Did you wake up without an alarm today or did it take several to get you moving ? Were you cranky or happy? Were you complaining or thankful  ? Did you immediately want a cup of coffee or a cola drink  to wake up ?

Fuel for the brain comes in many ways . Food, supplements ,exercise, prayer,happiness & joy ! Our brains are wired to be happy . When we feed them garbage foods ,they will eventually rebel and so will our bodies. The 4 major neurotransmitters ( dopamine,acetylcholine,gaba ,serotonin ) are the drivers for how well our brain is aging. Coffee and soda consumed in  excess depletes your dopamine levels : Over 2 cups per day may lead to less energy ,increased weight gain, addictions of any type ( including food,med,smoking,sex,unnecessary spending ,avoiding intimate relationships etc. ). Is it worth it?

Many  of our circumstances are not ideal but making the best out of each day - thanking God for what we have is the best way to approach . Giving daily thanks combined with proper nutritional eating , supplementation and movement .

As our factors for aging accelerate after 30 years old,  our neurotransmitters start to misfire and create chaos.  These subtle changes affect our mood , behavior. and our energy levels.

Mental cognition challenges are increasing as America’s quality food supply decreases . Even eating 100% organic will not supply all of the nutrition your brain needs to balance the sensitive and complicated chemical pathways in your brain. The fact that Prop #37 did not pass in CA this past election, is a warning sign for us; that gov’t ,big pharma & food manufacturer profits are more important than our health . We have to start taking care of ourselves , since it is NOT in the governments best interests to do so .

What if I told you there was a great tasting superfood powder that would assist your brain to become younger instead of  getting older?

There is a new super-food  that was designed to balance all 4 major neurotransmitters of your brain . Many of my reader’s  know that I have been taking the Original Greens+ super-food supplement powder as my multi for almost 20 years now. Sam Graci , a brilliant researcher created the Original Greens+ back in the 80′s for central nervous system support and overcoming depression. That is why so many people have experience better health and better aging when they ingest Greens+ daily .

I was very privileged to work closely with their science research director and genius ,  Chris Daniels to create another updated  Greens+ formula specifically designed for the aging brain .

Kudos for Dr Eric Braverman’s research ( Path medical center in NYC ) which focus’s on neurogenesis ; recovering and restoring an aging brain. Dr Braverman  offers several books that discuss how we can reverse our brains health by up to 15 years and look better too .His most recent release : Younger Brain,Sharper Mind and my favorite ; the Younger Thinner You Diet  that lists all of the herbs ,spices and foods what we eat by brain neurotransmitters.Dr Braverman’s says that a younger brain burns more calories and a better functioning metabolism is the key to healthy weight maintenance.

I find it fascinating and encouraging to have a found a doctor who believes in eating this way as many aging well cultures have for years. The American diet and fast food restaurants that use artificial flavors and boring processed salt , black pepper and fake fats , fall short when compared to the fresh herbs and spices consumed by our ancestors.  To many  people , cooking is lost art . For those of us on the go , supplementation is a must . I live most of the year eating out.  so I support my immune system with nutritionally dense super foods.

The New Vanilla Chai , smart and fit Greens+ has over a 90,000 orac level which means it will help put out the fire of inflammation anywhere in your body . Only one tablespoon daily  will equal the vitamins  & minerals in 5 serving or org fruits and veggies. Plus you get probiotics,enzymes,phytonutrients and enzymes.  There Is no sugar added or maltodextrin or any GMO food.  The herbs , spices and sea vegetation that restore youthful cellular regeneration .

The pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean offer both dopamine( joyful bliss )  and serotonin( common sense)  balance. The Turmeric , lecithin and ashwagandha ginseng offer support for both the dopamine and acetylcholine - brain energy  ,faster  response time ,  less inflammation with improved  cellular dehydration within our skin,bones,muscles and organs. The Cinnamon is for Gaba balancing to reduce life’s anxiety and boost your confidence.The ,ginger  and red gapes,Jerusalem artichoke all assist in to balance dopamine .  Maca balances our sexual hormone and offers adaptogenic qualities for people of all ages. Combined with the sea veggies, org grasses,fruits and fibers , you just can’t beat this smart & fit brain food.

The Vanilla Chai mixed w/ Almond,rice ,hemp , soy or org cow  milk will also resemble a milk shake not a grassy tasting  green drink.

All 4 neurotransmitters will be affected so that drinking 1-2 scoops daily will help to balance the heart , brain , sexual challenges,circulation and inflammation , all from food! And you get 10 serving of veggies !

My favorite morning recipe is : 1 scoop of Vanilla Chai ,1 scoop of the Greens+ organic amazon chocolate , 1 tablespoon of the Greens+  organic Chia seeds with 4 oz of mate  green tea and 4 oz of almond milk with a couple of ice cubes.

Talk about an energy enhancing brain balancing hormonally balanced drink which can cross your blood brain barrier in 20 minutes if taken on an empty stomach .  Easy to make  and drink anywhere. A blender will make it frothy but even just using a shaker cup will work . Our bodies like to extract nutrients from food not chemicals .

At 39.95 for 1 months supply , this concentrated brain fueling super-food offers cellular nutrition  from food, the way we are supposed to live. No lab made chemicals here.

Food as fuel , repair & regeneration. It all in the new Vanilla Chai Smart and Fit formula from Greens+ .Pure  food for the conscious mind .


Go Green . Drink Greens+ Vanilla Chai daily . A healthy  younger brain depends on it !

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd




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