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Last month you all heard my personal story about my life changes with Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type and Geno Type lifestyle programs.  To everyone who wants to make a change but doesn’t think they can do it here is Allison’s story.  She will motivate you.  Remember that we are all different and there may be changes and some alterations to customize your personal plan.

Allison,  a 32 year old New Yorker, was tirAllison Siegeled of being overweight, bloated,  feeling and looking tired with lower back pain and achy joints.  Her frustrations carried over into her personal life as anger, aggressiveness and a low self esteem.  I had known her about 5 years before she came to work with me at Dr Venessa’s Formulas (but her NY retail stores-  knew her for 7 years as a natural products sales rep) and she has observed my dietary patterns and energetic happy spirit for years.

Allison was a determined student; willing to stick with a common sense, simple plan that could be followed during a hectic work and travel schedule.  She wanted success.  All she needed was a little coaching and a  plan to follow.

March 2008: Month #1 – Starting out is always tough.  I started her on Dr. D’Adamo’s  AB blood type program from the EAT RIGHT 4 Your Type -Encyclopedia and she was forced to give up her 2 favorite foods – shrimp and blue cheese.  We had to start eating correctly and getting her off the foods that were fighting her digestive system ,weakening her immune system and emphasize foods that would strengthen her immune system and slowly detoxify her body of stored poisons and excess waste matter. To ease the dietary adjustment ,  and focus on eating  the correct foods - I also supplied  her with a handy laminated wallet card for her blood type  (Dr. D’Adamo sells online so she didn’t have to memorize everything overnight.

AB best proteins that she liked:  turkey, wild salmon, eggs, lamb, cod, grouper, sardines, Tongol Tuna.

For AB vegetarians the best beans are lentils, pinto beans, organic soybeans, navy beans, tofu and tempeh.

The simple carbohydrates and sugars were reduced and the fiber-rich vegetables increased.

Beverages included cutting out the coffee and increasing water consumption (high alkaline H2O) and adding green tea.  Since Allison is on the go all the time – the ready to drink Sencha Shots or the new product Oi Ocha dark (worth 10-15 cans of green tea in one 16.9 oz bottle!) from Itoen act as metabolism stimulators (1 can equals the EGCG in 5 cups of green tea) and can help the body adjust and rekindle lost energy and stamina .   No alcohol allowed during this time of cleansing.

Exercise: Allison started working out at her fitness center with a personal trainer 2x’s per week.

Month#2:  Supplement time.  After a month of food and exercise regulation it was time to start on the supplements.

Here goes:

Dr. Venessa’s Anti-Aging3 Collagen: 1 scoop in the early am before exercise, on an empty stomach

Dr. Venessa’s Liverclean: 6 tabs after her morning workout, with breakfast

Jarrow or Royal Brittany Evening Primrose Oil: w/meals -1 1300 mg  softgel

Jarrow MSM (Opti patent): – 3 caps -3,000 mg daily anytime

New Chapter Zyflamend: -2 softgels w/ meals

New Chapter Bone Strength: - 1 tab daily w/ MSM

Jarrow L-Glutamine: - 2 -1,000 mg tabs  w/ Liverclean

After 3 months on this plan Allison’s dark circles started to fade and her skin tone improved.  Her weight started to shift.  Allison also received weekly chiropractic treatments to keep her central nervous system working at its peak.

Occasional massages and acupunture treatments also helped during stressful times. Her immune fighters of  Silver, Wild Oregano and Spirulina tabs were added in as needed.


After 8 months we finally had to go shopping.  Her clothes were so baggy and all of her accounts could not believe she was the same person they had known for 7 years. She was happy. Weight loss was about 40 lbs.

March 2009:  After 1 year she was up to 52lbs of weight loss and feeling and looking terrific at a size 16. Her mood swings had mellowed and she also managed to find time for spiritual renewal ” Praise God” and continued her exercise regime. I started her on a few extra supplements. Allison was now 33 years old with glowing skin and reduced joint pain but wanted to lose more weight.

We added: Dr Venessa’s Thyroid Balance: -6 caps per day with the Liverclean & L-Glutamine in the am( reduced back to 4 caps after 4 months)

For 4 months we increased the Liverclean to 12 daily (split dose), increased the Anti-Aging3 Collagen to 2 scoops daily and added an Immune Builder with Pro Biotics (Dr. Venessa’s VIP-20X and also the North American Spice Wild Oregano and SilverBiotics as needed)  and really cut down the amount of carbohydrates she was consuming. IE : she went from eating Ezekiel bread 6-7x’s a week to 3 x’s a week.  Exercise now included bi-weekly Pilates and Cardio Training.

AUGUST 2009 :

RESULTS after 16 months:  a 60 lb weight loss that was safe and has stayed off.  Her skin is radiant and her circles are hardly visible.   Her snoring has been reduced by 80%.   Her cellulite has started to fade in her upper legs, her joints have quit hurting and her back is stronger.

Her attitude is joyful and energetic and she now looks 10 years younger.  In the last 4 months she has lost an additional 9 inches as follows: 2 inches off her waist, 2″ thighs, 2″ hips and 2 1/2 inches from her chest and 1/2 inch off her arms.  Allison is still following her program and is inspiring everyone around her…. and no diet pills or fad diet disguises – anywhere.   This is the real deal!

For those of you who have given up ….. take a new look at what are you really eating?  Start to improve yourself by taking a healthier option.

Step 1: First find out what your blood type is … whatever eating program you may decide on do it by your blood type and your will experience better results.  So get started this fall and avoid the winter weight gain dilemma.

Step 2: Find some type of movement that you like – the fitness center or structured classes may not work for everyone. I do not like gyms except for the light weights- treadmills bore me so I may run up and down stairs, take long walks or roller blade to get cardio going. Of course my Infared sauna helps to also do this and to detox at the same time.

Step 3: Find someone who inspires you . Read scriptures and work to keep a joyful attitude . Be grateful for all improvements -no matter how small.This is a new lifestyle not just a diet.

So get started now and avoid the  upcoming holiday torture by being prepared .  Know your food options and where you can bend the rules or be strict.

Allison is enjoying some red wine these days while  her weight loss and fitness program continues to improve. I think we have a shopping date in mid October !

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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