Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

After consuming 2 cans of Sencha Shots, my favorite Japanese green tea in a convenient can, and a cup of Yerba Mate & Green Macha tea , my brain is recharged and I am embracing the day with enthusiasm and focus.

Green tea & Mate are superior zero calorie sources of metabolic energy stimulants and anti-aging nutrients in a can/bottle , teabag , capsules or powder that stabilize blood sugar and are loaded anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrient colors so they assist in the prevention or reduction of glycation evidence in the skin. Glycation is a sign of aging . Many diabetics and people with extreme low or high blood sugar and/or insulin imbalances or people who eat a high carbohydrate diet , may experience excelerated glycation in their body .This increase wrinkles , sagging skin & slows the cellular renewal as we age.

Although reversing deep wrinkles is unlikely , unless you succumb to surgery or injections, there are choices like acupuncture , acupressure facial manipulation and facial massage and exercises that produce excellent results.

Heavy coffee drinkers beware , because rising insulin levels that strain the adrenal glands will accelerate glycation and aging.

The caffeine is these green teas do not stress out the adrenal glands like strong coffee.

Some people do experience an increase in stomach acid-they need to combine the green tea with other beneficial herbal teas like mint,licorice root , fennel, marshmallow and slippery elm to soothe the digestive tract.

Many research studies show that a minimum of 10 cups of green tea are necessary to get your desired results for antioxidant activity . The Sencha Shots by Itoen are my favorite quick fix jolt for the day with 152 mg of catechins per 6 oz can and the nutrients contained in 5 cups of green tea. This “bitter” tasting beverage, it tastes better as you get used to it …. is a twice- brewed tea leaf that acts as a healthy cell food, encourages improved metabolism and aging reduction.

For a less bitter taste without the punch , try Dr Weil’s Gyokuro tea , a shade -grown green tea with a fresh taste & smooth finish in an 8.2 oz can .

Dieters: Consume 4 cans for 4-6 weeks then cut back down to 1-3 daily.

Diabetics: Consume 2 cans daily.

Students: Consume 1-2 cans as needed , more for exams .

For Skin Health : 1-3 cans daily

I also drink Yerba Mate for mental alertness and focus to wake up the brain cells; mix it with mint to experience a refreshed spirit.Start putitng 2 different tea flavors in a cup . You can also extend the ‘life of your tea bag ” this way .

Other favorites that improve circulation and thus benefits the skin; include ginger , peppermint and roasted dandelion root ( removes glandular impurities from the liver and gallbladder ).

I am probably drinking around 10-15 cups a day alone with my water intake around 65-70 oz.

My Favorite brands include Traditional Medicinals, Numi , Guayaki , Celestial Seasonings and the ready to drink line of Itoen and Dr Weil’s . Tips for accelerated antioxidant protection is to mix and match your favorite teas to create custom blends and a stronger tea taste.

Try organic roasted dandelion, green , white teas, red & green rooibus tea , yerba mate or ginger , peppermint and ginseng and so on….

Economical & Easy :Boil water in a 6 quart pot . Add 6 bags of the Celestial Seasonings Ginseng Honey Lemon Green tea with 4-5 bags of Traditional Medicinals Yerba Mate w/ lemon and 2-4 bags your favorite brand of green tea ,steep 5 minutes, then refridgerate.Tastes great and you do not need a sweetener .Your family will drink more tea when it is already made! Serve with a sprig of mint.

For travelers: Take along your favorite tea bags with you, everyone serves hot water , including the airlines.

For instant cold water teas: Try Garden of Life liquid green tea packets and Jackie Chan’s InstaGreen beverage mix stixs.

Tea is finally accepted as a healthy drink and is still the #1 beverage of choice worldwide over soda’s!

Don’t let cellular decay rust your body and increase aging ,

Keep it young with Green or White tea , Yerba Mate or your favorite herbal tea beverage.

Please remember to avoid the convenient green teas that contain corn syrup and additional caffeine stimulants that are available in most retail outlets from convenience stores to airports. Read the label .Make better choices!

Sally Byrd

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