Are you thirsty when you wake up ? Is your thermostat cranked up  ? Are you drinking more  hot caffeinated drinks to stay warm ? Are you “puffy “, swollen  or retaining water in your face ,  hands, legs or belly ? Travel by airplane ? Serve in the any military division  or  are you drinking tap water ? Are you on a diet ? On medications?

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The colder winter  months can be deceptive . Hydration awareness  is prominent in the summer months because we are more conscious of perspiration and increased physical activity . However, just turning the heat on can dehydrate your body .

My normal rule of thumb is drink 1/2 of your weight in oz of high quality alkaline water with a 1/4 teaspoon  of raw sea salt ( Celtic or Himalayan ) for minerals and electrical balance which can range from 8-12 glasses daily for the average person. Morning  hydration should be 16 oz min w/ lemon,lime or raw apple cider vinegar before your cup of Java  or Tea.

I have mentioned the attributes of healthy salt addition in a previous blog called Stressed & Tired, Eat more salt !

High quality salt can hydrate the brain ,stabilize blood pressure, reduces toxins and mucous and can be an asset in liver repair. Adding raw salt to  daily water intake or (use Trace mineral drops or O2 water additions ) the electrical impulses in our central nervous system can be restored leading to a balanced body .Raw salt contains many minerals needed to promote healthy blood and healthy sleep . I have met so many salt deprived people who  because of other health conditions do not eat healthy salt. Raw salt will actually stabilize blood pressure ,reduces excessive mucous( colds and flu ) hydrate the brain and detoxify the liver.

I usually have my patients add a “pinch ” of whatever raw salt they like to each glass of water they drink , ensuring a healthy flow of minerals and enzymes and absorption . Our brains need the electricity and the natural salts contain many important minerals and trace mineral to support  the electrical grid to improve cellular communication  in our brains and bodies .

For those people who exercise or are under chronic  stress , taking  cholesterol lowering medications, have been in any type of  accident ( auto , fall , sports related)  ,  drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages , that amount needs to be increased.

When you feel the sensations of thirst in your mouth , you are already dehydrated and may be comprising up to 2%-3%  of brain function leading to reduced thinking and focus. Long term dehydration can mean increased headaches, wrinkles ,insomnia ,  edema, and increased  DNA damage to the cells leading to a plethora of other diseases .Water sends low electrical impulses directly to the brain, making it the most important “vitamin ” of your day !

You or your family and co-workers also may notice in increase in anger or impatience as Serotonin levels decrease as the levels of 2 critical amino acids fall : Tryptophan and Tyrosine. Low levels of these amino acids can trigger carb cravings and weight gain. All from being dehydrated!

The late Dr Batmanghelidj, author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water ,claims that 75% of our population is already dehydrated , leading to some very common health problems from general fatigue or serious neuro diseases such as Alzheimer’s , MS , Autism,  Depression and Bi-polar conditions. Try and aim for higher Ph waters. 7.5 and above .

Since I  travel so much , I do buy bottles water and my 3 favorites are pictured here. The 8.8 Iceland Springs and 9.5 Essentia tastes great.. One caution – when flying : the Dansanti brand actually has poisonous table salt /sodium added and if you are flying you don’t want this . Opt for club soda or tonic water instead. It will eliminate the extra water weight that you may get from adding poor quality sodium  to your diet .

Please investigate water filtration systems  for your home and office . The price ranges are 50.00 for a simple Brita to  4,000 .00 for  the popular Kanga system is an 11.5 ph .  Mid range systems like  Rich way Alkal-Life 7000sL run about 1,500 .00  Find one that fits your budget  and look for electrolyzed reduced water that is iodized. The raw salt is economical way to get this effect and save some money .

I chose to have a whole house filtration system installed into my house( Kinetico )   with an additional Reverse Osmosis in my kitchen so I could get a 7.1-7.3 pH all the time . I add raw salt and minerals to it to raise the pH  . I did this even before I purchased any furniture ! It was the most important element to me ,after building my house.

Water is life. Your Brain is your command center. Feed it and it will serve  you well !

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd










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