Camu Kaze Energy Shots Rock!

CamuKaze Energy Shots Rock!           photo by Sue Bennett

The Amazing Camu Berry, wild-crafted from the remote Amazon rainforests of Brazil and Peru, holds a bounty of healthy  promises in future of naturally sourced supplements!

Camu Camu (myrciaria dubia,) also known as the Brazilian cranberry, is one tart fruit that is not eaten by the native people. This berry  is one the of the richest known  sources of naturally occurring ascorbic acid and the Vitamin C complex. Its 70 different synergistic compounds and 16 amino acids have been found to reduce inflammation, brain fog, low energy, and speed-up recovery after exercise . This nutritional powerhouse is ideal for those of on the run… or without access to high quality Vitamin C supplements. The Camu Camu Berry is available in veggie caps, or in delicious, high concentration liquid energy shots; that are stimulant and caffeine free. Our brain needs higher amounts of Vitamin C than other organs for proper cellular signalling, healthier hormonal balance, DNA renewal, and collagen health!

Most of the ascorbic acids in our supplements are created with synthetic benzene and acetone chemicals. They are combined with GMO corn or lab manufactured Vitamin C…  that may actually create adverse reactions instead of positive ones. A 100mg capsule of  Camu Camu equals the bio-availability of 1.6 grams of a lab made ascorbic acid; so smaller doses do work. Even the “food grown” sources of “natural Vitamin C”  start with chemical USP… and have a fermentation process before getting a natural end result. The dried or liquid concentration Camu Camu berry puree is natural and healthy… like eating fresh fruit in the sun!

NATURALLY BUFFERED: Camu Camu has enough naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, and potassium… creating its own natural buffering system. Hence… you don’t get an upset or burning acidic feeling. You can consume the Camu Camu on an empty stomach and feel great!

HEALTHY BOWELS : No more loose bowels… like folks reports from synthetically sourced Vitamin C… because these natural buffering agents (calcium, magnesium, and potassium) work to protect and restore gut tissue.

SKIN & MASKS : The benefits of ingesting Camu Camu Berries are endless… even providing  UV protection! The sun can be hard on your skin. The capsule powder makes a wonderful rejuvenation mask… mixed with whipped egg whites, 1/4 mashed avocado, and Silverbiotics silver liquid. Leave on for 20 minutes, rinse, and apply the Silverbiotics ASAP365 Gel. Then your favorite serum and day cream. Consumed internally, the ascorbic acid contributes  to stronger collagen strands for firmer, younger looking skin! Greens+ camu-vitamin-c

IMMUNE SUPPORT : Consuming 400mg of Camu Camu daily is equivalent to taking almost 6 grams of Vitamin C. This  triggers our immune system to produce additional white blood cells we need to fight colds, flu, and environmental illnesses.

JOINT PAIN/INFLAMMATION: Taking 500-800mg for muscle aches, joint pain, and athletic injuries really works . It is easy on your stomach and promotes healthy body repair quickly!

Vitamin C is needed in all of our body systems from collagen production and muscular strength… to brain health. Camu Camu promotes healthier, younger looking skin, hair, nails too. It promotes lower inflammation, better pain management (including sprains and shingles,) healthier immune system, hormonal balance, and increased energy!

Switching to the naturally sourced Camu Camu as your primcamu berries bulkary source of Vitamin C will electrify your daily nutritional regime!

Remember to hydrate this Summer. Drink large amounts of alkaline water mixed with electrolytes, or drink a Camu Kaze Energy Shot . The Hymalyan Sole water, coconut water, and raw salt will help maintain adrenal health during outdoor activities. Add Sole or Camu Kaze to your water bottle when  exercising… which replenishes lost electrolytes… naturally!

Camu Camu, natures Vitamin C, is absolutely the best naturally sourced Vitamin C that you can take .

Stay strong, energized, and protected with Camu Camu!

In Continued Health,

~ Sally Byrd



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