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It has been yearSpelt Pizzas since I was able to enjoy a piece of pizza without feeling guilty, tired, bruised or bloated. Giving up pizza when I went wheat free about 15 years ago; this was one of those foods that I just couldn’t bear to part with. I would make spelt pizza dough from scratch but didn’t always have the time frame to do so.  My West Hollywood friends, Stacey & John took a full day to make me some veggie andclam and garlic spelt pizza w/ anchovies last time I was in town. Delicious and I was truly appreciative for all the effort exerted. I have tried numerous options but the rice crusts were too chewy and the flat breads didn’t quite cut it .

Fast forward to the Expo East Trade show this month where my writing partner Ellen Briggs discovered a new easy frozen pizza dough, made from spelt by the Spelt Right Bakery in Yarmouth, ME.  We were so impressed that we featured them and Vita Spelt on our weekely radio show last week. To hear the show go to and listen to the show recorded live on  October 22nd.

A small, round ball of pizza dough made from 100% Spelt grain is making homemade pizza so easy, you won’t need to order out or spend all day in the kitchen. Currently available in natural foods stores in the Northeast,  Spelt Right Bakery is a must buy along with their scrumptious bagels and rosemary spelt bread! The owner Beth George was previously a lawyer who looked out for children’s rights, now turned business owner and baker.  Beth became a convert after observing  the extreme difference in behavior and motivation in her son and in herself.  She has received countless thank-you’s  from people all over, for changing peoples lives because they can now have a sandwich, a bagel or a piece of pizza.

It’s simple to make: just take the frozen dough and place the package directly on flat surface in your kitchen, a cutting board works well.  In about 3  hours the dough will have thawed and doubled in size and will be ready for use. One package makes about 2 small to medium pizzas. Just roll out the dough and use. I like to preheat mine for 3 minutes first ,then add the marinara or pesto sauce and ingredients you want to use. I used fresh spinach, mushroom, onions and sheep and mozzarella cheese with some cayenne on one and a  fresh fennel with cheese on the other.  YUMMMMM!  The dough makes it – it was sweet not bitter with no hint of stomach pain or inflammation. WOW and so easy to make!

The Spelt grain is often confused with “wheat” and many of the gluten free dieters avoid it. Yes, it is part of the wheat family but it does not cause many of the reactions that whole or refined wheat does. Spelt100_3818 has been over shadowed by the “gluten -free ” movement but not all people who have a wheat sensitivity are allergic to spelt.

Spelt is 2,000 years older than our modern day wheat and offers much lower level of gluten.  Spelt’s  hard protective husk makes it a naturally resistant to pests without heavy chemicals, pesticides or genetically altered production. Its a “green” Eco-friendly, high fiber crop that offers exceptional  nutritional values for  B-Complex, minerals and amino acids. It is a genetically intact grain. That’s important.  Our ancestors were eating spelt, not our 21st century, high gluten altered wheat that is wreaking havoc in our bodies and minds.  Although Spelt is a cereal grass, the genetic make up is very different than rye, barley or oats which is why many people can digest this grain even with a wheat intolerance.

VitaSpelt ElbowsSpelt Right PIzza DoughPeople are becoming sensitive to the man-made, adulterated foods that are abundant in our supermarkets and food stores. We need to get back to our roots and eat God made foods. Why is obesity off the charts with diabetes, depression and thyroid disease rising at alarming rates. Dr. D’Adamo (both James & Peter) are responsible for alerting us to the dangers of wheat back in the 1980′s and getting us switched over to Spelt.  If you are suffering from any of these following symptoms you may wants to change your grains stop the wheat and start on spelt, brown rice and quinoa, my 3 favorite grains. Daily wheat consumption can contribute to all sorts of arthritis issue, joint pain, eczema, digestive disorders, acid reflux, headaches, brain fog, bruising and water retention

Spelt was commercially re-introduced back into America in 1979 by Don Stinchcomb, the passionate owner of  Purity foods offering a line of shelf stable Spelt line of products and flours marketed under the Vita Spelt label. to order online if you can find the products in your local natural food or grocery store. One of my favorite products are the Spelt sesame sticks that I like to use in my homemade trail mixes, his pretzels and the angel hair and lasagna past noodles. The VitaSpelt products are such a better choice over whole wheat and what a taste difference. Cooking time is under 5 minutes for the angel hair pasta and your and your family will love the taste. No grit , excessive chewiness or glue -like taste or texture sitting in your gut after eating. This holiday season, try making lasagna using spelt and your family will love it.

For additional information and fabulous recipes using spelt flour, buy the book: SPELT HEALTHY by Marsha Cosentino, MA published in 2006.  Marsha respects Dr. D’adamo’s blood typing programs and lists each recipe as to what blood types should eat it.  Remarkable and right on the money.  Thank You Marsha for the first practical and informative cookbook on spelt cooking!

Even if you don’t think that you may have a wheat sensitivity or intolerance, try Spelt anyway.  The flavor and nutritional profilesare so superior that you won’t go back. Spelt is a little more expensive than wheat because the “husk ” is tougher to remove, but the price is worth it.  Look at all the money that you will save in digestive aids and aspirin alone!

Try Spelt and see the difference in your energy and mind.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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