Silver -Its  a hot topic that is on everybody’s mind these days . Did you buy some  ? at what price ? and when should we buy more ?

For others; it  it’s a beautiful color, a piece of jewelry or an upcoming holiday reminder .

For me,  it means immune health and protection wherever I go . I have been using the Silver Biotics line  regularly as part of my immune system health since 2005 .Combined with Pro-Biotics, Wild Oregano , garlic, turmeric, OSHA root , olive leaf and  some elderberry extracts , I rarely get sick .

Years ago, pure silver coins were used to keep water supplies from being contaminated  and being fed on a silver spoon offered additional immune support during the winter months .  Now ,with the severity  of the water damage left behind by the hurricanes , tornado’s and tropical  storms , the incidences of mold is sky high . Combined with the yearly seasonal allergies, cold and flu’s that start this time of year , Silver should be in every household. Here’s why :

My favorite brands use the silver sol technology , like Silver Biotics and Health Max. This patented technology reaches far beyond the traditional colloidal and ionic forms of silver and is proven  safe for human ingestion on a daily basis by over 280 patented and peer reviewed studies. This research is a accumulation of over 12 years of research and testing from over 60 different universities, independent and government and military laboratories, worldwide.

What makes this silver sol molecule so unique?  Silver Sol molecular technology offers a multiple modes of action while other forms only offer one. When you can have 4 times as much coverage for a better price which one would you choose? Plus it’s safe to take daily !

These extremely stable molecules are in an Ag404 formation surrounded by a very thin layer of silver oxide that  binds to the oxygen in the water molecule ( within the bottle) that can actually change the structure of the water molecule . In this way , the silver is non-toxic and safe to ingest at a  lower dose than most brands. The molecular structure of the silver remains in tact and it not absorbed by the body nor will it fall out of solution like some do , causing Argyria or the Blue Man syndrome over time.  The silver sol molecular technology usually leaves the body intact within 24 hours .

These unique Ag404 molecules are also on a resonant frequency that allows them to destroy pathogens without direct contact .And they do it fast ! Within minutes! You can drink it , spray it , and apply it anywhere inside or outside  the body . It even works on pets . Many people are discovering ways to use as a produce wash, household cleaning agent, toothbrush and make brush sanitizer,   and a hard core effective deterrent for mold.

Several years ago ,  EPA  established dose for daily ingestion- about 1 ounce of the 10ppm ( equivalent to .005 mg ) , Another cool thing about this technology . It will not destroy nor inhibit the growth of your friendly gut bacteria. So all of your money spent on additional pro biotic supplements will not be wasted.  It only goes after the “bad guys” , rendering them useless and then it silently leaves the body . Substantial research has been done on MRSA, Candida yeast , low immune systems , environmental toxins, allergies, acne and all types of bacteria and viral agents with positive results. The product is virtually indestructible-you can heat or freeze it ! it will work with almost any other nutrient .

The ASAP gel is something I take with me everywhere. This simple product contains only the silver sol molecule, water and a little TEA and offers no current allergic reactions .  Anybody who touches any germ attraction surface – computers, phones, shopping carts, handles money , touches people ( medical or alternative medicine ) or wants youthful looking smooth and silky skin ,  should use this gel daily.  Once applied , it can keep pathogens neutralized for up to 4 hours. ASAP gel can be used both inside and outside the body for a variety of ailments . Here I am sandwiched between the owner Keith and his general sales mgr , Stan in South beach just after setting up for a trade show . We actually had a little free time and took our gel to the beach !

I  use the ASAP gel daily,  underneath my daily moisturizer so I can have “clean skin” .The ASAP gel  promote cellular renewal since it promotes  stem cell regeneration  while adding a softness to the skin that all of us aging individuals can use ! It is one of the few products that you can use on your eyelids too ! While most people use it as an after sun product , it works wonders on mosquito bites, skin rashes as a Neo-sporin replacement . Sometime for severe issues with a festering sore, acne or open wound, I use the gel first for then apply a layer of calendula gel on top .

While many of the hand sanitizing gels use alcohol that dry the skin and interfere with T cell formation , the Silver sol molecular technology gels do not . You can feel the difference!

Let me know if you would like more information by e-mailing me at or call 904-461-5166 or visit their website :


Protect yourself , your family and friends this season,

Use Silver sol technology products  for your families first line of defense,

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd




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