Eat more salt? Are you kidding , salt raises blood pressure , hypertension and promotes weight gain , right ?

It all depends on the quality of the salt. Unadulterated, natural raw sea salt contains over 80 important trace elements that  work wonders on a variety of health conditions including ; healthy blood pressure, a stronger immune system , proper Ph and energy levels as it encourage a mild form of cellular detoxification . We need healthy salt sources for our immune systems . Just look at the sales and success of the Netti pots. Using a saline solution for mucous and sinus irritations works. Notice how you feel after swimming in the ocean – relaxed and happy .  Some companies even promote drinking small amounts of salt water for its nutritious trace mineral content .

As usual , money and marketing, play a huge role in the perception of the American people . Table salt and even some “sea salts” are actually toxic for you : they are chemically processed and heated to over 1200 degrees F causing an unatural separation of the sodium from the chloride. Toxic table salt and some sea salts are  bleached and loaded with talc and aluminium to ease the flow through a salt shaker. Even the addition of iodine in these salts is not enough to validate the efficacy of this nutrient.

However , eating  small amount of high quality raw salt with your daily water intake can combat simple levels of stress and burnout . Most people who experience high or erratic levels of cortisol are adrenal challenged. The adrenals when barraged by these constant cortisol triggers due to emotional , physical, poor nutritional choices  and/or  environmental stresses can develop burn - out from Adrenal Fatigue to  full blown Addison’s disease.

These critical glands are needed for our natural feel good hormones epinephrine and nor epinephrine and to communicate with the thyroid gland and your brain  . When they are tired , so are you . For more reading on this timely subject , read James Wilson’s book Adrenal Fatigue which contains simple questionaires and solutions for lifestyle and supplement additions . In the meantime when you crave saltier food, reach for some high quality salt instead. Add a pinch several times a day  to your water or food. Don’t cook with salt; use herbs and spices instead and control the amount by adding what you need  to your cooked food instead.

Due to the nature of my work I am usually preaching nutrition to somebody, but only if they they ask for guidance ! I am just a messenger , and each of us is responsible for his or her own body .

A Florida  gentleman who consulted me after developing shingles (often  linked to low adrenal function ) cleans pools for a living ( handles chemicals 5 days per week adding in extra  environmental stresses)  has experienced rapid positive results with Raw Himalayan salt . Once he got his diet straightened out ( no more soda , wheat and refined foods) he threw out his salt substitute and within days of adding some salt to his diet began to feel better. Other friends in the natural products industry with elevated Adrenal Stress have too , reported that a pinch or two of raw salt a day improved their energy levels.

My friend Dean Martin , the owner of Herbs of Light, distributes 1,000 mg raw Himalayan salt capsules. Using Himalayan salt in his healing program for Lyme’s disease  and energy levels was critical to his recovery . To learn more about his protocol  go to : .

Again , Remember that stressed out folks are usually dehydrated too . If you overload your body with too much water without trace minerals or  raw salt , you can further drive your adrenals and  hence your energy levels down .  So remember to drink 1/2 of your body weight in oz with a pinch of raw salt or swallow a couple of Herbs of Light Himalayan Salt capsules. Over time your body will stop craving salt and you can add in some potassium rich fruits again . Eating too many sweet fruits when you adrenal deficient will weaken your adrenals . How many of you have eaten some yogurt and fruit for breakfast and and hour later are tired?

Until your adrenals gain some strength , please limit  high-sugar fruits and reach for some celery sticks with  a pinch of salt instead! And head to the beach for your summer vacation ; a swim in salt water will restore your body, soul & spirit!

In continued health!

Sally Byrd

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