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Fitz & SallyFitz & Sally

Jim ‘chooses’ to be happy and be a bright light in other peoples lives.  He gives daily thanks to God and appreciates that at his age he is experiencing  the best time of his life.

His busy life -yes he is still very  productive; as he works  part time  in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration service business.   Every day Jim gets on his bicycle for 6 miles in the early am and 8 or 9 miles in the late afternoon.

Wow!  He does more exercise than most people I know, including me !  His biking attire for  S Fl is long sleeve shirts year round so he works up a hard sweat. You can recognize him as he bikes his daily route in a bright orange vest and reflectors for safety purposes.

Jim and I met earlier this year at Tunies  , a  natural food superstore in Coral Springs , FL owned by Al Foreman, that offers a vast selection of supplements, personal care and grocery items with discounted  prices that everyone can afford. Check them out at: …or give them a call: 954-510-0410 -they ship worldwide…..

Jim was undergoing some treatments with anti-biotics, at that time for skin cancer (squamous) and was limiting new supplements until the treatment stopped. However, when  he heard  about  Dr. Venessa’s Formulas Anti-Aging3 Collagen he was intrigued and wanted to try it.

It has been almost 4 months now and Jim says he has finally  found the Fountain of Youth in a bottle … at 1 scoop daily early in the am,  he has managed to regain glowing, firmer radiant skin, has reduced his puffy eye look , his eyes are clear,  fine lines and wrinkles are reduced , he has experienced a significant reduction in his belly fat, has faded the dark bruises and liver spots on his hands,  while  regaining some natural color in his beard and already has noticed new hair growth and his nails are a healthy pink , no spots with great circulation .  His weight when he started this program was 235 . Jim has safely lost 34 lbs  and is now weighs in at 201 !

Jim says people tell him he is getting ” skinny and younger ” and they can’t believe how he has changed.  From his hair stylist to his medical doctor and dermatologist , everybody is intrigued.  Just what are his secrets?Jim loves his Anti-Aging3 Collagen !

Jim’s Daily Super Supplement  Program (give or take a few things…)

Early AM: Anti-Aging3 Collagen, 1 scoop in a large glass of water

AM: Dr Venessa’s Thyroid Balance , Raw Thyroid-about 30 min later :  HCL w/pepsin, 2 tablespoons Carlson Fish Oil, PS (phosphatidyl serine) 100mg, DHEA 50mg, Vit D3 10,000IU

During the day: Solgar Chlorella, Opti-Zinc 60mg, Selenium 200 mcg, Kelp w/Folic Acid 600mg, Solaray 25,000 IU Beta Carotene,  Folic Acid 5mg, Tunies Potassium Magnesium & Taurine, B12 5000 mcg, 1000 mg of both  MSM & Glucosamine HCL,  P5P-enteric coated B-6 & B-2, 1,000mg Vitamin C, 500 mg Quercitin, IP6

PM: Carlson Moisture Eye Formula,  Solaray 160mg Saw Palmetto berries, 100 mg Ubiquinol, 2,000 Pantothenic Acid, Inositol

For an occasional ache or pain from too much riding …. Jim may add some Yucca or White Willow bark and SilverBiotics Silver for his Immune Health . Gosh, He takes almost as much as me!

Jim follows a vegetarian diet which seems to work for him and he eats rather well.  His protein comes from eggs and multitude of fresh, organic and locally grown foods.  He eats in season and loves FL avocados!  After his am exercise , he makes a fruit slushy from  fresh frozen berries, watermelon,  pineapple, cranberries, Chia seeds and cinnamon. His sugar has fallen in the last few months to a 91-96 range and his PSA remains below .6 , which is good for his age.

Due to his heavy strenuous daily routine , I asked Jim to increase his protein a bit and add 2,000 mg L-Carnitine  daily (for healthy cell and metabolic maintenance since he does not consume red meat and try to start eating some fish a couple of times per week as he is an O Blood Type .

Jim’s exercise regimen and upbeat attitude really puts him in a class of his own. The people who know him really think he is their neighborhood “Mr. Wonderful”. One person can make a difference , just ask Jim or any of his neighbors….

Canine Concerns :

Anti-Aging3 is now going to the dogs … really!  When my sister Suzanne called me with this story I had to laugh. If people don’t want to help themselves with better health supplement protocols they will bend over to accommodate their pets , no matter what the cost …….

Her dog Vino (yes, she’s Italian) is an 11 year old female Lab who literally was on her last legs. She had been limping for over a year as her back leg was hurting with severe inflammation, her energy was down and she was in pain and could not even go up and down the stairs by herself anymore. She was 1 week away from getting put down by the local vet.


So , since Collagen helped her so much this past year ,as due to several people’s joint testimonials,  Vino started getting 1/2 scoop  (a 75-80 lb dog) of the mixed berry collagen with apple juice in her bowl first thing in the morning.  No food until 30 min later.  She loved it from day 1 and lapped it up like a dessert.

After 30 days, Vino was a new dog. Her energy bounced back, she wanted to run, walk around the neighborhood , like the old days .  Suzanne said , “I have a new dog !” as Vino is now running up and down steps  …..even the neighbors  commented on Vino’s energy and several of them have now started to take the Anti-Aging3 to help them with joint pain and energy.They wanted to start using whatever that dog was taking ….. Maybe we should start using pets to advertise ?After 30 days Vino is now down to a maintenance dose of a tablespoon a day . For dogs with sensitive systems, please start them off slowly with only 1 teaspoon , as some of them may react to high dose of vitamin C .

My sister Suzanne ,  at 47 years old was beginning  to experience the signs of Peri-menopause -she slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 4 in less than a year taking 2 scoops daily and adding Dr Venessa’s  Liverclean and Sugar Balance to her program. She also reduced her coffee consumption and limited wheat flour products as she is also an O Blood Type.  Suzanne  experienced a reduction in sweet & caffeine cravings , noticed a more balanced hormonal levels and feels better overall.

She can’t live without it now.Below is a current photo of her and her daughter, Briella.

.Suzanne & daughter , Briella l

At the office , we receive testimonies weekly and I would love to  learn of your  success stories.

We will continue to keep you posted. Please send in your story and maybe you will get published……………..

In Continued health,

Sally Byrd

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