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The Blood Type Diet ?  What’s that?

Eating by your blood type often raises many eyebrows in the media, ignites criticism and disbelief throughout the medical community and confusion among consumers.  I have been eating and living by blood type principles set into place by both Dr.James D’Adamo and his son Dr. Peter D’Adamo for about 13 years.

Yes, many consider me to be a blood type groupie and due to the positive results that I have experienced along with my nutritional background, I  have become certified as a Master of the School of Human Individuality-MIFHI, spearheaded by Peter D’Adamo and the SW College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ to help spread his message of living and aging well.

In this day of media generated Health Care Chaos (my previous blog), swine flu vaccine scare tactics and fear, changing a few foods and lifestyle adjustments to work with your daily routine is cost effective, safe and with a little planning easy to do for most people.

Dr. D’Adamo’s  latest research into Epi-Genetics is the next step for us to wanting  to maximize our aging process but starting with Blood Type eating plans is the easiest way to get started  … if the blood type program does not work for you, you may want to investigate  what I call Blood Type +( as blood type is just one of thousands of genes)  the  Geno-type program which includes Blood typing but adds in genetics, body types & measurements ,  finger print patterns and much more designed to help us fight pre-mature aging and disease. Check out his comprehensive website at which includes food charts, science validation, testimonials and blogs covering numerous subjects.

Peter_SallyDr. D’Adamo and Sally

Because we are all different, not every dietary plan, latest super food miracle claim or  dietary cure-all will work on everyone.  Most food plans and diets should be customized to meet an individuals needs.  Just because it works for your friend, co-worker or neighbor, does not mean it will work for you.  I often tell people that whatever diet or lifestyle plan you choose, do it by your blood type to get the best results.

Several months before he died, Dr. Atkins asked me why doesn’t everyone lose weight on his diet program? I told him  the A’s and AB’s had trouble digesting all the meats and cheeses in his plan  and the foods needed to be altered to support their blood type.  He was intrigued and was actually researching the blood type approach when his life abruptly ended.  I wish that more medical doctors would at least investigate and try for themselves these principles instead of rebuking them with little knowledge of the vastness of the years of research and patient trials and testimonials.

Think of  the  Blood Type program as your lower cost health care plan – Eating by Your Blood type  can offer offer  you  ammunition for aging well by boosting your immune system, balancing  stress levels, better  mental clarity,  digestive system support, improved  metabolism, better  sleeping patterns and balanced energy levels  ;therefore equipping you both  mentally and physically able to tackle life’s challenges. It is the foundation of better health and another puzzle piece to customize a life-long wellness program for you, as an individual.

There are 4 basic blood types:

Currently the O’s are 45% of the population, A’s are 40%, B’s are 9-10% and AB’s about 5-6%  and there are hundred of sub blood types like your Secretor status, Rh negative or positive.

Which one are you ? If you don’t know, the best way to find out is to donate blood and it won’t cost you a dime.

Blood Type Basics:

I. One factor in the blood type research , is the  determination of the presence or lack of anti-gens .  Antigens can be environmental or from within your body.  They are just one type of  chemical marker for blood typing foods. When your immune system is working well, it ‘s job is protect you from foreign bacteria, virus’, parasites, infections etc. When a foreign substance enters the body the immune system your B-lymphocytes and T -lymphocytes cells,  go to work and check for your blood type anti-gens.  If it finds a foreign anti-gen (a “poison” to them) then it will manufacture anti-bodies against this food, bacteria, infection etc. Cell clumping known as  “agglutination” occurs.  Cells start to stick together or as D’Adamo says – “like handcuffed a bunch of criminals” … it is easier to manage them than having them roam your body freely. This process taxes the bodies’ energy reserves and make it more difficult to digest your food.  The agglutination is like a gun shooting glue into your bloodstream and having it attach to Velcro like substances and sticking.  This impairs circulation, nutrient absorption, digestion, energy and slows down most of your bodies pathways. Continued use of these negative food triggers will dull and irritate your immune system and making way for disease to incubate.  This method is very easy to distinguish under a microscope.   Blood type anti-bodies are produced automatically and do not need a vaccination or infection to start the process.   Amazing!

II. Secretor’s a sub blood type  marker, (a simple spit test) makes up about 85 % of the population and can secrete their blood type anti-gens into their body fluids along with their blood.  Non-Secretors can only do this in their blood and are usually susceptible to a weaker immune system. The food choices vary slightly.

When the body functions better  the ability to handle stress for both the sympathetic (flight or fight) and parasympathetic system (nervous system calming) are able to function equally well and work according to God’s divine plan.   Most people today live in chronic stress that ignites the sympathetic system driving up cortisol and stressing out the adrenals, thyroid, and pituitary glands.  The blood type lifestyle helps to balance this process.

III. Then there are the food lectins. This is what the medical profession can’t seem to get their hands around and thinks the blood type is only about lectin content .There is much more to it but lectins do fit into the puzzle ……

Lectins  are proteins that can attach to the carbohydrates on your cells and are blood type specific. Some lectins are good for you while others create digestive disturbances  and can release Histimine leading to many food allergies.  Some lectins are increased in intensity by cooking like wheat germ,  while others are destroyed by heat .

Both wheat and peanut lectins for O types cause gut problems as they bind to intestinal walls.   Avocado lectins for A blood types  actually prevent cavities since bacteria is prevented from binding to tooth plaque. Dr D’Adamo has already done the painstaking laboratory cell analysis for you to and has charts and foods lists available on Check it out.

I am an O blood, Secretor  and a Hunter Genotype.  Although I ate meats growing up,  my adopted vegetarian (except for fish) and higher carbohydrate diet in my mid-20′s started to slow me down by my mid 30′s.  Even though I had read James D’Adamo book – One’s Man’s Food is another Man’s Poison, I was naive and stubborn and could  not see that organic wheat products, dairy products from cows and white potatoes could be causing me to bloat, causing weight gain, hormonal imbalances and foggy brain at times.  Hey, I ate organic and took all of my supplements!

So when Peter’s book arrived in 1996, Eat Right For Your Blood Type, Then Live Right, Then Cook Right .… (The Eat Right for your Blood Type, Encyclopedia and his book on Aging-Fight it with your Blood Type is my favorite) I decided to try his program and felt better within a couple of weeks. I have been following the diet ever since and it is my lifestyle now.

There are a few modifications due to my genetic heritage like avocados, capers, mushrooms, red wine and sheep’s milk cheeses that actually agree with me. Of course these foods are part of my Italian heritage and concur with the newest research for Geno-type.   The wheat products (doesn’t matter if its organic)  whole wheat products do not work for me and are my #1 poison.  I have been strict with avoiding them , even eating on the road  ( about 200 days a year ) and now consume brown rice pasta or  sprouted grain breads.

The rest of the program I am very strict with and will choose carefully when I will cheat ( holiday meal , vacation or special treat ) and will add in Dr D’Adamo’s Deflect supplement when I do .   Although my travel and work schedule is hectic, I am aging well for a 51 year old and have a  balanced weight and lots of energy .  I am not bloated any more from excess wheat consumption which provides me with terrific health. By the way ,  I have breezed through menopause.Very grateful for that .

Getting Started:

1. Find out your blood type and secretor status. You will need to know this anyway as soon as you turn 50 and want an AARP membership. In many countries, blood type is important for personality traits  – even for dating! Don’t let your practitioner put you down for wanting to know yours. It is a part of your aging well program.

2.  Check to see if foods you are eating daily are on your avoid list. If they are on this list , eliminate them as quickly as you can. This process may take a while. Don’t give up. Save them for treats or holidays only .Even if you can eliminate them for the work week andallow yourself a treat on the weekends. Eventually oyu will be able to feel the difference the avoid vs the beneficials make for you.

3. Start to eat as many beneficialand  foods as possible. These foods will be part of your optimal immune function. Learn to manipulate menu’s when eating out.  I do this frequently and most restaurants will work with you.  It becomes a habit after a while that this is how you will be eating for the rest of your life. You can still cheat occasionally after you achieve some balance.use neutral foods to fill in your dieary needs.

4.  Add in Blood Type friendly supplements and nutrients. Several immune disorders are blood type dominant and knowing this information, you can ward off many illnesses  or weaken their severity.

5.  Approach this plan with a good attitude. I have taken many “arrows” and criticisms over the years but I am the one that is usually healthier and more fit than those in condemnation.  Listen to your body and see how you feel about an hour after eating certain foods . Keep smiling !

6. Exercise is very important and work with your suggested blood type program . Also learn the stress balancing techniques that work per blood type to help create a balanced lifestyle.  From my own experience, I  know as an O, I will drive people nuts with my high energy level if I don’t get in brisk walk or some other form of exercise daily …..

7. If you get stuck or frustrated, send me note or check out the books or the website for more information. or

We will be continuing more in this area as these programs are becoming a benchmark for a better way of living and aging well. Dr D’Adamo is in continued research mode-the man never sleeps , he  is absolutely brilliant and loves numbers . He writes his own software and knows more about food interactions in the body than anyone I know . We the public , owe so much to both he and his dad for taking the research and bringing it to the marketplace in a simple fashion in a cost effective way to understand our bodies better.Also there is is wife Martha ( O secretor , Hunter ) who supports him 150% …

There is a such a vast amount of research here and I want to give you the baby steps to get started. Start supporting your own Immune Health now and start your new program today -Do it Right by Your Blood Type……Do it at your own pace but just do it ….start now.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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