Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

An article appeared this week in the Wall Street Journal ( Obesity Study Looks Thin) this week saying that in 40 years the entire US population will be overweight . Like we needed to pay someone to do this study ! While I don’t 100% agree with the article: the Obesity Forecast does raise a topic that is in the news but people really don’t know what to do . Yes, they know that diet & excercise help ( even if they don’t follow it ) but that is only part of the solution. Media focus on ingredients like trans fat elimination means that other fillers will take their place and the cycle continues.

New Research is surfacing that shows that many people can’t lose weight because of the toxic chemical solvents from our food supply ,including phthalates found in pesticides, perfumes, paint , nail polish , plastics, estrogenic compounds ( known as xenoestrogens) that are embedded in their cells & tissues. Think about all the chemicals in the air , our water, our cars ( every time you pump gas !) our households, our food supply ,and the packaging used by most of us on a daily basis ; a water bottle , a paper wrapper , a bag , a coffee cup , a takeout meal , a paper napkin or towel ,childrens toys, all have an abundance of chemical processing agents . This doesn’t include the chemical household and personal care products that many families still use .

We are surrounding ourselves with synthetic hormones that act like estrogen recepters in all plastics and drugs residue that filters into our water supply . Extra Estrogen contributes to “belly fat “, which may be a symptomatic pre-cursor of Metabolic Syndrome , Hypertension , High Blood Pressure and Diabetes – all modern day diseases . The recommendations by our medical authorities to use flouride in our water & daily oral hygiene, to mercury & other toxic chemicals in our vaccines and in the air we breathe.

Some of the more common Estrogen-like Chemicals include : Parabens( cosmetics & produce waxes) , Phthalates( personal care) , PCB’s , DDT ( still used in other countries that export food to the US ) Red Dye #3( Erythrosine) P-nonylphenol ( PVC,detergents) Dieldrin ( insecticides) Atrazine( insecticide) , Hyroxy-anisole butyrate( preservative) and 4MBC found in sunscreens.

Are you confused yet ? Oh and Soy isoflavones may also contribut to the abundant of estrogens in our system . Wow , what is the average American supposed to do ?

As previously discussed , a healthy diet ( organic & regionally grown foods wherever possible ) and a moderate exercise plan ( 3-5 x’s per week) will help.

Other food & supplement choices that help to combat excessive estrogen in the body are :

Spices: Tumeric ( curcumin) , Cilantro , Oregano , Thyme & Basil . Eat them frequently on all of your food. I love eggs for breakfast w/ chopped herbs; add them to soups, meats,veggies, use basil leaves like lettuce and sprinkle turmeric on fish & meats -even in tuna fish or egg salad.

Herbs: Chamomile, Juniper, Green Tea, Fenugreek, Passion Flower

PowerFoods: Broccoli ,Cauliflower,Cabbage, Nuts( Walnuts, Almonds,Pecans) Avocado, berries, artichoke,( blueberry,raspberry,bilberry,blackberry) sea veggies, oats, barley juice , lemon, lime, grapefruit, celery, beet, green leafy veggies, flax & sesame seeds

Supplements: Dr Vennessa’s Liverclean- 6 tabs daily ( responsible for metabolizing and neutralizing excessive estrogen-contains turmeric,cysteine& methionine ) and Anti-Aging 3 Collagen ( contains Proline ,Lysine & Glycine) for damaged cellular repair ( mix with Lakewood Pineapple or Grape juice if water doesn’t work for you ) , Resveratrol 200mg( Jarrow ,Country Life) , Quercetin 500-1000mg ( Jarrow) , Turmeric 1,000-1,200 mg( Natures Way , Jarrow ) , Chlorella( Sun Chlorella, Source Naturals, Jarrow) , Cilantro extract( Herb Pharm, North American Herb & Spice) ,Taurine,and Carnitine( Jarrow ) ,EFA’s of your choice( Evening Primrose , Borage, DHA etc)-Health from the Sun , Nordic Naturals,Spectrum )

Extras: Infared Sauna’s -the best for detoxing -15 or 20 min daily if possible at 130-140 degrees. Cancer cells are destroyed at 103 and toxin removal is accelerated . Drink extra water w/ electrolytes( Cell food , Trace min drops, Emergen-C or raw salt in a it .

Colonics: they work and really help solvent detoxification with any plan you are following . A series of 6-12 for newbies and 1 monthly to get back on track . Healthy individuals should have one quarterly .

Acupuncture , Massage, Reflexology & Chiropractic,Chelation : For healthy circulation , electrolytes repalcement , energy balance and to regulate hormones. Discover the modalities you like and set up a regular schedule for treatment.You can alternate several to create what is best for your situation.

Solvent toxicity and detox programs will continue to grow in popularity as the public discovers new methods and results from natural choices ; these ususally that work better long term than most medications and long as you start early . Agressive treatments will be required for people with progressed disease.

Become aware of what you are putting into your mouth and onto your body . Don’t become depressed about the situation when you cheat , but instead take some simple steps to regain your health & vitality . You will feel and look better .

You can be tested for heavy metals -ask your natural Doc for a lab or contact me for more info .It isn’t just a colon cleanse in a bottle any more !

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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