Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Unnecessary thyroid surgeries are on the rise nationwide rendering many people slaves to prescription medications for the rest of their lives. This small butterfly shaped gland at the base of your neck , controls more than just your weight and body temperature and is a very critical piece in the anti-aging puzzle of life.

As I was traveling through the Southeast this past month , I ran into a number of individuals who due to thyroid problems , had pending surgeries and prescription medication scripts waiting to be filled.

With the aging population growing , this thyroid challenge will escalate. While some people take the more natural form – Armour (from Pigs, about 40 % T-3 /60% T-4  ) many are still on the commonly prescribed  Synthroid or Levothyroid ( T-4 production) and Cytomel ( produces T-3) .

Still, even on medications many people just don’t feel right and still maintain many of the symptoms.

My recent hormonal tests showed that I have the thyroid of a healthy 20 year old in a 50 year old body.  My doctor wanted to know what I was taking.  As a lover of sea vegetables, I have always consumed  seaweed in the form othy120_3d_singlef green superfoods – Like Greens + , Chlorella ( Sun Chlorella, New Chapter or Jarrow ) , Spirulina ( Nutrex )  and in Nori, Wakame, Dulse and Arame whenever I could . I also started taking the Tree of Life Thyroid  product 8 years ago that I formulated as a preventative (not available now) and have worked with Dr. Venessa on a newer, higher potency formula to help the body cleanse, balance  and maintain this important gland – Dr. Venessa’s Thyroid Balance. The abundance of bladderwrack, dulse,  Vitamin D, Colleus forskohlli, rosemary , acetyl L-tyrosine,  trace minerals and schizandra offer hormonal and parathyroid support for  several areas: bone density , balanced body weight, emotional and memory health for the Hypo-type of thyroid imbalance (TYPE 2)

For people with years of chronic low thyroid , they may need additional homeopathic iodine drops to get their system back on track .Many alternative practitioners such as Johnathon Wright ( Townsend letter -April issue ) claim this is partly due to influx of flouride in our water supply , food supply and toothpaste. People with this condition should avoid hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium flouridas Dr Wright considers flouridation along with the prominant Albert SchartzPhDas the one largest health care frauds in our history . As a lifetime opponent to fluoridation myself ( and I am cavity free) I  agree with this statement . check out for more info …………

For Hyperthyroid individuals,  ( about 10% diagnosed & more difficult to treat ) please research the properties of bugleweed, lemon balm, motherwort, cat’s claw and royal jelly for your program. Also add 300-600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid w /a good b-Complex for a couple fo months then try a maintenance dose of 100-300mg. Studies since 2002 show that 2,000 mg-4,000 of L-Carnitine acts as a buffer and can be benficial to both Hyper ( calming down ) and Hypo ( improve weight challenges) . Robert Crayhon, one of my favorite nutritionists , wrote the book -The Carnitine Miracle that covers a wide range of topics.

People with a hypo-thyroid need to be aware that too much Alpha Lipoic can slow the thyroid down more so keep the dose around at 100-200mg daily .

Cut Soy products out of the diet for all thyroid issues.Sometimes even the healthy cruciferous veggies ( broccoli ,cauliflower,cabbage & brussel sprouts) will slow the thyorid so choose the most beneficial  by your blood or geno-type .

The closer to age 40 one is, the more you should start thinking about the nutrients that support this important gland. Even if you don’t have weight or energy issues, you need to take precautions for life long health.  It is never too late to start.

What is the role of a thyroid in your body?

Very Important, as it in involved with the central nervous system communication and positive emotional health,it control’s one’s body temperature, bone density , cellular enzyme activity, tissue growth and repair, fat metabolism, it regulates carbohydrate absorption, improves balanced energy, healthy cholesterol, arteries, and triglyceride levels.

Thyroid tests are usually not complete (get at least 5 tests done not just the 2 covered by your insurance).  Even if the doctor tells you that you are normal, you still need  to start nutrient supplementation after 40. Men are only 5-7% of the population and women nearing 40 with peri-menopause are the hardest hit and can reach 26% of this age group .

As women age and estrogen reserves decline ,the thyroid will be compromised. With increases of synthetic estrogen this issue will get worse.  Please ask your doctor about  Bio-identical hormones based on plants, instead of animal urine and synthetics to help balance oyur body at this age.

Your thyroid health is critical to our bodies decreasing sex hormonal levels (after age 30) and for supportive communication to the Hypothalamus & Pituitary gland- the spark plugs of your brain.  Be sure to also watch you insulin levels too as high levels of insulin can also slow down your thyroid activity.

So if you have any of these common symptoms, you may want to change your diet and start on some products that may help you through this transition – male or female.

Brittle nails….intolerance to cold…constipation…dry scaly or rough skin…enlarged goiter…fluid retention…heavy menstruation…headaches…high blood pressure…recurrent infections…joint pain…kidney problems…MS..Muscle aches…droopy or puffy eyelids….a bloated face…insomnia…thinning eyebrows…are just some of the symptoms . Do something about it now and don’t become a product of the latest surgery Du Jour !

and stop using flouridated products…….

In Continued health,

Sally Byrd

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