrated!

The late Dr Batmanghelidj, author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water ,claims that 75% of our population is already dehydrated , leading to some very common health problems from general fatigue or serious neuro diseases such as Alzheimer’s , MS , Autism,  Depression and Bi-polar conditions. Try and aim for higher Ph waters. 7.5 and above .

Since I  travel so much , I do buy bottles water and my 3 favorites are pictured here. The 8.8 Iceland Springs and 9.5 Essentia tastes great.. One caution – when flying : the Dansanti brand actually has poisonous table salt /sodium added and if you are flying you don’t want this . Opt for club soda or tonic water instead. It will eliminate the extra water weight that you may get from adding poor quality sodium  to your diet .

Please investigate water filtration systems  for your home and office . The price ranges are 50.00 for a simple Brita to  4,000 .00 for  the popular Kanga system is an 11.5 ph .  Mid range systems like  Rich way Alkal-Life 7000sL run about 1,500 .00  Find one that fits your budget  and look for electrolyzed reduced water that is iodized. The raw salt is economical way to get this effect and save some money .

I chose to have a whole house filtration system installed into my house( Kinetico )   with an additional Reverse Osmosis in my kitchen so I could get a 7.1-7.3 pH all the time . I add raw salt and minerals to it to raise the pH  . I did this even before I purchased any furniture ! It was the most important element to me ,after building my house.

Water is life. Your Brain is your command center. Feed it and it will serve  you well !

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd










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sally on January 19th, 2012

A New Year , new travel regulations . Trying to stay healthy when traveling , shuffling kids around , no time to cook or for those who don’t like to cook can be stressful . Some times we end up  us settling for less or eating whatever is free:   buffets and free continental breakfasts …. submitting to  the pretzels , peanuts and cookies on an airplane or sugar coated snacks in a waiting room .

Travel preparations only take a few minutes and will help you to maintain your new years weight, mental and physical goals and aspirations for the coming  year .

The TSA has gotten even stricter with food and some items may not be permitted on board a plane. This past year , I have had hummus ,stuffed grape leaves ( drain off all fluids first ) and  almond butter confiscated as liquids !

Proteins: Best travel foods are healthy , enzymatic ally alive, nutrient dense bars like Greens + . They make 18 different bars but my favorites are the  Super Energy chocolate or the Chocolate Chia . They can curb hunger pains for a couple of hours and they provide a high level of nutrient dense foods.They are high in fiber, omega’s , fiber and protein.

For diabetics,  the Whey Crisp bar , uncoated and chocolate free, is a winner with  15 grams of protein , 2 grams of omega 3 and only 9 grams of sugar can definitely save the day !

For a quick liquid snack , try taking a Greens+ stick that you can add to water , juice , herbal teas or milk to get your daily dose of veggies and phytonutrients ,enzymes and probiotics. A quick easy and tasty treat that will up your immune system all day long.

If you have time to cook or can get to a natural food superstore for take out , the cage free hard cooked eggs will keep for several hours . If you cook them at home , keep the shells on and bring baggie to discard the waste. They will last longer. I usally eat them with some raw sea salt or a few basil leaves.

Meats: Natural sliced roast beef, chicken or turkey roll ups are always a great way to maintain your weight and healthy blood sugar levels . Add a few basil leaves ( helps the brain calm down ) and maybe a slice of your favorite cheese . Wrap them in foil or a baggie .Cold leftover chicken or turkey breast drizzled with fresh lemon juice and a little sea salt can satisfy your dietary needs for hours.

For vegetarians ; a cold black bean salad with cilantro or some marinated tofu cubes will work just as well.

Produce: Instead of a watery , tasteless , low nutritional iceberg salad at the airport ……take a handful of fresh herbs and add it to anything you are eating . I love to add cilantro to my turkey roll up because it helps improve the liver and gallbladder function.  Parsley , a natural diuretic will help keep your weight down and basil leave can help you manage travel stress better.

Packing  natural herbs and romaine or organic spring mix salad with your own favorite veggies will also keep for a few hours . Just remember to add lemon wedges but no liquid salad dressing as the leaves will get soggy and the TSA will take away any liquid over 3.2 oz .

Fruits: Organic apples , pears, red grapefruits , tangerines, plums , blueberries ,grapes  and small avocados make the best fruits for traveling . With watermelon or pineapple chunks , I have to drain the juice first and pack in an tight disposable container so they can pass through security .

Cheeses: There are so many small goat , sheep and sliced natural cheeses now. One of my new favorites is a wasabi soft goat cheese that I can spread of pear or apple slices or my gluten free crackers . It’s also great as a spread on a slice of meat and fresh herbs rolled up to give it a kick . Most cheese can stay out of refrigeration for at least a day , especially in the colder weather .

Yogurt: May get confiscated at the TSA gate because they run 6- 8 oz .So buy the baby sizes at 3 oz .  If you are not traveling by plane , Freeze the container the night before and it will be perfect to eat  in a few hours and still be cold. Add some berries and chopped nuts to complete your snack .

Nuts: the best travel food  ever .  Eat raw when possible or roast them yourselves in the toaster oven with some Bragg’s liquid amino’s or your own sea salt and a ash of cayenne pepper or cinnamon.  Most nuts are cooked in peanut, cottonseed or soy oils and cooked at high temperatures. This can actually change the chemistry of the nut and turn it into an  toxic, high calorie unhealthy food.

Chocolate: 85% chocolate bars rule . They help you maintain a healthy blood sugar and you can reap the benefits of healthy omega-3′s.A totally decadent new snack I discovered with the Next brand org chocolate covered ginger chunks. Even my seat mates on my last flight could not resist them .

Herbal Teas: Traveling with tea bags is a must . Not only does the tea provide a break from the usually sugar laden beverages but it offers additional an additional nutrient support supporting energy , immune and mental functions. Tea can be added to both hot and cold water . Bring your own mug or use a reusable bottle to avoid the Styrofoam cups that are so toxic. In times where you  need energy : green, white, and mate are the best !

Unusually good treats. Many of the larger Supernatural stores have phenomenal delis and some great travel foods. I have taken black rice risotto cakes, quinoa cakes., spinach muffins, curry chicken salad, butternut squash and arugula salad, spaghetti squash ..homemade desserts …..the list is endless……

Healthier food to go is also a must for sports events , daily trips to the gym, movies  and any time you are eating away from home . Take some time , get creative , and plan. Your body will thank you !

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd





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sally on December 1st, 2011

 St Thomas is so much more than a cruise ship stop  and shopping destination.

Although , I had a several invitations for Thanksgiving this year,  the  warm weather  and the opportunity to see some close friends in St Thomas won out at the last minute..The  salt water and a little  sun beckoned too.

A few days away with my good friends Sherrie and Paul Davis who are the proprietors of  the Natural Foods Grocery and Deli  and  was just what I needed. Their store is a 5 minute walk from the cruise ship dock near Yacht Haven in Mandela Circle . The deli  make the best wraps and salads!

For Thanksgiving this year – I was truly thankful for all of my wonderful friends who supported me this year during my  job transition to become self employed and do what I do best . Teach, Preach , Heal  & Sell while traveling . The wonderful companies who have given me their leap of faith this year : Greens+ , American Biotech Labs; Silver , Immunocorp;Krill , Yogourmet and Dr Venessa’s for International Sales. I am also truly blessed to have  friends who live in some really fabulous places.

We were double booked for 2 meals….one on the beach and one at a musician’s house.Magen’s Bay was our first stop with many of the families from the Montessori school and  DJ named Robert Luke, Caribbean Country 93.5 FM  who came over from St Croix.Warm but cloudy and not too hot , the calm bay proved to be a haven for the pelicans and brown boobies who were taking advantage of the masses of small fish .Quite entertaining ……felt so good to swim. We also had some resident sting rays underfoot but the water was so clear you had some warning ….

Lunch : The food was amazing for a pot luck. The grilled , yes marinated grilled turkey , butterflied on the grill for 2 1/2 hours by chef Robert was one of the best I have ever eaten . Then the lobster tails and roast beef by Chef Gavin combined with the usual favorites: asparagus,grilled Brussels sprouts, stuffing several ways, stuffed mushrooms, leafy greens salad with artichokes, butternut squash and onion tart , sweet potatoes with pies and watermelon  for dessert . Yummy! Thank God we were swimming to burn the calories before we our next engagement .

Dinner:  Fred and Polly will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next year and for 39 of those years have opened up their wonderful home to anyone in need of a ready-made family or a wandering minstrel  who likes impromptu  jamming  sessions. Again , more food than we could eat and the potluck dishes provided something for everyone. We ate turkey 3 ways here: roasted, smoked and fried. Roasted was my favorite w/sweet potatoes and a mozzarella ,basil and cherry tomato salad by our neighbor , Kat who has her own soup business….The Wandering Soup Kitchen . Alana Davis, a young talented violinist and daughter of Sherri and Paul plays with Fred & Polly who specialize in folk music along with about 8 other talented folks .  I did cheat and ate some corn pudding ( not on my blood type plan) and had to retreat to a quiet corner of the porch in case I fell asleep during the jam session!

Diving with the St Thomas Diving Club based out of Bolongpo Bay and Iggies restaurant was a treat . I  didn’t even have to  touch my gear once I brought it to the boat and they let me store for several days of diving . The water was 82 degrees so that is perfect for my 3 m wetsuit with a skin underneath . Many of men , tourist of course as their blood hadn’t thinned out yet …..dove without any skin but I like the protection and the warmth .Visibility was good about 60-80 feet because we still had a little rain each day to stir up the bottom.  Turtles, barracuda ,eels , rays,large crabs and lobster populated the reefs. They are starting to come back after a few years of no major hurricanes and that was encouraging to see .And we had a motley crew of divers too!


There is  always something going on ….the local farmers markets provided fresh herbs,free range chicken eggs and organic produce that rivaled what I buy at home. I was excited to see all the ingredients of the local bush tea ( lemon grass, basil, thyme , bay leaves ) and the beautiful pumpkins , and sorrel just in time for the holidays. The market on main street is open on Saturday mornings and yacht haven has on on Sundays.

When downtown , visit my favorite store (  besides  natural foods grocery & deli )   Fish Face , owned by Kristin Wall -a local underwater photographer and diver whom I met on Thanksgiving . She has some fantastic underwater photography pieces and unique clothing .  If you need a mental break from the cold , check out her photos and take your spirit away underwater to the islands.  They will transport you to the warm Caribbean waters: Her shop is located in the Palm Palace , right off of main street with other select specialty stores and a beautiful art gallery and unique jewelery store.

The local arts and crafts festival also provided more music from Fred & Polly , Alana and the rest of the talented gang. On Saturday , we tried sailing ( Paul races boats every spring with his magnificent 7 crew ) but due to an unforeseen snag , we were motoring  for a day instead and then the battery died when we tried to leave St John .  Darkness falling fast with increased rain  pelting down our backs , no car with only a phone flashlight ? We swam to shore , eventually got to the ferry and made it home safe and sound and managed to get back the next day with a new battery We even had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Gibney , whom the beach in St John is named after. It is rumored that Albert Einstein was a frequent visitor here ! And no wonder,  the beaches are beautiful . The aqua blue color on sunny days just takes your breath away .Diving , working , swimming and adventures over in St John and St Thomas proved to be an exciting week. I felt like an undercover agent ! Our group of 4 soaked and sandy, barefoot or fins  after the boat incident proved to build  character , promote team building and the locals commented that we looked like the x-files!  Now I need a vacation !

Thanks Sherrie & Paul !

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd


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sally on October 10th, 2011

Silver -Its  a hot topic that is on everybody’s mind these days . Did you buy some  ? at what price ? and when should we buy more ?

For others; it  it’s a beautiful color, a piece of jewelry or an upcoming holiday reminder .

For me,  it means immune health and protection wherever I go . I have been using the Silver Biotics line  regularly as part of my immune system health since 2005 .Combined with Pro-Biotics, Wild Oregano , garlic, turmeric, OSHA root , olive leaf and  some elderberry extracts , I rarely get sick .

Years ago, pure silver coins were used to keep water supplies from being contaminated  and being fed on a silver spoon offered additional immune support during the winter months .  Now ,with the severity  of the water damage left behind by the hurricanes , tornado’s and tropical  storms , the incidences of mold is sky high . Combined with the yearly seasonal allergies, cold and flu’s that start this time of year , Silver should be in every household. Here’s why :

My favorite brands use the silver sol technology , like Silver Biotics and Health Max. This patented technology reaches far beyond the traditional colloidal and ionic forms of silver and is proven  safe for human ingestion on a daily basis by over 280 patented and peer reviewed studies. This research is a accumulation of over 12 years of research and testing from over 60 different universities, independent and government and military laboratories, worldwide.

What makes this silver sol molecule so unique?  Silver Sol molecular technology offers a multiple modes of action while other forms only offer one. When you can have 4 times as much coverage for a better price which one would you choose? Plus it’s safe to take daily !

These extremely stable molecules are in an Ag404 formation surrounded by a very thin layer of silver oxide that  binds to the oxygen in the water molecule ( within the bottle) that can actually change the structure of the water molecule . In this way , the silver is non-toxic and safe to ingest at a  lower dose than most brands. The molecular structure of the silver remains in tact and it not absorbed by the body nor will it fall out of solution like some do , causing Argyria or the Blue Man syndrome over time.  The silver sol molecular technology usually leaves the body intact within 24 hours .

These unique Ag404 molecules are also on a resonant frequency that allows them to destroy pathogens without direct contact .And they do it fast ! Within minutes! You can drink it , spray it , and apply it anywhere inside or outside  the body . It even works on pets . Many people are discovering ways to use as a produce wash, household cleaning agent, toothbrush and make brush sanitizer,   and a hard core effective deterrent for mold.

Several years ago ,  EPA  established dose for daily ingestion- about 1 ounce of the 10ppm ( equivalent to .005 mg ) , Another cool thing about this technology . It will not destroy nor inhibit the growth of your friendly gut bacteria. So all of your money spent on additional pro biotic supplements will not be wasted.  It only goes after the “bad guys” , rendering them useless and then it silently leaves the body . Substantial research has been done on MRSA, Candida yeast , low immune systems , environmental toxins, allergies, acne and all types of bacteria and viral agents with positive results. The product is virtually indestructible-you can heat or freeze it ! it will work with almost any other nutrient .

The ASAP gel is something I take with me everywhere. This simple product contains only the silver sol molecule, water and a little TEA and offers no current allergic reactions .  Anybody who touches any germ attraction surface – computers, phones, shopping carts, handles money , touches people ( medical or alternative medicine ) or wants youthful looking smooth and silky skin ,  should use this gel daily.  Once applied , it can keep pathogens neutralized for up to 4 hours. ASAP gel can be used both inside and outside the body for a variety of ailments . Here I am sandwiched between the owner Keith and his general sales mgr , Stan in South beach just after setting up for a trade show . We actually had a little free time and took our gel to the beach !

I  use the ASAP gel daily,  underneath my daily moisturizer so I can have “clean skin” .The ASAP gel  promote cellular renewal since it promotes  stem cell regeneration  while adding a softness to the skin that all of us aging individuals can use ! It is one of the few products that you can use on your eyelids too ! While most people use it as an after sun product , it works wonders on mosquito bites, skin rashes as a Neo-sporin replacement . Sometime for severe issues with a festering sore, acne or open wound, I use the gel first for then apply a layer of calendula gel on top .

While many of the hand sanitizing gels use alcohol that dry the skin and interfere with T cell formation , the Silver sol molecular technology gels do not . You can feel the difference!

Let me know if you would like more information by e-mailing me at or call 904-461-5166 or visit their website :


Protect yourself , your family and friends this season,

Use Silver sol technology products  for your families first line of defense,

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd




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sally on September 5th, 2011

Working at the Florida National Chiropractic Show in Orlando ,FL last weekend with American Biotech Labs( silver sol technology ) was fun and educational . Unfortunately ,Hurricane  Irene was leaving her impact up the East Coast and we were very blessed that FL was spared her wrath . Prayers have gone forth to all those places who were damaged by this storm. Never underestimate a category one !

Chiropractic Care is part of an important body fitness protocol that works to keep our immune system strong,our energy levels up while relieving everyday pain and stress . Thank Goodness that my parents believed in natural wellness and healing . I started receiving chiropractic adjustments as a young adult after several car accidents and sport injuries from sledding  and field hockey ! I love my chiropractors who are mainly located up and down the East Coast , however I have a new one now in Spokane , WA !

They are all unique with different techniques and mannerisms. It may take you time to find just the right one for you . Don’t allow a bad experience or reference close your mind to this type of bodywork . All of them are different , just like your other doctors.

Last week while I was speaking on  a favorite talk show out of Tampa , FL , Let’s Talk Nutrition,Go Green for Immune Health segment , with the infamous Dr Michael Garko (  the topic was Immune Health . It is frequently overlooked that spinal manipulation can help boost the immune system naturally while easing the pain of sinus infections,and even the common cold or flu. Healthy spines do more than combat pain. They can even help with an acne problem or anxiety issues.

Over 22 million Americans make at least one yearly visit to a chiropractor . Pain management tops the list of reasons to go , however auto accidents,sports injuries and headaches fall close behind. Traveling , skin problems like acne,digestive disturbances, everyday stress and  preventative medicine play a key role for other patients.

My care , while preventative in nature is primarily due to auto and plane travel, long hours sitting ,dragging luggage and scuba tanks . Adding in massage , reflexology , acupuncture and exercise and you have a healthy protocol for Aging Well. Your chiropractor can also assist you in the best exercises to strengthen your muscles to better hold your spine in place.

The gadgets at the trade shows are always fun. My booth neighbor and new friend, Dale has created a body massage tool  for PTFIT solutions ( . Dale is a highly energetic, happy guy who is a creative genius who has invented numerous products . He eats well, forages herbs in the woods and loves the natural products industry .

The PTFIT multi is my favorite , is a self massager that needs no batteries or complicated explanations. This simple ,affordable,wooden ergonomic device allows you to treat sore muscle between your chiropractic visits. It offers a unique shape that extends to hard-to-reach areas and is so much more effective than a traditional back scratcher. You can  roll and gently press it  into your upper back,shoulder blades,lower back , buttocks,and even your chest area with ease. The additional rollers can be used for sore legs-quads & hamstrings and even your feet .Only 10-15 minutes a day can change your  level of body stress.  Be sure to drink adequate water so that your body can remove toxic waste easily . After demonstrating the tool for 11 hours at the Chiropractic show , Dale was sleeping soundly ! Several of us frequent travelers in the booth succumbed to buying one !

Some of my favorite chiropractors are listed below , but I know that there are many more out there that I will be frequenting in my lifetime. Most chiropractors are caring individuals that want to be able to add to your quality of life !

FL ,South -Deray Beach :  Carol Krol , DC 561-498-8005

FL North -St Augustine : Bryan Bell ,DC 904-797-3232

GA, Atlanta : Tom Born ,DC 404-408-0143

MD ,Rockville :Robert Rifkin, DC 301-231-0050

NY,Bellmore: Josh Siegel , DC 516-425-0113


So take care of your spine and improve your body ! Support your local chiropractors!

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on June 15th, 2011

Eat more salt? Are you kidding , salt raises blood pressure , hypertension and promotes weight gain , right ?

It all depends on the quality of the salt. Unadulterated, natural raw sea salt contains over 80 important trace elements that  work wonders on a variety of health conditions including ; healthy blood pressure, a stronger immune system , proper Ph and energy levels as it encourage a mild form of cellular detoxification . We need healthy salt sources for our immune systems . Just look at the sales and success of the Netti pots. Using a saline solution for mucous and sinus irritations works. Notice how you feel after swimming in the ocean – relaxed and happy .  Some companies even promote drinking small amounts of salt water for its nutritious trace mineral content .

As usual , money and marketing, play a huge role in the perception of the American people . Table salt and even some “sea salts” are actually toxic for you : they are chemically processed and heated to over 1200 degrees F causing an unatural separation of the sodium from the chloride. Toxic table salt and some sea salts are  bleached and loaded with talc and aluminium to ease the flow through a salt shaker. Even the addition of iodine in these salts is not enough to validate the efficacy of this nutrient.

However , eating  small amount of high quality raw salt with your daily water intake can combat simple levels of stress and burnout . Most people who experience high or erratic levels of cortisol are adrenal challenged. The adrenals when barraged by these constant cortisol triggers due to emotional , physical, poor nutritional choices  and/or  environmental stresses can develop burn - out from Adrenal Fatigue to  full blown Addison’s disease.

These critical glands are needed for our natural feel good hormones epinephrine and nor epinephrine and to communicate with the thyroid gland and your brain  . When they are tired , so are you . For more reading on this timely subject , read James Wilson’s book Adrenal Fatigue which contains simple questionaires and solutions for lifestyle and supplement additions . In the meantime when you crave saltier food, reach for some high quality salt instead. Add a pinch several times a day  to your water or food. Don’t cook with salt; use herbs and spices instead and control the amount by adding what you need  to your cooked food instead.

Due to the nature of my work I am usually preaching nutrition to somebody, but only if they they ask for guidance ! I am just a messenger , and each of us is responsible for his or her own body .

A Florida  gentleman who consulted me after developing shingles (often  linked to low adrenal function ) cleans pools for a living ( handles chemicals 5 days per week adding in extra  environmental stresses)  has experienced rapid positive results with Raw Himalayan salt . Once he got his diet straightened out ( no more soda , wheat and refined foods) he threw out his salt substitute and within days of adding some salt to his diet began to feel better. Other friends in the natural products industry with elevated Adrenal Stress have too , reported that a pinch or two of raw salt a day improved their energy levels.

My friend Dean Martin , the owner of Herbs of Light, distributes 1,000 mg raw Himalayan salt capsules. Using Himalayan salt in his healing program for Lyme’s disease  and energy levels was critical to his recovery . To learn more about his protocol  go to : .

Again , Remember that stressed out folks are usually dehydrated too . If you overload your body with too much water without trace minerals or  raw salt , you can further drive your adrenals and  hence your energy levels down .  So remember to drink 1/2 of your body weight in oz with a pinch of raw salt or swallow a couple of Herbs of Light Himalayan Salt capsules. Over time your body will stop craving salt and you can add in some potassium rich fruits again . Eating too many sweet fruits when you adrenal deficient will weaken your adrenals . How many of you have eaten some yogurt and fruit for breakfast and and hour later are tired?

Until your adrenals gain some strength , please limit  high-sugar fruits and reach for some celery sticks with  a pinch of salt instead! And head to the beach for your summer vacation ; a swim in salt water will restore your body, soul & spirit!

In continued health!

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Monday, March 28th, 2011

A Sencha Shot a day keeps the doctor away A Sencha Shot a day keeps the doctor away 

Globally,  we are increasingly  challenged by both  natural and man made disasters.  It seems as though they just keep picking up speed. The end times as prophesied in the Book of Revelations,  is coming to pass. Instead of giving up there is a lot that all of us can do and be good stewards of our God given bodies and to help our fellow neighbors with encouragement ,education,prayer  and finances.

The tragedy of Japan is affecting all of us ; panic and fear in the natural product’s world is increasing .Radiation protection is now the “hot” topic of conversation everywhere.Hot Peppers Yes , we need to  protect ourselves and help our Japanese neighbors.

Currently , American are already surrounded by various sources of radiation  . Aside from  Nuclear fallout, the  electronic invasion of cell phones, computers, bluetooth devices, television, I pods,energy saving  light bulbs , Fiesta ware, watches, x rays , sun exposure and environmental toxins(  from lawn fertilizers to kitty litter) these  immune reducing elements are commonplace and we need a nutritional course correction  to live well  with in our modern society .

Growing up , my mom made sure we we eating hot peppers daily as color tv started appearing on the homefront, then microwaves . She was a women ahead of her time and immune health was at the top of her list . We were healthy active kids and grew up without any immune defects and we still consume copious amounts of caynee and habernaro peppers.

Curry powder soon followed in her salmon and  other fish entrees . As I grew older ,went off to college and discovered Sushi and Indian food with their protective attributes. Paul Pitchford the author of Healing with Whole Foods ,has been one of my role models and favorite resorces  for years with much credit going to the Asian culture and traditional health techniques.

America already suffers from  chronic hypo- thyroid conditions ( 30% of the population and growing ) and iodine rich foods do help protect the thyroid. Since the thyroid provides over 200 functions with direct response to the brain , this gland is critical for optimum health  and hormonal support throughout the body .

As natural food stores rapidly deplete their iodine supplements headed for Japan , Hawaii and the West Coast, please remember that everyone needs to protect their thyroid and increase the amounts of  protective foods in ones diet.Whatever you put into your mouth should be increasing your health, not adding to the toxic overload of so many everyday junk -filled habits.

If you don’t like sushi or eating seaweed (which is the best natural food of iodine besides sea water)  then taking a trace mineral supplement like Trace mineral drops, Cell food or Quinone ampules in your daily water consumption is a great start . Other supplements would include  Sun Chlorella or Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina. Super food green powder supplements like Greens+,Green Vibrance ,Kyo-green , Perfect  Food and all the rest make a solid contribution to overall daily health and protection . These green drinks provide immune support from head to toe including the thyroid .

Very Important:  Drink as much green tea as you possibly can . I have been recommending Itoen Sencha Shots for years and just 1 can per day can give you 152 mg of catechins (the phytochemicals that keep your immune system strong)  with only 40 mg of natural caffeine , a powerful antioxidant and immune protectant. A Sencha Shot really gives you  more bang for the buck -great news. They are moving their facilities closer to Tawaain inlight of the recent disasters and have a healthy supply of tea already here in the US . ……Doctors are recognizing the benefits of green tea . I recently ran into an oncologist ( ones who specializes in cancer) and they do not advocate drinking green tea on the days a patient receives chemotherapy or radiation because of interference. We know that green tea in high doses can shrink tumor cells while providing for maximum immune support over radiation or other chemical poisoning .Herbs and Spices photo

Sally’s Top 12 immune survival hints :Annie Chungs Seaweed snack Wasabi

1. Eat hot peppers several times per week or take Capsicum capsules.

2.Use Curry powder daily or take Turmeric ( curcumin)  capsules of at least 500 mg or more daily .Try Truly Naturally,Jarrow,Paradise Herbs , New Chapter capsules or Herbs of Light , Herbs etc, or Herb Pharm liquid extracts.

3. Add a thyroid protective supplement to your program like Dr Venessa’s Thyroid Balance, Gaya Thyroid or NF Factors . Reduce the amount of bleached flour products , flouridated water and toothpaste that negatively affect the thyroid.Consume more iodine after contact with chorlinated swimming pools or handling pool chemicals.

4. Start eating sushi or increase the use of sea vegetables in your cooking . The new seaweed snacks from Sea Snacks and Annie Chung’s are delicious and great for kids too. Watch out for the wasabi as it is really hot !

5. Use Wild Oregano liquid drops or capsules  from North American Herb and Spice Company or any of their spices for improved cellular protection. Start adding culinary spices to your foods. Aim for at least 5 tablespoons daily in your cooking or as  condiments .

6. Add a Green super food drink or capsules to your daily regime . I love the Greens+Original or Wild berry Burst. Other good ones are Green Vibrance,Perfect Food and Kyo-Greens+ Wildberry BurstGreAllimax Photoen.

7. Add Astaxanthin or look for a supplement that contains at least 3 mg daily . This powerful antioxidant helps  prevent sunburn which is mild  radiation exposure -a must  for ultimate protection. Cyanotech – Nutrex of Hawaii is the best source.

8. Eat  more berries or supplement with  nutrient rich small fruits like pomegranate seeds,blueberries,yum berries, maqi ,accai and elderberries. The nutrient protection is found in the skins not the the flesh .

9. Use Mushroom extracts like Mushroom Wisdom  Brand or Host Defense to boost your immune system and protect cellular DNA.   Reishi and Maitake work best for most people .

10. Use garlic and onions as much as possible or take the Alli-Max concentrate garlic for optimum immune support. This is the strongest one .

11.Supplement with 5-10 cups or green tea or 1-2 Sencha Shots daily. It may just keep the doctor away  and  keep your thyroid running smoothly ! If these shots are too strong for you then dilute them with water , juice or buy the Oicho one instead or their other green teas from TEAS’ TEA. – another favorite is the rosehip sand green to help firm and hydrate your skin.

12. Use 1-2 tablespoons of the Silverbiotics silver liquid too. I usually add mine to my green tea  or green drink and swish it around in my mouth for about 10 seconds to kill any  infections and to boost my immune system , it has the ability to penetrate red blood cells and it does not store in the body . No Blue  skin !

 Stay hydrated . Consume high Alkaline water to be sure that your brain stays in communication with your thyroid and the rest of your body !

try Essentia ,Iceland Springs or Aqua hydrate .Look for a Ph that is high:  7.5 low end ′s or 8 .0 or 9.o the best .  ……

Stop panicking and stay on course.

Just make some corrections as you live;  to optimally protect your body and the ones that you love.

 Consume organic dairy products , meats and produce where ever you can or buy locally .keep the coffee in check too……

In Continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Forebidden City Lion Sally at the Great Wall China a  far away place away yet so similar.  An overall amazing experience.  Amy and Debbie, my international business partners made the trip possible for me and I am extremely grateful for their warm hospitality and graciousness.

My friend Amy Head had wanted me to come and meet “her people “ experience their culture and learn how the Chinese  conduct business as some unique opportunities have presented themselves to us.  We have been working on this for over a year and I finally got to visit the 2 largest cities – Shanghai with 20 million people and Beijing with 18 million.  A small fraction compared to the rest of the country where there are at least 10 more cities the size of New York. Evidence of our globally expanding western society is everywhere from the products in the stores to the street vendors selling Vitamin Water: Coke, Pepsi and Nestle have done a terrific job in marketing American  products. Unfortunately so have the fast food chains. KFC is a breakfast favorite, McDonald’s- Mac world outlets, Pizza Hut and Starbucks are everywhere. A local favorite coffeehouse is Costa Coffee that rivals Starbucks.  The younger generation is switching to coffee now.  I am drinking tea at each meal, for nutritional benefits and to stay warm!

Water is served warm in a glass, never cold. Could it be because they boil it first because of the water pollution? The Chinese do not drink a lot of green tea (Japan does) but they export  mass quantities of it and the quality continues to improve.  I loved the local fruit herbal teas (kumquat & lemon) and the chrysanthemum tea which has been a favorite liver/gallbladder detox and weight loss addition to many diet plans.  The common Oolong tea (used for weight loss and energy) on every menu serves its population well.  Almost everyone I met in these cities were B Blood type. Oolong tea works well for them and so does animal protein. Most of the  meal always starts with the protein, then soup, veggies and finally the rice dishes.  Maybe this is how they keep their weight down by offering a little bit of carbohydrates at the end of the meal when you have already balanced your blood sugar with adequate protein and veggies.  A big adjustment from the bread and roll baskets that start off many American meals.

My detox stay-healthy regimen  included a daily assortment of critical nutrients : Dr. Venessa’s Liverclean – 8 , 2 scoops of  Anti-Aging3 Collagen, Taurine 2,000mg, Pycnogenol 200mg, Vitamin C/Quercitin  1000mg, Turmeric 1500mg, MSM 5,000 mg, Chlorella 500mg -6-8, Greens+ 1 tablespoon, OregaResp Wild Oregano 2-4 caps, Silverbiotics liquid 2 oz daily, Dandelion, Green and Breathe-easy tea, along with my usual assortment of aging well supplements.

The fashion and  business industries revolve around a heavily populated  Shanghai; unique buildings with centuries old colonial architecture, smog, pollution complimented by  beautiful neighborhoods and unique upscale shopping experiences.   Beijing is more spread out and a feeling of openness surrounds you as you are sitting in traffic trying to get downtown. The people here were so friendly, warm and gracious and they were eager to discuss US politics and finances and our way of life. Great WallDr Lee

Things I learned: The Chinese people that I met were both humble and brilliant. Their education far surpasses most US schools.  They are obsessed with aging well at any cost, including getting plastic surgery at a young age.  They want to lose weight and stay thin.  Something I never even thought about for their culture.  They honor parents, traditions and family. Quite refreshing, actually. They don’t seem to much have gray hair.

They are happy people – maybe because so many of them are B Blood types and they visualize well. The older generations respect more TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies than the yuppie younger generations do. They peel their celery before eating it. They do not consume too many soy products. They do not like brown rice even if it means a better fiber and nutrient -rich choice. They are addicted to sugar.  They eat it all day long. Even the so-called plain yogurt was sweetened. There is  MSG  in everything they cook! I was told it originally was sourced from seaweed and soybeans but is now chemically made. Now some of the Asians are reacting to these chemicals. Congee (basically egg whites, beans and broth with fresh condiments and herbs) are what most people eat for breakfast.

Cold Cantonese desserts were better than Flan! The black sesame or adzuki bean fillings and the green tea rice balls with the hot sesame centers were my favorites. Eating desserts at home consisted of fresh fruits, whole nuts, candy and hot tea-similar to many households throughout Europe and those of us with Mediterranean heritage .  The local street vendors roast fresh sweet potatoes and corn instead ofthe usual American fare of soft  pretzels or hot dogs.  The people in China are not starving.  Many of them do not like leftovers and give them to their pets or throw them away;  And I was told growing up to eat all the food on my plate because there were starving children in China.

There is no recession in China except for a noticeable decrease in American tourists. Although I was considered tall in China at 5’9”,  the Chinese in Beijing were taller than I expected. It may be due to the Mongolian influence there.   I went from being a size small in US women’s long underwear to an XL in China sizes!  At least it is cashmere and warm!  The 30 degree days with extra windchill is cold enought for me ! Jolie, Daniel , Amy

Forget buying clothing essentials, except for hats, gloves and scarves.  I could not find dressy boots. My feet were too big!  Most better shoe stores went up to size 7 or 8 max. And I really like their high fashionable boots!

Whoever orders the dinner and sits facing the door, pays for the meal. At Chinese weddings the bride and groom walk down the aisle together, up and back. They blow bubbles, have a DJ or host and give away door prizes. They smoke a excessively but not as much as Italy.  And I have to say, the cities of Shanghai and Beijing had cleaner bathrooms (ceramic holes) than Italy too!  They give fantastic foot massages and acupuncture treatments. I was in heaven, although I needed bodywork to keep my blood circulation and clean out the msg, smoke and pollution.  They are not used to seeing a left handed chopstick holder! Me!

No Jet Lag! Sleeping on planes has always been a challenge for me. So my trip started early morning and I landed in Shanghai at 10:00 pm; got to sleep by 1:00 am. Took 15 mg melatonin, 1,000 l-Tryptophan, 4 Neuro-Maxx (Dr.Venessa’s Formulas) and 1,000 chelated magnesium. I slept 7 hours and was a little tired the next day but waited until late to sleep. Coming  back east I had a similar schedule, early am flight, got home and to bed by 1:00am. Slept 9 1/2 hours. Continued my jet lag dose for 3 nights then cut the melatonin back to 6 mg and kept the rest the same.  As long as I got at least 7-8 hours a night, I never experienced the jet lag horrors that so many other people have to work through.

I really learned so much and have so much more to look forward to in future trips.  For 2011  plan ahead and do something that you have always wanted to experience.  The rewards are plenty and they will supply days of smiles and memories .

In Continued health

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

LA CasualThe holidays are here!  Taking special care to feed your body while juggling the ever increasing demands of the season can wear you down. Holiday travel and shopping and keep a positive mental attitude … rules, security, traffic, crowds … Staying calm and focusing on on your blessings  is mandatory for keeping your sanity.  As a frequent flyer and traveler, I always travel with food.

The rules have become even tougher this past year and I have had to bite my tongue a few times when passing through security. I mean is Almond butter a liquid? Couldn’t believe it when TSA  refused to let me travel with it.  Hummus and grapeleaves (in a can), yes I have had them taken from me too.  Are they liquids. Not for most people, TSA yes.  What’s a girl supposed to eat?  Where did common sense go anyway?

As airplane food further degrades to  almost inedible junky-man made  foods, I have to pack to few things to get me through the day. On a recent  upgraded  Delta morning  flight, a free breakfast consisted of: OJ, milk, corn Chex, Breyer’s strawberry yogurt with artificial colors, a pastry and a fruit cup. The only  salvageable  edible fuel was the piece of pineapple and  a few red grapes. Luckily,  I had brought my Guayaki Yerba Mate and Breathe Easy by Traditional Medicinals to sharpen my brain and keep my immune system strong. I reached for my organic hard cooked eggs, raw pecans and manchengo sheep cheese.  The young flight attendant asked me if I had actually cooked the eggs myself? A hard cooked egg?   Gourmet cooking here.  A little planning goes a long way.

For travelers of any type: air, rail, boat, car, hiking or biking, packing a quick snack can make or break your day. A well fueled brain can get you through  almost any situation and help you stay level headed in challenging situations. Try these  easy to make and take on the run for emergency situations. Don’t wait until you are starving and will eat anything because it is free or convenient.

Hard Cooked Eggs stay fresher in a shell. Crack them and carry a little salt or herbs in a Ziploc – type snack bag.

Nut mixes: Choose your favorite raw nuts, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries/blueberries and or 70% chocolate chunks for energy. White cheese chunks add additional protein. Pack them in snack baggies so they will stay fresh and you can have a variety. If you buy Justin’s Nut Butter individual serving packs, they will make it through security.

Energy bars: Pack a higher protein, lower carb bar that provides solid nutrition like the Greens+ Energy bar, Betty Lou’s almond spirulina or ginseng balls, Raw revolution berry bar, Organic cranberry or blueberry bars and the chocolate mint Lara bars. Stay away from the highly processed artificially flavors and sweetened sugar bars that populate the majority of the shelves.

More Protein:  Turkey slices rolled up with cheese or lettuce. Even plain works for a quick high protein snack. For bigger appetites, try a sandwich on Rudi’s spelt bread or tortillas or an Ezekiel hamburger rolls. They don’t dry out as quickly as the bread. Leftover chicken  w/a lemon wedge or a Vegetarian bean burger also tastes great the next day.

Veggies: Celery, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini slices are offer quick and easy nutrition.  Add a cheese stick or a small sealed container a salad dressing for dipping sauce.

Fruit: Apples, pears, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines or red grapes survive most travel snafu’s.  Always pack an extra paper towel.  Berries make a mess unless they are packed well.

Dairy: Taking a container or previously frozen yogurt (no dyes or artificial sweeteners) tastes great even hours after packing.  Cheese sticks or white cheese slices …always work.

Beverages: Pack your favorite tea bags .You can get hot water almost anywhere to kick up your nutrition and fend off the hunger pains between meals. Other drinks like Greens+ individual sticks Emergen-C and other powdered nutrients that you can add to a bottle of water or juice.

For travel other than air, packing leftove

Sencha ShotSencha Shot

rs in a Rubbermaid container: nut butters with pretzels or celery and carrot sticks, stuffed are some of my favorites. Always have some water,  healthy drinks on hand too. I keep 2 Itoen Sencha shots in my glove compartment for my late night and early morning drives to the airport or office or running about all day when I can’t stop to eat.  To save money: make a pot of green, ginger, yerba mate tea or even your organic coffee; fill up  a thermos and get on the road. Listen to a positive motivational CD or music to enhance your experience. Remember to breathe. Yes, stress can trigger shallow breathing and create short memory lapses to fatigue.

So start your holiday off right – shopping or traveling. Be prepared with better for you foods and survive the season with less stress.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

It has been yearSpelt Pizzas since I was able to enjoy a piece of pizza without feeling guilty, tired, bruised or bloated. Giving up pizza when I went wheat free about 15 years ago; this was one of those foods that I just couldn’t bear to part with. I would make spelt pizza dough from scratch but didn’t always have the time frame to do so.  My West Hollywood friends, Stacey & John took a full day to make me some veggie andclam and garlic spelt pizza w/ anchovies last time I was in town. Delicious and I was truly appreciative for all the effort exerted. I have tried numerous options but the rice crusts were too chewy and the flat breads didn’t quite cut it .

Fast forward to the Expo East Trade show this month where my writing partner Ellen Briggs discovered a new easy frozen pizza dough, made from spelt by the Spelt Right Bakery in Yarmouth, ME.  We were so impressed that we featured them and Vita Spelt on our weekely radio show last week. To hear the show go to and listen to the show recorded live on  October 22nd.

A small, round ball of pizza dough made from 100% Spelt grain is making homemade pizza so easy, you won’t need to order out or spend all day in the kitchen. Currently available in natural foods stores in the Northeast,  Spelt Right Bakery is a must buy along with their scrumptious bagels and rosemary spelt bread! The owner Beth George was previously a lawyer who looked out for children’s rights, now turned business owner and baker.  Beth became a convert after observing  the extreme difference in behavior and motivation in her son and in herself.  She has received countless thank-you’s  from people all over, for changing peoples lives because they can now have a sandwich, a bagel or a piece of pizza.

It’s simple to make: just take the frozen dough and place the package directly on flat surface in your kitchen, a cutting board works well.  In about 3  hours the dough will have thawed and doubled in size and will be ready for use. One package makes about 2 small to medium pizzas. Just roll out the dough and use. I like to preheat mine for 3 minutes first ,then add the marinara or pesto sauce and ingredients you want to use. I used fresh spinach, mushroom, onions and sheep and mozzarella cheese with some cayenne on one and a  fresh fennel with cheese on the other.  YUMMMMM!  The dough makes it – it was sweet not bitter with no hint of stomach pain or inflammation. WOW and so easy to make!

The Spelt grain is often confused with “wheat” and many of the gluten free dieters avoid it. Yes, it is part of the wheat family but it does not cause many of the reactions that whole or refined wheat does. Spelt100_3818 has been over shadowed by the “gluten -free ” movement but not all people who have a wheat sensitivity are allergic to spelt.

Spelt is 2,000 years older than our modern day wheat and offers much lower level of gluten.  Spelt’s  hard protective husk makes it a naturally resistant to pests without heavy chemicals, pesticides or genetically altered production. Its a “green” Eco-friendly, high fiber crop that offers exceptional  nutritional values for  B-Complex, minerals and amino acids. It is a genetically intact grain. That’s important.  Our ancestors were eating spelt, not our 21st century, high gluten altered wheat that is wreaking havoc in our bodies and minds.  Although Spelt is a cereal grass, the genetic make up is very different than rye, barley or oats which is why many people can digest this grain even with a wheat intolerance.

VitaSpelt ElbowsSpelt Right PIzza DoughPeople are becoming sensitive to the man-made, adulterated foods that are abundant in our supermarkets and food stores. We need to get back to our roots and eat God made foods. Why is obesity off the charts with diabetes, depression and thyroid disease rising at alarming rates. Dr. D’Adamo (both James & Peter) are responsible for alerting us to the dangers of wheat back in the 1980′s and getting us switched over to Spelt.  If you are suffering from any of these following symptoms you may wants to change your grains stop the wheat and start on spelt, brown rice and quinoa, my 3 favorite grains. Daily wheat consumption can contribute to all sorts of arthritis issue, joint pain, eczema, digestive disorders, acid reflux, headaches, brain fog, bruising and water retention

Spelt was commercially re-introduced back into America in 1979 by Don Stinchcomb, the passionate owner of  Purity foods offering a line of shelf stable Spelt line of products and flours marketed under the Vita Spelt label. to order online if you can find the products in your local natural food or grocery store. One of my favorite products are the Spelt sesame sticks that I like to use in my homemade trail mixes, his pretzels and the angel hair and lasagna past noodles. The VitaSpelt products are such a better choice over whole wheat and what a taste difference. Cooking time is under 5 minutes for the angel hair pasta and your and your family will love the taste. No grit , excessive chewiness or glue -like taste or texture sitting in your gut after eating. This holiday season, try making lasagna using spelt and your family will love it.

For additional information and fabulous recipes using spelt flour, buy the book: SPELT HEALTHY by Marsha Cosentino, MA published in 2006.  Marsha respects Dr. D’adamo’s blood typing programs and lists each recipe as to what blood types should eat it.  Remarkable and right on the money.  Thank You Marsha for the first practical and informative cookbook on spelt cooking!

Even if you don’t think that you may have a wheat sensitivity or intolerance, try Spelt anyway.  The flavor and nutritional profilesare so superior that you won’t go back. Spelt is a little more expensive than wheat because the “husk ” is tougher to remove, but the price is worth it.  Look at all the money that you will save in digestive aids and aspirin alone!

Try Spelt and see the difference in your energy and mind.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Greenline Beauty Consulting with JenniferTravel these days can be exhausting.  Working long hours, socializing ,eating out,  frequently changing hotels, inconsistent sleep patterns and occasionally staying with friends, dragging  around luggage and computers while maintaining a positive outlook takes motivation and disipline. Since my car accident in late January, I have had repercussions with my skeletal system and  circulation issues although regular bodywork and acupuncture do help. Stress affects my body much more than it used to and with my nutritional supplements and bodywork maintenance,  it is manageable without prescription medications. This past 30 day road trip proved exceptionally challenging and I discovered some new road- friendly treatments that helped me survive wear and tear of travel  until I could get back home to my regular therapists.

Chinese foot massage is an age old tradition. In many of the Asian countries, doctors were paid to keep their patients well- quite the opposite of today’s supposedly advanced medical care measures.  Prescription drug abuse is on the rise here in America and it is sickening to me to find people on 5-15 different meds causing multiple other issues.  Many of these Asian cultures including India, Egypt and even Central America used body work; acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, herbal medicine and various forms of applied massage and reflexology to re-balance the body and promote healing from within. Even Jesus washed and massaged feet!

Although the therapies  differ from country to country , the outcome and purpose of foot massage is to balance the body’s electrical energy force through reflex points located in the feet, hands and head. My goal was to keep my lymphatic system moving , a challenge for any one who travels , sits and stands for extended periods of time. When our energy becomes stagnant ( or as my therapists call it : stuck-Chi) our bodies immune systems will suffer and aches , pains and diseases can take root.

marge and sally marge and sally

After 4 days in the extreme  Las Vegas heat contrasting  with the  frigid air in the casino  for a trade show left my shoulders , upper back and neck sore  .  My fun time was working :  a guest on the Stay Healthy radio show hosted by nutrition maverick -Jeffrey Burke who hosts 10 shows per week at 8:00am and 5:00 pm PST Monday -Friday at  call in numbers are 800-820-1230/702-731-1230. The store on 840 S. Rancho Drive #14 /702-877-2494 offers the best in nutritional expertise . Ask for my friend Marge Jacobson ……she is a walking encyclopedia….

My goal after an early morning radio show with Ellen on and a quick trip to LA X. My goal was to get out of Los Angeles and down to San Diego before rush hour (usually an all day occurrence 5 days a week !) and get to my first store training.reflexology 004

In the central part of San Diego is small Chinatown with a variety of cuisines in a 5 minute radius of small mom and pop establishments.  The reflexology sign in the run down plaza window caught my eye … only $ 19.99  special  foot massage.  A little hesitant at 9:00pm at night I wasn’t sure  how legitimate this place was although there were a stream of people of all ages coming in and out.  … open 10:00am -11:00pm ? wow. Ok I chickened out the first night and ventured in after work the next day. What a pleasant surprise.  A clean but very simple waiting area; with about 10 treatment rooms that held 2 recliners in each and a large staff ready to serve you. I am not a stranger to reflexology; I am a  reflexologist and massage therapist who worked PT with Progressive Health Strategies in Fayetteville,NC  (910-484-6934) where my friend & partner Lydia Chambers  still focus’ mostly on feet and anti-aging facial massages.

I had no idea these places were available in abundance all throughout the Southern CA area.   Allow a full 60 minutes for the LH Foot Massage. Jimmy my therapist did not speak much English but took care of me as though he did-a therapist is usually intuitive and thoughtful and he was terrific. The treatment started out with a 20 minute herbal soak and the remainder of the time spent on your feet, legs head and upper back.  The strokes are short and deep and you are fully clothed.  A feeling of relaxation and a slight amount of detoxing occurred afterwords. Check them out at  858-231-0128. This is an inexpensive way to keep your entire family healthy.

Remember to increase  your liquids after any body work.  That evening  I took extra Dr. Venessa’s Formulas Liverclean-4 tabs, Taurine 1,000 mg, Turmeric 500 mg, Magnesium 500 mg and MSM 3,000 to facilitate the removal of additional toxins. A large bowl of Vietnamese soup, fresh herbs and veggies, protein and a fresh sour-sop fruit shake did the trick. Drinking additional beneficial fluids is needed to facilitate toxin removal which abundant in the larger bowls of  healthy soups (clear broth not creamy). Eating these nutritious homemade soups (I usually leave 1/2 of my rice noodles in the to cut the carbs) is a way to keep weight down and detox too from substances that were in the tissues manipulated all over the body.  Unfortunately,  I had to travel northeast  into the desert the following day or else I would have gone back .

A few days later I had my chance … Thousand Oaks,CA had another one called U-Relax Inc. that was referred to me by my friends Andy & Nancy while having dinner with them one night.  Prices went up to $25.00, still a bargain.  A little more upscale with  red leather recliners in a large rooms, the people were again gracious and skilled. Their philosophy is that an improved circulation system will boost your immune system and relieve stress. The massage is different – short rough strokes that some of my friends refer to ask being  ”poked” and “rubbed ’ instead of slower elongated flowing movements in a Swedish massage. Although this  may be  slightly painful to some sensitive souls but the outcome  is terrific and extremely therapeutic.  U-Relax is open 7 days a week 10:30 am -10:30 pm. They welcome groups, what a great way to celebrate your birthday with a couple of friends or even your family;  much healthier than eating birthday cake.

Even Hollywood has them. Working in LA over the following weekend, my friend Stacey (who never told me about these before) wanted to get  a foot massage after a long day of work at her store on Melrose Ave.  There were 2 nearby; Beverly Hills and Hollywood. We choose the one on Sunset Blvd and didn’t make it until 9:30 pm…..The therapists relaxing on a bench outside the Sunset Foot Spa jumped at the chance to serve us. This still amazes me.  The therapist are all so humble and gracious and proud of their trade.

The Sunset Foot Spa offers both foot reflexology and acupressure massage starting at $25.00 per hour/massage at $40.00.  The foot therapy I received was deep and therapeutic by a strong  Asian man that I did not get his name . The slight numbing on my left side starting was reduced after this 3rd body treatment.  Again, you are in a open room with 9-12 chairs. At Sunset Foot Spa, you even get a hot cup of green tea or a glass of water too. This is a well run operation at 5419 W. Sunset Blvd #3 with limited parking although there are some lots about a block away. Call for an appointmSummer TRAVELS 2010 012_cropent at 323-898-4220. Open 7 days from 10:00am -11:00pm.Summer TRAVELS 2010 014

Next on my travel list was the Dallas Fort Worth area for 5 days.  As I am not a beer and BBQ fan I wondered if I could find one here too … I googled “Chinese foot massage” and found there were 2 in town. Icouldn’t believe it. The Arlington area of Dallas has small group of Asian businesses and this is where Foot Mark is located.  Again, coming East prices went up to $29.99 and there was another one for$ 35.00 near downtown called Sole Therapy, a great choice if you are in town for trade show.

Foot mark is located in a busy plaza with terrific Asian restaurant from simple to elegant. Except for 2 nights, I ate most of my meals in this plaza! The Pho95 is a simple inexpensive noodle house with homemade soups and soft summer  rolls.  My favorite!  Kim Hong, a little more upscale offers entertainment while  the Thanh Thanh is a high end place that you will need reservations unless you opt for take out, which is terrific.  A Thai restaurant, an Asian market, Acupuncturist & Herbalist were conveniently located  in the same plaza – this was my new favorite spot in the DFW area.

Jake was my therapist at Foot Mark, he not only soaked my feet but washed them .He used a Thai stick to stimulate tough points on my feet and was very observant to my body’s stress areas.  I managed to get to  here twice around my working schedule.  They book up quickly over the weekend so please call first as they do not have a website open 10:00am-11:00 pm /  817-276-1999. They are located at 2505 E. Arkansas Lane #141 in Arlington, TX.  My body was feeling so much better with this bodywork. Foot mark has several private rooms for full body massage and offer specials for combination’s of  bodywork for various conditions and a frequent customer card that gets you a free 30 min body massage after 14 treatments.

Unfortunately, South Fl does not offer these at this time or least I could not find one advertised. I settled for a chiropractic adjustment with Carol Krol,DC; a fabulous doctor who studied in Europe with Hans Nieper in Germany, one of  the fore – runners of alternative medicine and natural treatments. She said that I have  step up my upper body massages to prevent tissue scars from forming … what would I have been like without any work ?

Massage and bodywork of your choice is not just a luxury anymore but a health maintenance tool that grows more necessary with age. Carol also has a Bio-Mat one of my other favorite bodywork healing agents. The Bio-Mat mixes Infrared technology with Amethyst stones to promote healing , detoxification, promotes circulation, relaxation and electrical balance too. If you are  in the Delray, FL area-You can locate her at 5180 West Atlantic Ave., Suite#123 or call 561-498-8005 for an appt . You will not be disappointed! Check out what your insurance will cover and source out local people who may work with you on a custom made package that you can afford. Regular maintenance at least monthly is better for your body than an occasional Spa Splurge. Everybody can relate to their car- if you only put oil in your car and check the gauges one a year, you may be in trouble. Regularly scheduled maintenance visits will save your health and money in the long run.

If you live in a larger city, check out the Chinese foot massage outlets. I know that I will !

BioMat relaxationBioMat relaxation

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Traveling to Northern Vermont in July is fabulous,bringing me back to  childhood memories of adventurous road  trips with my mom & sisters to visit with cousins , aunts and uncles all over the state. This summer , my nutrition class of choice which is usually in Boulder ,Co was moved to Burlington , Vt .

Burlingfest is the brainchild of Robert Crayhon , a well known nutrtionist, author , speaker and radio show host who years ago made nutrition fun for me .  He is an incredible man, with high integrity,a sense of humor  and just happens to be a classic pianist . We students were enlightened by the nutrition experts and friends of Robert’s;   world renowned  Mark Houston, MD , Jonny BowdenRD( pictured below with me )  , Ellen Wright, MD, MarSummer 2010 026_cropk Schauss,Jade Teta ND ,CSCS and Keoni Teta , ND , CSCS,Lac, Arthur Bartunek, MA, Robert bard, MD ,Nicholas Gonzalas , MD and more. I will talk about highlights of their talks in another blog.

Burlington this year was experiencing a ” heat wave” . I love the  summer  weather but 95+ degrees was too much for the locals and plant life. Nearby Lake George , the huge mass of water was starting to exibit several alage blooms ,an environmental hazard to its local marine life. Some of the beaches were already shut down in peak swimming season. The resident Vermonters however are tough . This out-doorsy bunch of locals love to get outside . They are environmentally inclined in so many ways .  Everyone looked healthier than in most places I visit.

Vermont may be known as the “Green State ” but their tag line really should read: ”Buy Local” .  The food is top-notch . Vermont residents  are fiercely proud of their homegrown products from meats to milk ,produce , housewares and furniture  . And of course everyone’s favorites, maple syrup, ice cream and cheese. Remember , this is the state that birthed Ben & Jerry’s , Cabot Cheese ,StoneyfielSummer 2010 039d Yogurt and the hundreds of organic dairies that  supply Horizon and Organic Valley  with the best that New England has to offer. They pride themselves in heirloom fruits and vegetables: where else can you get 12 different types of lettuce in one store ? And in a rainbow of natural fresh picked colors ? It’s as though the varieties in popular seed catalogues come alive : leaf, oak leaf ,bibb, real dark green romaine ,purple lettuce,  red lettuce , etc.   Not just  infactory- sealed plastic bags,  but fresh. Large bunches fresh organic herbs arranged like flower displays and many other plants are everywhere the eye can see.

Instead of lamenting over the  fact that I was in a hotel without a kitchen and the stores were overflowing with local mouthwatering produce …. ,  I took advantage of the plethera of  local restaurants available to me . Two popular landmarks are Boves , a  local landmark since 1941, nationally recognized for it sauces and meatballs ! and American Flatbread Pizza ,wood fired -made from scratch thin crust pizza , both of them offering their products  nationwide through natural food outlets.Summer 2010 065

Other favorites including Stone Soup , a simple organic  “hippie’ type cafe where everythingSummer 2010 018 is made from scratch using organic and local ingredients satisfying everbody from Vegan to Carnivore . .  Their  iced mate tea and gluten-free carrot cake were awesome  ! Their front window stays open in the summer and the ambience includes a flower garden,allowing a sense of belonging even when you are just passing through . A must experience ! 802-862-7616 , on  College street  …..

Even in the hot weather,  hot peppers and herbs will balance your internal body temperature …so I sought out a noodle shop .   I love the Vietnamese sytle big bowls of PHO soup. Fo a full  palette of Asia’s best,  try the Asian Noodle Shop-802- 862-8828 , a small, crowded basement restaurant off Church street that was perfect foe lunch  . Iced ginger& green  tea and thin rice noodles, fresh lime, jalepeno’s, basil & cilantro w/ thin beef strips satifised my appetite and fueled my body well.  For exotic and herbal teas lovers  should check out the Dobra Tea house ,,

Local Natural food stores are where I fueled up daily . Downtown’s City MarketSummer 2010 050, a co-op and Burlington’s only downtown food market  is an eclectic mix of natural foods and commercial mainstay foods with a large selection of take away dishes.It stays open until 11:00 pm so the convenience of late night snack attacks is better satisfied here than most other places-  802-861-9700.

Healthy Living, a few minutes away near the mall in South Burlington , is a gorgeous full service natural foods supermarket with a take out hot and cold buffet , and a wide variety of local travel treats . I was buying food from them daily . On Sundays their local farmers market is a big draw.The Samosa man is hoot and he sells his good in all the local markets …we don’t offer bins of samosa du jour her ein florida! ….Now if he would only make one flavor wheat free….. Vitamin Shoppe, the only one of its it kind in the enitre state located  across the street keeps everyone nutritionally well stocked

Less than an hour away is Mount Pelier , the smallest capital city in the US , only about 8,000 residents and a joy to spend the afternoon. I was surrounded by bountiful flowers,produce, people and joy everywhere I went . For lunch in Mt Pelier, we  ventured out to the local co-op Hunger Mountain , I continued to be impressed with the quality of the food and the friendly people . They will even honor other US Co-op membership cards to save you a few bucks.  What a bonus !  As an employee said – Just how many co-ops can you join ? For us travelers, this helps. I am a member of a Tallahessee, FL  co-op : New Leaf, another fabulous store with both eclectic and essential nutrtional offerings.

My nutrition class turned into a bountiful organic food adventure with the location and the people who made the trip more enjoyable than most .

AIRPORT DELAYS:  Travelers note: the local airport is torn up and travel delays abound with the runway expansion .  If you have the time to drive ;  fly into Bradley (  Hartford , CT ) ,make the 4 hour drive North . Stop at a few markets along the way and enjoy the foods that makes this state special !

Remember to go local and  shop at your  nearby farmer’s market this week and support your local community .

Your body , mind, spirit and pocketbook will thank you !

In Continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Essential Oils PhotoHerb Garden -1 month Where did spring go? Summertime heat hit most of us of hard this last month after one of the coldest winters ever, across the entire country.  The mugginess, mosquitoes, flies, tics,  no-see-ums and more are upon us. There are numerous  herbal and natural products that I use for natural bug and insect repellents. My herb garden has grown well in just a month;  I already have herbs and flowers in bloom and am enjoying the fresh herbs with my meals and in my iced herbal and green teas.

One of my favorites is  Rose Geranium which is part of the citronella family - there are many spectacular flavors ranging from lemon to chocolate.  Rose remains a favorite and I use the essential oil as part of my summer scents to detract insects of all types. Perfume ceased to exist in my personal care routine after the dangers of formaldehyde poisoning, synthetic fragrances and chemicals emerged into my knowledge base about 2o years ago.  So many people have allergies and or chemical sensitivities and they have no idea that it may be their favorite scent in body lotion or shampoo. Geranium,  literally keeps the bugs away and helps you maintain a positive mood.  People always comment on the fragrance.

Aromatherapy is a powerful  healing medicine that has clinical applications in many areas from insect bites to many types of first aid actions.  Oils can be anti-inflammatory, repellents, antiseptic, wound healing, anti-parasitical, deodorizing and emotionally lifting and healing.

Essential oils, the form of aromatherapy most commonly used,  are usually steam distilled essences from fragrant plants, flowers and trees. The components are numerous rendering them for a variety of applications from a pleasant fragrance to a therapeutic condition.

The better oils that are not adulterated contain small molecules that can penetrate the skin and eventually enter into your bloodstream.  The body usually clears them in under 14 hours.  Essential oils are very concentrated and that is why a few drops  be enough per application.  The oils can be used singularly or in combinations depending on the result or fragrance you wish to accomplish.

I usually use a high quality oil like Aura Cacia ( and mix it with an unscented body lotion, a neutral gel (aloe, calendula or silver) or carrier oil, brose geranium picody lotion or  a light weight carrier oil like grape-seed (1 oz)  Add  in 3 drops of geranium,  2  lavender or  lemon balm and 3 sandalwood. This emits a wonderful daytime scent that keep the bugs away and is less medicinal  and healthier than conventional options.  So many people ask me what perfume I am wearing.  When Hiking or gardening, I use some tea tree mixed w/ geranium and or lavender and apply it around my hairline, wrists and ankles.  The insects may still fly around you but they won’t land.  Adding some oregano oil or thyme oil for tics may also be necessary when tromping through fields and grasses.

Other oils that can be used to repel insects or treat stings and bites etc are: Penny-royal, eucalyptus, citronella, rosewood, patchouli, cedar-wood and cedar. Choose the scents that you like and customize your own formula. Using over 5 different oils may be counter productive as the anti-bacterial qualities may be weakened – so stick to 2- 4 when customizing yours.  A little goes long way. You can store them in the refrigerator for the best nutrient protection.

Oils can also be directly applied to your bath oil, light bulbs, decorative pine cones  or used in a diffuser for additional home and or office protection or just direct inhalation directly from the bottle, a cotton ball or pie e of cloth.

For people with skin sensitivities, a drop or oil on a cotton ball behind your ear is a good way to test .Caution for pregnant women:  Some oils will stimulate menstruation so please wait until after the first trimester and then perform a skin patch test.  Also, oils like Bergamont should not be used with constant sun exposure, tanning beds or even a hot kitchen as it may affect skin pigmentation.  There are other precautions for other ailments so always do your research first.  One of my favorite very detailed books is The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy by Chrissie Wildwood.  An easy to read reference book is Aromatherapy for Everyone , by PJ Pierson & Mary Shipley.

Many women experience an increased of headaches in the warmer months.  According to Chrissie Wildwood, a great balm for relieving headaches is as follows: massage the cream or oil into the base of the neck or on the temples in a small circular motion.

Headache Balm : 2 drops  lavender , 5 drops eucalyptus and and 5 drops peppermint in an unscented carrier oil or cream (30 g)

Sometimes adding a couple drops of Clary Sage will offer additional benefits.  This uplifting oil helps to promote laughter and a good mood. Works great in a diffuser with screaming kids or a challenging business day. For those of you who have trouble with insomnia, try adding these oils to your bath, pillow or sachet or using them on a light bulb in your bedroom. Oils such as Sandlewood, Chamomile, Lavender, Melissa, mandarin, hops, neuroli, ylang/ylang and vervitier may help relax your body when your brain would shut down .

Some of the oil brands that I like are Simplers Botanical corp ( , Eden Botanicals ( Ananda Oils ( and Young Living (

So venture into the world of aromatherapy and feel and sense the difference, without the risk of toxic chemical poisoning from your perfumes and your bug spray.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

April Photos 2010 087ROSEMARY

April Photos 2010 032Sally’s new Herb garden

The warm weather has finally hit Florida and the pollen counts are higher than ever.  People are walking around with runny noses and red eyes from the Oak pollen that is dropping everywhere.  Throughout the Southeast Region we are experiencing record high pollen levels.  I am truly blessed with a very strong immune system, but for those that are not – It’s time to strengthen yours with some super foods that can recharge your health.

In regard to immune health protocols  - Be sure that you have tackled the basics:  extra B-Complex 50-150 mg, Vitamin C  with bioflavonoids 1,000-3,000 mg, Quercitin 1500mg,  Dr. Venessa’s  Liverclean 3-6 tabs, Dr. Venessa’s  Respiratory & Bronchial Support 4-6 tabs, and the North American Herb & Spice OregaResp 2-8 caps, with either Immune Power 2 caps , Host Defense liquid and Mushroom Wisdom Maitake & Reishi mushrooms extract , Allimax garlic and Silverbiotics or Sovereign Silver

You can add some flavor and extra immune protection from the herbs and spices that you cook with.  Not only do they help you recharge your immune system but they can build  brain power, increase your metabolism , enhance your sleep , improve your mood while  enhancing  the flavor of your food.

Starting some herbs in pots on your back porch or in your apt or home is easy. The rewards are plentiful.  With the help of my friend Danny,  I now have a new raised-bed garden for my herbs.  The Florida coast soil is alkaline and salty and the soil needs reconditioning with Black Kow or other soil enhancers. My favorite herb to grow here  is basil  and rosemary … I have the Queen Thai  , Greek, Lemon and sweet large Italian leaf Basil  and flowering rosemary .   More favorites:  Cuban & Greek oregano,  pineapple and traditional sage, marjoram, bay leaf, Culantro ( doesn’t bolt as fast as cilantro) Italian flat leaf parsley, lemon verbena, lemon balm, lemon thyme, lavender and scented geranium and Thai peppers, garlic chives and lemon grass.  The chocolate mint and an Egyptian mint are planted in another bed so they don’t cross pollinate with the basil … my sisters enlightened me to previous experience when their basil crop was ruined, making leaving both herbs with a bitter aftertaste .

April Photos 2010 003ELLEN

I buy my herbs from Ellen Kirouac – Wild Rose Workshop at the local St. Augustine farmer’s market.  Her herbs are organic and she always has a wide selection to choose from available.  Plus she recycles the pots and trays.  Her  homemade jams and chutneys are very popular and her artistic skills grace a line of greeting cards.  Ellen is a terrific resource-904-461-1284  or email her

Although, I have been using herbs and spices liberally in my diet since childhood, they are finally earning media attention with integrative health professionals like  Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Dr. Eric Braverman, Dr. Aman, Dr. Jonny Bowden and Dr. Andrew Weil.  It’s about time. Food tastes so much better!

Basil, a relative of the mint family is not only great for relaxing your nerves and mucous membrane activity( sinus issues!)  but it also serves as a mood elevator and digestive aid. Rosemary , a powferful anti-inflammatory has extraordinary circulation properties including passing through the blood-brain barrier to keep your processing speed reved up ……it also helps to remove additonal environmental toxins from your blood and will reduce your appetite in larger quantities .  No household should be without it and it will winter even in cold climates.

Turmeric (you can also grow this but I buy it already ground ) is the best anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant exhibiting  spice there is. Turmeric is amazing-  breaks up brain plaque while  improving circulation issues and can stop diarrhea and relieve bronchitis. Try some ginger and turmeric before you reach for an aspirin next time you have a headache. Learn to love curry as turmeric counts for 2% of this spice or you take in capsule/tablet form from Jarrow , New Chapter & Nature’s Way.

Marjoram and Oregano sometime get confused as they both help build immune support and taste great with Mediterranean dishes.  Marjoram improves circulation and appetite while oregano acts as an anti-microbial agent and reduces the severity of headaches, coughs, allergies and colds. Culantro and Cilantro are some of the best detox herbs for heavy metals and toxins that store in your fat cells and reduce immunity as you age. I use Lemon verbena and Pineapple sage in my herbal ice teas, they keep you calm while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Lemon balm, traditionally used to repel pesky insects, is a soothing  herbal sedative that acts as an anti-spasmodic and anti viral agent. Sage exhibits a strong pungent and pleasant fragrance  that helps to perk up sluggish memories, heal gums and tissue, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy overall nervous system.  Bay leaves grown fresh taste completely different than those dried and left for months on the store shelves. Bay Leaves have anti-fungal and bacterial applications and help to balance elevated blood sugar levels. Many people with digestive disorders or edema /water retention  use them for tea. The Thai hot peppers will be used to spice up my cooking and provide a healthy circulation, proper digestion and reduce mucus and allergy sniffles. I will be adding Datil peppers, a local Spanish hot pepper soon.

There are several favorites that I do not grow: Cinnamon being one of them.  This sweet, flavorful spice encourages digestive, sugar regulation and adds an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Ginger, shredded on your food will add a zesty hot-pungent flavor while improving your circulation and digestion. Cumin (both the seed which is stronger and powder), another fantastic anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor regulating digestion and relieving coughs, flu and congestion. Some effective seeds like Coriander (from the cilantro plant) and Fennel seed provide digestion and immune support benefits too.

Using herbs daily will make eating more fun and provide the maximum nutrient benefits.  Strive for at least 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs daily to make a difference in your health .   Add in some fresh lime and or lemon juice, red onion, garlic, olive oil and you have a spicy nutritious base for any protein. With continued use, your health will be evident -whata  difference for a few sprigs of herbs verses a large salad – no comparison on nutrient values. Earthbound Farms now has a mixed lettuce mix with added herbs to save oyu the fuss from what to add .  Always buy your dried herbal powders and spices from a reputable source like Frontier  They are of the best quality and are never irradiated for nutrient optimization.  Dried herbs only last about 6 months so buy them in smaller quantities. Freeze your fresh herbal leaves chopped,whole or in a pesto spread to use in winter dishes when buying fresh herbs may be more expensive. Use them liberally year -round for the best health benefits.

April Photos 2010 009Organic Farmers Jeff & Joan

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Just coming back from the largest Natural Products show in the country is always both exhilarating and  exhausting. What’s new, Where to eat, What brand is hot?,  Who works where?, and the trade show mantra rolls on.  Been attending to this show since the spring of 1984 …wow  … how times have changed.

Gluten free products took center stage at Expo West this year . Our industry is turning out more and more products made with unfamiliar grains and starches to eliminate the wheat , barley , rye , oats and sometimes millet & buckwheat. Even the conventional supermarkets  are adding more sku’s as public demand rises .Why the trend ? What’s wrong with whole wheat anyway?2010 misc 194

Wheat in our present food supply ; organic or not -white or white -hard or soft, contains about 7x’s more gluten than our biblical ancestors . Gluten is  the glue like protein that helps bread to rise , pizza dough pliable and chewy bagels .

Gliaden, the real culprit of the disease,  is part of the gluten molecular structure. The intestinal villi become damaged and they lay flat in the “colon fingers” so the food particles are not absorbed but pass through the colon undigested causing chaos  in other organs. Science show that this sensitivity  to both Gliaden and gluten is commonly  inherited. This interference with digestion inhibits the absorption of many important nutrients  including fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D and K  and even water  needed for daily health.

The disease, named Celiac Sprue has gained public attention with both the medical field and with consumers over the last 75 years.  The disease is vast and is not age discriminant.  In children signs of stunted growth,  loose bowels, vomiting and bloating are common. Adults symptoms span from intense food cravings to rapid weight accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal cramping, bloating and distention,intestinal gas, muscular atrophy and weakness, extreme fatigue, anemia, red blisters on the elbows, knees and legs, cracks in the tongue,  edema and leg and toe cramping.

The only way the research has shown to reduce these symptoms is to eliminate the culprit foods from one’s diet.  It is tough to make dietary adjustments, especially with a family or other people to cook for in your  household.  However, it certainly is better to remove a food, than to live in pain and possible addiction to prescription medications.

I missed seeing Jim Carrey at the show – he actually made a guest appearance at the  Mary’s Gone Crackers booth . I believe his child has autism and wheat and gluten must be eliminated from their diet along with dairy products. These quinoa and flax seed based rice crackers are amazing, crunchy, unique and low in carbs, about 140 calories for 13 crackers and 3 grams of fiber per serving !  Other cracker favorites of mine are the Blue Diamond Nut thins (only 130 calories for 17 crackers!)   Edward & Sons Brown Rice crackers and Sami’s Millet & Flax garlic crackers (wheat not gluten free).  You  won’t miss the saltines or Ritz crackers when you have these flavorful, lower carb and healthier alternatives.

2010 misc 2592010 misc 257

2010 misc 2582010 misc 261

There are so many great companies out there now. Instead of wheat (semolina or Durham flour) I use Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta. You wont miss it. I even make my holiday lasagna using their noodles and nobody noticed the difference. Of course we all love  brown rice and Lundberg Brown Basmati is fabulous along with Ancient Harvest Quinoa - that offer the highest protein of any grain and cooks in only 15 minutes.

I have been following a  wheat free diet (with a few exceptions here and there) for the last 15 years when I started Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type program. I believe that changing my eating habits have kept my immune system strong, and have delayed common aging complaints and have kept me free of medications.

The list for healthier foods made with unique grains ,lower carbs and better fiber counts are what we need to live a healthier lifestyle. The offerings at the trade show are amazing and coming soon to a natural product store near you . From bread to pretzels to desserts and snack foods , you can make some better choices for your health without sacrificing the taste.

For more information about Celiac Sprue including a basic diet and recipes, contact the Celiac Sprue Association at

Be good to your body and it will be good for you.

In Continued Health,


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sally on May 7th, 2011

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

On January 28th, driving from Naples to the Orlando area  after a major training event,  I was involved in a late night car accident where my 2007 Toyota Camry was totaled and  no, the accelerator did not stick !

Yes, I was stunned, shocked and within minutes  bruises and burns from the airbag and impact were visible on my legs and feet.  I loved my car,Janean hamilton but accidents do happen and it has been over 25 years since I have been in one. I am truly blessed along with the other young ladies involved to be alive today and thanking God for rescuing me from what could have been a tragic event.

Not wanting to go the Emergency room, I needed to get the inflammation and shock down fast as possible as my adrenals were working overtime and my blood pressure was temporarily elevated.

Before a late bedtime that evening, I took a scoop of Dr. Venessa’s Anti-Aging Collagen (my 3rd that day) – it is a terrific anti-inflammatory which will help the overall trauma, along with a hot shower and applied Arnica gel to reduce the bruising.  I also used my Recovery Chips (needle free acupuncture stones) on my circulation points and slept only about 6  hours.  I also applied a Tiger Balm patch on my neck.

The next morning – I was at the  Harmony Health & Acupuncture Clinic located at 303 N Baker Street-Suite A, Mount Dora, FL receiving an acupuncture treatment from my friend and also the owner- Janean Hamilton, a registered nurse and acupuncturist. I was fairly bruised by now and my head suffered from pressure on the left side.  Janean  got me to take some Chinese herbs called Yunnan Baiyao for the next 3 days which are used in Chinese medicine for treating the early stages of trauma – 407-758-1880/

Janean treated me for trauma and circulation and massaged Traumeel into my lower legs.  Another version of this ointment Tropicin is sold in natural food stores.

I know with auto accidents that there are many delayed injuries and so the first level of defense was the Anti-Aging3 Collagen which I bumped up to 3-4 scoops daily.

I also doubled my brain and circulatory nutrients  for the next 2 weeks just to be sure that my circuits were in working order. The trauma and impact that my body absorbed needed to be cushioned and the healing time needed, accelerated so I could function at optimum levels.

Supplements  increased: Neuromins DHA: 400 mg, Acetyl-Carnitine 3,000 mg, PS 400 mg,  Alpha GPC 1300mg, DMAE 600 mg, Pycnogenol 500mg, Turmeric 2,000mg, Gotu Kola 900 mg, Rescue Remedy 12 drops daily, Liverclean 8 tabs, Neuromaxx 6 tabs, MSM 8,000 g, Vit D 10,000 IU and extra minerals, L-Typtophan 1,500mg and 2 OregaResp caps, Quercitin 1,500 mg and Greens+ and extra Sun Chlorella for RNA & DNA repair.

For hydration,  I drank Iceland Springs  ,8.8 spring water and Essentia Water, 9.5 (with added Cell Food drops) – both high Alkaline  waters to offset any additional acid produced by the accident trauma. Another new high Ph water, Aqua Hydrate at a 9.0 is also good.

To further reduce inflammation and keep my energy levels revved up, I increased  my Itoen Sencha Shots, so I was drinking 2-3 daily or 2  bottles of the new Oi Ocha ,dark green tea with 3 cups of Guayaki Yerbe Mate Tea ( or 1 -18 oz glass bottle ) for mental clarity and the Numi Chamomile Laura Murphy , LAc -Lemon Myrtle tea in the evenings with my Collagen. Lots of  fluids to hydrate the brain. Remember when you are thirsty, 3% of  your brain is already dehydrated. Aging already shrinks the brain, add in dehydration and stress.  It’s no  wonder many of us have trouble focusing and remembering details. Brain – dead takes on a whole new meaning!

Our brain  is the computer chip or the fuse box of our body and controls everything else the body does. When communication is optimal everything else falls into place and you can focus on organ health and restoration. When involved in any accident, trauma or illness,  protecting the brain has to be your first line of defense.

Due to a heavy travel schedule for work , that included NYC (1 day later for a live radio show on  the  Willner Window)  to  Los Angeles ,CA for trade show to ATL  for trainings (yes, I may be crazy but the show must go on !), I followed up with another acupuncture treatment 1 week later at the Samra University Acupuncture Clinic and Health Center in Los Angeles: 1730 W Olympic Blvd, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015 – where my friend Laura Murphy practices # 213-381-1700. It is a great deal for all of us budget conscience folks – only $25.00 per treatment and the herbs are $8 – $12.00; a considerable cost savings. The therapists are excellent and they really care about you regaining or maintaining your health.  A thumbs up in my book of great places for a body tune-up.

Recommended by Laura, another  3 day dose of the Yunnan Baiyao caps and an hour treatment that included rolling cupping to bring toxins to the surface – glass jars, oil and a  lit candle -pretty cool!  on my back and energy balance for my entire body. I was ready again to get on the plane for ATL the next day.

In the Atlanta metro area:  Another good friend of mine is the most awesome chiropractor and body worker: Dr. Tom Born

Dr. Tom Born 404 -408-0143, 1776 Peachtree Street in Mid-town ATL treated me twice for correcting my crooked hips and spine while also giving me some reflexology to improve circulation through my body, therefore reducing stress. Tom has been treating me on and off since 1984 when I was pregnant with my son!  He is incredible and will work with you on the treatments as his work includes reflexology, stretching, some massage along with the adjustment.  I felt so much better and was able to avoid any medications, even aspirin or Tylenol. My body is healing well and I will get a few more acupuncture tune-ups just to be sure.

Yes, I have some very good friends who are skilled and knowledgeable practitioners who really came to my rescue. I am truly blessed to be walking around and in good health. The good Lord isn’t done with me yet and I encourage all of you to take the time to get regular bodywork of some sort. Your body is resilient and will bounce back more quickly when the body’s fuse box is connected. Preventative medicine is still better than surgery,  heavy medications and compromised mental ability and fatigue.

Just a few hours in car can tighten your neck and irritate your lower back.  Add in traffic, delays and air travel ,computer or desk work Inversion Tableand the stress is magnified. You may not even notice it for a while. I just purchased an Inversion table to help with stretch my back and encourage circulation between visits to my practitioners and to avoid headstands.

My friends call this the “bat table” – it really works!

So take care of yourself now.  Especially in these challenging times where you do not want to land in hospital unless it is a true emergency.  For everyday maintenance and preservation, get your winter tune -up now and feel better.

Psalm 91 excerpt: If you make the most high your dwelling-even the Lord , who is my refuge , then no harm will befall you , no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.  You will tread upon the lion and the cobra:you will trample the great Lion and the serpent.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Holiday 2009

Ok , any excuse to go diving, spend some time with good friends, get some work done and stay warm during the winter months and I’m in ….. Little did  I know about the massive arctic cold blast that hit the entire southeast  coast  including FL and the Bahamas this holiday. Heck, my wetsuit was the warmest piece of clothing that I packed! However, the average Bahama day at 53 degrees was still better than 33 in St Augustine .

My friend Karen Clarke  is the owner of  The Henry Thayer Company since 1999 and spends time between her home office in Ct and her other office in Freeport, on the island of Grand Bahama. Her son John Gehr, the VP of sales and marketing has moved to the Island full time with his family.  As avid outdoor enthusiasts, they love the  winters better in Freeport than frigid CT.  What a great life that they have all the comforts of a US business set up here. Thayers was started in 1847 and is world renowned for it Slippery Elm throat lozenges, dry mouth spray and pure witch hazel products that consumers from rock & roll groups to natural food enthusiasts love.  I met some industry friends over there – now that takes commitment …. Howard Kaminski, Alan Purcell, Sue Bennett, and myself felt the warm weather pulling us south.

Diving, is a key water sport  here and both Karen & John dive. The Atlantic ocean is 75-77 degrees this time of year but the air temp in the low 50′s combined with high winds made it very cold weather diving. I had to wear a skin under a 5 mill wetsuit. Surface intervals were cold and I was way out of my preferred warm water diving zone.

The diving however, was top notch – there were reef and nurse sharks on most dives with pristine coIndustry Friendsral formations and a 65-75 foot visibility. We dove with Unexso (The  Underwater Explorers Society, originally started by Jacque Cousteau in 1965), based out of Port Lucaya a large well organized dive organization with a terrific staff You can dive or snorkel with them or even participate as a ” bubble watcher” to get a feel for the boat Shark feeding dives, dolphin dives in the ocean without a pen, night  and cave dives are also options. Christine the head dive master and big boss, is a world renowned diver who tackles the cave diving expeditions while keeping the operation running  smoothly.  The limestone  rock produced many caverns,  similar to the Cenotes in Mexico … and little “Blue holes “  are common on many sites.  My favorite dive was Shark Junction, a 55-65 foot sandy bottom with independent  mushroom topped coral heads teeming with fish, rays, garden and moray eels  and of course reef sharks – at least 6 -8 on each dive.

Many of the younger dive masters  were interested in nutrition – they have a strenuous career choice – the diving is fun but putting  up with Tourists 24/7 and keeping their immune systems strong can be challenging. I did lose an Endangered species organic chocolate bar and some Betty Lou’s Almond butter and Spirulina bars to thTheo s wreck Jan 3rde hungry dive masters…..I may come back to teach a nutrition class when the weather is much warmer.

Free port’s beauty is really below the water surface  and with it people. The Island is 80 miles long and 16 miles wide.  The community is tight and friendly and you feel welcome here.  The online magazine The Bahamas Weekly co-owned by Robbin Whacell, another fabulous friend of Karen’s Robbin captured us all at the artistic and creative cuisine inspired Sabor restaurant  New Year’s Eve where we enjoyed a splendid dinner, fireworks and dancing under the stars. It was our only warm evening.  There is always something fun happening  in Freeport and Karen seems to know everyone.

Although this Island offers a flat terrain with an abundance of saw palmettos, pines and scrub trees … gardens are easy to grow.  The Garden at of the Groves is a beautiful tropical & lush 12 acre garden  with a fabulous cafe with healthy offerings…….The 40 acre Lucayan National Park, 40 acres is also a must see at ($3.00 per person or free with a national park pass for $50.00 per year).  You see some of the caves topside -like Ben’s cave and meander across the street and catch the local flora and fauna ending up on a deserted long beautiful beach where some of the pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

When the weather returns to normal tropical weather you can kayak or tale eco-tours with Grand Bahama Nature Tours or take a horseback ride along the beach with Trikk pony Adventures-242-727-0131 HOLIDAY 2009 025We had an apartment  at the Bell Channel Marina and cooked in some nights. There is an Italian grocery store and a fabulous market called Thompson’s to buy your natural mainstays, produce and fish & meats . Our favorite restaurant was Cappucino’s owned by a talented & hard working Italian – Danny & Tony who also owns a beachfront casual restaurant called  that serves cuisine from curried chicken salad to spicy conch chowder. They cater to a large Italian market of visitors. We all agreed that  the food was better than most in NYC … Other favorites were a casual Greek place – Zorba’s and Agave, with exceptional homemade and unique offerings. Conch chowder is the island favorite and everyone has their own recipe … I am not a fan of conch but the hot soup & hot chocolate warmed me up after the cold dives.

The most inspirational person that I met was Karen’s mom – Helen who will be 91 years old on the 25th and can run circles around most of us. She is of Russian & Chinese heritage and has always taken care of herself, eaten natural foods, limited fried foods and refined sugars, no sodas or junk foods and takes a multi-vitamin. She drinks a little red wine, reads daily and loves to walk, knit, swim, garden and keep her mind active by participating in various woman’s groups. She Holiday 2009 009is planning on purchasing a new 4-wheel drive for her birthday!  How many people can say that!  She is one of my new role models. Truly delightful and a pleasure to be around. Karen has inherited some awesome genes!

One thing I learned on this trip was to appreciate everything that we have.  Starting off this New year on a day to day basis and thanking God for all of the little blessings that come our way daily. Yes I wanted to swim & kayak and not work which I ended up doing almost every afternoon …but my mind still cleared and I did get some rest around the diving and our apartment did have heat!

Good friends are rare.  Our natural products industry has so many  people who have grown up with this business and we are bound for life as we continue to strengthen old relationships and build new ones. We are all different – so what ?  We can all learn from one another and give thanks daily.

One of little gems that we discovered on the way to airport was a bakery named: “Praise the Lord”  The women inside is absolutely precious and was cooking an island stew that made my mouth water! ( note: you can’t take any food out of the Bahamas since you clear customs in Free port not in the US) … a few friendly local Bahamians were enjoying her hot meals …the bakery was only a small part of the shop.

These locals truly enjoy life daily. I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of the native people to us. They live simple, happy and fulfilling lives.  May we all take lessons from them. I am truly thankful for experiencing this culture and week with my friends.

Happy New Year to all of our readers and may the Joy of the Lord give you strength, happiness and prosperity this coming year.

In Continued health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Now during the hectic holiday season, people are stretched for time, money and personal space to relax.  Usually  nutrition & exercise fly out the window until New Years resolutions in January.  Burgers with healthy ingredients can appeal to all of your needs.  In particular, my Rosemary Buffalo Burgers help to improve circulation & metabolism while offering  immune system support. These are not your greasy, fatty chemical-laden ,what’s in here anyway burgers but  solid nutrition that fuels your body.

Since I am an  Blood Type O, secretor  &  Hunter Genotype,  Buffalo or beef can actually help my metabolism work more efficiently and provide the nutrition my cells need, while keeping my weight down.  Not all red meat is bad for you.

Other blood types likes A’s can eat tofu,  chicken, turkey  or black bean burgers cooked the same way while B ‘s  do great  with Buffalo , Beef  Turkey or lamb , AB’s with  sprouted soy ,turkey or salmon burgers. Whatever protein, you choose  this is an easy holiday meal on the run that will fuel your body well and help you to manage stress levels. Don’t skip meals.

The quality of the meat is essential for a healthy burger.   Buffalo that are free of anti-biotics and hormones, and are grass fed top the list. Thanks to Ted Turner’s restaurants – TED’s … a chain that I can actually eat in ….  Bison or Buffalo is becoming more common.

Rosemary Buffalo Burgers:

1 lb high quality ground buffalo/bison

1 small red onion chopped fine, set aside (option – ground turkey)

1 long sprig of fresh rosemary, snip off the tips with kitchen shears and discard the thick stem, set aside

3 tablespoons of grated Locatelli Italian Sheep’s cheese, set aside

8 oz cremini/baby bella mushrooms, sliced

6 oz  fresh salsa

2 oz guacamole

dash of cayenne powder or sliced jalapenos

sea salt , to taste

Rosemary Buffalo BurgerRosemary Buffalo Burger

Mix the Buffalo or turkey with chopped rosemary, red onion and the cheese together. Cook in little ghee or olive oil on a low heat.  Flip once until done.  Add the sliced mushrooms around the burgers and cook through.  Add them on top of the burgers with a dollop of guacamole and a dash of cayenne or sliced jalapenos. Add the fresh salsa around the plate.  The option shown here includes fresh asparagus and cherry tomatoes . Serve without additional carbs for a healthy weight maintenence meal or  with warmed sprouted grain tortillas ( only 5 carbs )  cut into quarters.

Reminder : The additional holiday sugar-rich foods will take a toll for the worst on your health . Keep healthy snack foods around the house and limit baked goods and suagr laden foods.  Keep them for treats. When you do indulge, be sure to use digestive enzymes and glucose control products like Dr. Venessa’s Sugar Balance to bring the insulin back down in about 40 minutes after a meal .

With powerful naturals herbals and foods like Gymnema sylvestre, cinnamon, nopal cactus and banaba leaf to regulate glucose and cedar berries, minerals and vitamins to help strengthen the kidneys, balanced with taurine and vanadium  for a healthy mood ,  this product really works. Just take 2-4 vegetarian tablets after meals containing carbohydrates and/or refined sugars including alcohol ,  for proper insulin & glucose balance.

Sugar BalanceSugar Balance

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