Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Turning 50 is supposed to be a life changing experience . I feel like a 35 year old, consider myself truly blessed , walk daily in divine health and am very thankful for my good friends & family who offer me constant support.

Celebrating my birthday last month in the Virgin Islands was fantastic. My friends, Sherrie & Paul Davis, own Natural Grocery & Deli ( a must stop-by – 5 minute walk for anyone taking a cruise into St Thomas, the Charlotte Amalie port near Yacht Haven -awesome snacks and deli ) whisked me away for a full day of bliss : sailing & snorkeling and an awesome reflexology treatment . Relaxing for me is challenging but sun, swimming , boating , islands, turquoise water, good friends & food …..great therapy .

We were in Puerto Rico for business so it was a quick side trip . Dr. Venessa gave a couple of presentations in Puerto Rico over the weekend and I was blessed to teach others in St Thomas; we were there for a trade show not vacationing! really !

Many people no matter where they live, are struggling to combat the signs of aging, both internal & out. Why live longer if you don’t feel well ? I want to be blessing and a motivation for younger generations and inspire people to live their life to the fullest , not just get by . Passion , faith & joy are rooted with wisdom & knowledge to unlease God’s plan for a fruitful , productive life in all of us.

What is it that helps us age well besides genetics, our environment and lifestyle choices ?

Both Dr Venessa & I try and follow our blood type diets the best we can ,at least 75% . I have been a Dr D’Adamo advocate for the past 12 years and am now an official groupie- MIFHI Dr D’Adamo’s Institute of Human Individuality and currently following my Genotype-I am a HUNTER! …his newest research for pinpointing nutritional accuracy .

Both of us are O types-the people who needs lots of protein and veggies with limited carbohydrates. As a former ovo-lacto- pescoe vegetarian for 11 years before that, eating only fish , eggs, lots of cheese & complex carbohydrates , I started to gain weight and lose focus in my mid 30’s . I changed for stress @ health reasons, improved dramatically and have never looked back .

I also like the advice of Dr Perricone and agree with most of the concepts in his new book Aging Face , Ageless Mind. Dr Atkins , Atkins for Life was an O blood type too , which is why his diet worked so well since O’s make up 45 % of the population. B’s , make up another 11 % and they also do well with higher protein diets. I usually tell people who want to follow popular diets to do them by blood type . An A ( 40% ) and AB( 4%) type will do better on Turkey and Wild Salmon than red meats so you can substitute the proteins to get your desired results. Giving up or changing the way you eat is a minor inconvenience compared to a long-term loading your body with synthetic pharmaceuticals that usually result in undesired side effects.

Here are the the top 12 supplements that I take daily that have impacted the way I age, both internally & externally . This is only a partial list of what I take but I don’t want to overwhelm you …..

1. Anti-Aging 3 Collagen , mixed berry flavor, Dr Venessa’s. 2 scoops daily on an empty stomach with water or cold yerba mate or green tea. Helps the body to stimulate its own collagen production to rebuild skin tissue, bones density , restore balance in the body -especially hormonal & sleeping patterns and proper weight management & muscle tone.This is the best foundation for aging well.

2. Alpha-Lipoic Acid w/ Biotin : 100-200 mg caps , take anytime. Insulin balancer to reduce glycation in the skin ; reduces free radical damage, improves overall complexion. Brands: Country Life, Jarrow, Blue Bonnet , Life Extension. Diabetics can increase to 300 mg but be careful with hypothyroid …limit to 100mg .

3. Liverclean 6 tabs at breakfast , Dr Venessa’s Formulas. This organ purifier works on the complete endocrine system ( includes your adrenals , pancreas, thyroid, gallbladder, hormonal glands ) very important for glowing skin , yeast overgrowth, emotional & hormonal support.For weight loss and toxin cleansing increase up to 12 for 30-60 days .

4. L-Glutamine 1000mg tabs , Jarrow or Blue Bonnet tabs, caps or powder -2 grams per scoop , Take 2-5 grams daily am -mid afternoon for healthy skin & muscle tone , tissue healing , energy and digestion.O & AB blood typees handle the higher doses better than A’s .

5. MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) 1,000 mg caps or powder( it is very sour)up to  8 grams daily anytime. Dr. Stanely Jacobs , the founder of the Opti MSM raw material takes 10 grams daily, is over 80 years old and has no age spots! Brands: Blue Bonnet ,Country Life, Jarrow , Nature’s Way .  Blood A take up to 3 grams daily as MSM requires a higher stomach acid , which O’s naturally have .

6.Pycnogenol 100mg-200mg ; powerful antioxidant from pinebark that binds to collagen & elastin,supports blood vessel health .Take anytime of day with or without food. Brands: Bluebonnet, Country Life, Jarrow & Solgar all offer 100 mg doses.

7.Resveratrol or Accai – 100-300 mg. Another anti-aging ,anti-inflammatory food that repairs DNA and boosts cellular activity ,offers disease protecting capabilities. Brands: North American Spice, Orange Peel enterprises, Neo-Cell ,Enzymatic Therapy , Jarrow , Natures Way .

8. Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500 mg -2-4 daily ; daytime before meals . Offers neuron and cellular protection,transforms fat into energy and is needed for many metabolic functions.Brands: Country Life, Jarrow, Nature’s Way , Solgar .

9. DHA (docosahexanoic acid) 200 mg . An Omega-3 anti-inflammatory needed for neuron protection , brain fuel and healthy skin. Use Nature’s Way Neuromins, Spectrum or Nordic Naturals .

10. Chlorophyll . I use several types. Greens + powder when I am home and a Chloro-Oxygen tincture ( Herbs etc-from nettles not alfalfa ) & Chlorella ( Sun Chlorella & Jarrow) or Nutrex Hawaiin Spirulina when traveling . Since our bodies are Alkalkine by design and acid by function , we need to add as much chlorophyll , a natural purifier and detoxifier to our diets as possible. The body will repair RNA & DNA at a faster rate ( excellent for skin glycation- ie wrinkles. ) , plus they support small amounts of proteins, omega’s, trace minerals, amino acids and other hormonal functions for a more energetic body & mind. Other good brands are Garden of Life Perfect Foods and Green Vibrence and Kyolic-Kyo-greens .

11.Turmeric /Curcumin . 1,000-1,500 mg daily anytime. A natural anti-inflammatory that support the liver & gallbladder , offering balanced energy and healthy skin. Brands: Jarrow, Natures Way ,New Chapter ,Gaia , Tinctures:Herbs of Light,Herb Pharm, Herbs etc.

12. Evening Primrose  Oil. 2,000-3,000 mg daily with meals . An extremely important omega-6 with hormone like benefits can be used by infants to seniors. The Omega-6 healthy oils need to be at least twice as strong as the omega-3 ’s in your diet for healthy looking skin. For balanced moods to healthy skin and arterial support , balanced hormonal support Brands: Jarrow, Udo’s Oils , Health From the Sun , Spectrum , Nature’s Way.

Aging gracefully is a discipline that is easy but not always easy to do .

Remember to exercise or just move daily , drink enough fluids for hydration, eat well , take your supplements,use good quality skin care and thank God for all the positive things he is doing in your life. Reduce your stresses , get some bodywork .

Celebrate life – Each day is precious gift.

Blessings to all of you,

Sally Byrd

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