America is losing its mind! Really , maybe that’s why the government is acting the way they are ! Maybe we should take a survey of congress and see what medications everyone is taking ! How are their diets?

Why are the medical doctors still pushing these meds when they know they are dangerous?

Now that would be an interesting study to fund! In the meantime we have to all take control of our everyday health .

Even though we have preaching the virtues of healthy fats for years , there is still confusion over cholesterol rich foods , medications  and their effects on our daily health .High cholesterol numbers are merely a symptom of a much deeper issue -diet and hormonal imbalances.

I personally feel that Cholesterol lowering medications or statin drugs are a waste of money for most people . They are also very dangerous in the long term scheme of optimum health care.

Statin drugs may be part of the problem in the  ”dumbing down “of Americans while  contributing to  the  ever increasing Alzheimer and dementia numbers of our senior population. In light that they reduce cholesterol levels – BOTH good and bad, they also trigger a reduction of critical nutrients needed for healthy cholesterol and cell health such as  : Vitamin D3 , COQ10 , magnesium,L-carnitine  and vitamin C . When these nutrient levels fall ,  fatigue sets in as ATP production slows  and hormone receptors are compromised leading to fatigue , weight gain and a sluggish brain and liver.

Dr Eric Braverman , my brain  hero says that The brain is the furnace of weight loss in his book : Younger Thinner You Diet . Maybe these drugs are contributing to the middle age spread, in spite of all the diets out there. I love this book because he echos lifestyle tips that I have been teaching for decades that I know work long term. It helps to hear from a medical doc …..people listen !

Our brains are 30% by dry weight cholesterol . If we don’t support this healthy fat with other healthy fats  ,our brains are at a disadvantage .That is why we need our Omega 3′s , krill , chia ,evening primrose oil and flax.

Many of us need a cholesterol of 190-200 for optimum health .Especially Blood type O and B’s which have a higher range than A’s . I have seen levels in strong healthy O’s that are almost 300 .One lady ( a mom of a friend lived to be in her 90′s with a 343 cholesterol – how do you explain that ? )  Mine was around 200 last time I checked and I am a Type O+ and am in great health for an avid  road warrior.

The elevated cortisol levels and poor dietary choices  due to long term adrenal stress is what causes most A and AB cholesterol levels to spike upwards. Fix their adrenals first ! Then work on the liver with Liverclean and the amino acid Taurine 1,000 mg  and the colon with probiotics like Yogourmet ,Dr Ohira or Natren. The best tips to lower dietary cholesterol is to not mix sugar and simple carbs with proteins.Buffalo wings with a sweet honey mustard is a sure way for a  cholesterol spike or fried foods with a sweet sauce or dip .

Instead-   Eat spices and herb with every meal to allow proper circulation and healthy cell communication.

For O & B blood types ; a 3 or 4 oz buffalo or grass fed burger without the bread or roll ( even gluten free) eaten with veggies , herbs and spices will maintain a healthy cholesterol .

For A’s and AB , a chicken breast or piece of fish with veggies will do the same. Add an order of  french fries or even a baked potato and  the cholesterol spikes in your blood because of the sugar . Its about food choices and managing stress levels , not about adding a prescription med to your daily program .We are not perfect,  so add some beneficial foods to the culprit to balance out any favorite foods that you know you should not be eating !  Add some flax oil to a baked potato with your  favorite chopped fresh herb like scallions or parsley and you reduce the sugar absorption of the potato . This is course is best for B blood types!

Cholesterol deposits and plague occur partly because the liver can’t do its job, then the gallbladder becomes overloaded as well.  The organ is overworked and underfed . Adding more toxic chemicals to the liver will further reduce it effectiveness and other organs will start to falter, like a game of Domino’s.

Excessive cholesterol medications will also lower the Dopamine receptors of the brain . Dopamine levels control your energy levels and the health  of your adrenal glands.  This is why so many people on medications are exhausted. The more exhausted they are the more they reach for caffeine , sugar or other stimulants ,which will in time ,lower their dopamine levels. Up jumps the weight and down goes the energy .

When you are on a medication that lowers cholesterol , it does not only work on arteries and blood to your heart . but it also affects your brain!

This is also the time to check your “sex hormone ” levels . As estrogen , progesterone and testosterone levels drop , cholesterol ( a hormone) can rise sharply .

A  positive Harvard  study  published in June of 2010, verified that consuming  eggs , even daily was good for you ! Egg Yolks are one the best sources of dietary choline , a much needed brain nutrient that does not raise cholesterol . Harvard found that eggs will not raise blood cholesterol more than 2%. men need a daily average of 550 mg a day and women 425 ……..we need healthy fat !

My suggestions: Keep your caffeine intake to about 300 mg or less per day . Metabolically rev up your diet with herbs and spices. Start eating by  your  your blood type and genotype dietary protocols and clean up your liver. Add 1/2 teaspoon of raw salt daily to your water or food( adding valuable minerals )  and your cholesterol should start to level off.

Start to consume : Egg yolks, lecithin(non gmo  soy or sunflower)  , chia seeds, flax seeds, dandelion , artichokes, arugula , watercress, endive, garlic, red onion , cold water fish with the skin ,rosemary,turmeric,ginger,basil,tarragon,cayenne, raw sea salt and drink your Greens+ daily .

Elevated Cholesterol is not the enemy ,   but a clue to change your diet and maybe some unhealthy lifestyle choices.  As we age our hormonal umbrella of protection shrinks and a simple loss of hormones can also contribute to elevated cholesterol spikes. So pay attention to your estrogen , progesterone and testosterone levels !

Healthy cholesterol , weight hormonal balance  and brain health go hand in hand .

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd

***artichoke photo was taken by Carter Byrd , my daughter


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