A New Year , new travel regulations . Trying to stay healthy when traveling , shuffling kids around , no time to cook or for those who don’t like to cook can be stressful . Some times we end up  us settling for less or eating whatever is free:   buffets and free continental breakfasts …. submitting to  the pretzels , peanuts and cookies on an airplane or sugar coated snacks in a waiting room .

Travel preparations only take a few minutes and will help you to maintain your new years weight, mental and physical goals and aspirations for the coming  year .

The TSA has gotten even stricter with food and some items may not be permitted on board a plane. This past year , I have had hummus ,stuffed grape leaves ( drain off all fluids first ) and  almond butter confiscated as liquids !

Proteins: Best travel foods are healthy , enzymatic ally alive, nutrient dense bars like Greens + . They make 18 different bars but my favorites are the  Super Energy chocolate or the Chocolate Chia . They can curb hunger pains for a couple of hours and they provide a high level of nutrient dense foods.They are high in fiber, omega’s , fiber and protein.

For diabetics,  the Whey Crisp bar , uncoated and chocolate free, is a winner with  15 grams of protein , 2 grams of omega 3 and only 9 grams of sugar can definitely save the day !

For a quick liquid snack , try taking a Greens+ stick that you can add to water , juice , herbal teas or milk to get your daily dose of veggies and phytonutrients ,enzymes and probiotics. A quick easy and tasty treat that will up your immune system all day long.

If you have time to cook or can get to a natural food superstore for take out , the cage free hard cooked eggs will keep for several hours . If you cook them at home , keep the shells on and bring baggie to discard the waste. They will last longer. I usally eat them with some raw sea salt or a few basil leaves.

Meats: Natural sliced roast beef, chicken or turkey roll ups are always a great way to maintain your weight and healthy blood sugar levels . Add a few basil leaves ( helps the brain calm down ) and maybe a slice of your favorite cheese . Wrap them in foil or a baggie .Cold leftover chicken or turkey breast drizzled with fresh lemon juice and a little sea salt can satisfy your dietary needs for hours.

For vegetarians ; a cold black bean salad with cilantro or some marinated tofu cubes will work just as well.

Produce: Instead of a watery , tasteless , low nutritional iceberg salad at the airport ……take a handful of fresh herbs and add it to anything you are eating . I love to add cilantro to my turkey roll up because it helps improve the liver and gallbladder function.  Parsley , a natural diuretic will help keep your weight down and basil leave can help you manage travel stress better.

Packing  natural herbs and romaine or organic spring mix salad with your own favorite veggies will also keep for a few hours . Just remember to add lemon wedges but no liquid salad dressing as the leaves will get soggy and the TSA will take away any liquid over 3.2 oz .

Fruits: Organic apples , pears, red grapefruits , tangerines, plums , blueberries ,grapes  and small avocados make the best fruits for traveling . With watermelon or pineapple chunks , I have to drain the juice first and pack in an tight disposable container so they can pass through security .

Cheeses: There are so many small goat , sheep and sliced natural cheeses now. One of my new favorites is a wasabi soft goat cheese that I can spread of pear or apple slices or my gluten free crackers . It’s also great as a spread on a slice of meat and fresh herbs rolled up to give it a kick . Most cheese can stay out of refrigeration for at least a day , especially in the colder weather .

Yogurt: May get confiscated at the TSA gate because they run 6- 8 oz .So buy the baby sizes at 3 oz .  If you are not traveling by plane , Freeze the container the night before and it will be perfect to eat  in a few hours and still be cold. Add some berries and chopped nuts to complete your snack .

Nuts: the best travel food  ever .  Eat raw when possible or roast them yourselves in the toaster oven with some Bragg’s liquid amino’s or your own sea salt and a ash of cayenne pepper or cinnamon.  Most nuts are cooked in peanut, cottonseed or soy oils and cooked at high temperatures. This can actually change the chemistry of the nut and turn it into an  toxic, high calorie unhealthy food.

Chocolate: 85% chocolate bars rule . They help you maintain a healthy blood sugar and you can reap the benefits of healthy omega-3′s.A totally decadent new snack I discovered with the Next brand org chocolate covered ginger chunks. Even my seat mates on my last flight could not resist them .

Herbal Teas: Traveling with tea bags is a must . Not only does the tea provide a break from the usually sugar laden beverages but it offers additional an additional nutrient support supporting energy , immune and mental functions. Tea can be added to both hot and cold water . Bring your own mug or use a reusable bottle to avoid the Styrofoam cups that are so toxic. In times where you  need energy : green, white, and mate are the best !

Unusually good treats. Many of the larger Supernatural stores have phenomenal delis and some great travel foods. I have taken black rice risotto cakes, quinoa cakes., spinach muffins, curry chicken salad, butternut squash and arugula salad, spaghetti squash ..homemade desserts …..the list is endless……

Healthier food to go is also a must for sports events , daily trips to the gym, movies  and any time you are eating away from home . Take some time , get creative , and plan. Your body will thank you !

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd





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