Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Fitz & SallyFitz & Sally

Jim ‘chooses’ to be happy and be a bright light in other peoples lives.  He gives daily thanks to God and appreciates that at his age he is experiencing  the best time of his life.

His busy life -yes he is still very  productive; as he works  part time  in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration service business.   Every day Jim gets on his bicycle for 6 miles in the early am and 8 or 9 miles in the late afternoon.

Wow!  He does more exercise than most people I know, including me !  His biking attire for  S Fl is long sleeve shirts year round so he works up a hard sweat. You can recognize him as he bikes his daily route in a bright orange vest and reflectors for safety purposes.

Jim and I met earlier this year at Tunies  , a  natural food superstore in Coral Springs , FL owned by Al Foreman, that offers a vast selection of supplements, personal care and grocery items with discounted  prices that everyone can afford. Check them out at: …or give them a call: 954-510-0410 -they ship worldwide…..

Jim was undergoing some treatments with anti-biotics, at that time for skin cancer (squamous) and was limiting new supplements until the treatment stopped. However, when  he heard  about  Dr. Venessa’s Formulas Anti-Aging3 Collagen he was intrigued and wanted to try it.

It has been almost 4 months now and Jim says he has finally  found the Fountain of Youth in a bottle … at 1 scoop daily early in the am,  he has managed to regain glowing, firmer radiant skin, has reduced his puffy eye look , his eyes are clear,  fine lines and wrinkles are reduced , he has experienced a significant reduction in his belly fat, has faded the dark bruises and liver spots on his hands,  while  regaining some natural color in his beard and already has noticed new hair growth and his nails are a healthy pink , no spots with great circulation .  His weight when he started this program was 235 . Jim has safely lost 34 lbs  and is now weighs in at 201 !

Jim says people tell him he is getting ” skinny and younger ” and they can’t believe how he has changed.  From his hair stylist to his medical doctor and dermatologist , everybody is intrigued.  Just what are his secrets?Jim loves his Anti-Aging3 Collagen !

Jim’s Daily Super Supplement  Program (give or take a few things…)

Early AM: Anti-Aging3 Collagen, 1 scoop in a large glass of water

AM: Dr Venessa’s Thyroid Balance , Raw Thyroid-about 30 min later :  HCL w/pepsin, 2 tablespoons Carlson Fish Oil, PS (phosphatidyl serine) 100mg, DHEA 50mg, Vit D3 10,000IU

During the day: Solgar Chlorella, Opti-Zinc 60mg, Selenium 200 mcg, Kelp w/Folic Acid 600mg, Solaray 25,000 IU Beta Carotene,  Folic Acid 5mg, Tunies Potassium Magnesium & Taurine, B12 5000 mcg, 1000 mg of both  MSM & Glucosamine HCL,  P5P-enteric coated B-6 & B-2, 1,000mg Vitamin C, 500 mg Quercitin, IP6

PM: Carlson Moisture Eye Formula,  Solaray 160mg Saw Palmetto berries, 100 mg Ubiquinol, 2,000 Pantothenic Acid, Inositol

For an occasional ache or pain from too much riding …. Jim may add some Yucca or White Willow bark and SilverBiotics Silver for his Immune Health . Gosh, He takes almost as much as me!

Jim follows a vegetarian diet which seems to work for him and he eats rather well.  His protein comes from eggs and multitude of fresh, organic and locally grown foods.  He eats in season and loves FL avocados!  After his am exercise , he makes a fruit slushy from  fresh frozen berries, watermelon,  pineapple, cranberries, Chia seeds and cinnamon. His sugar has fallen in the last few months to a 91-96 range and his PSA remains below .6 , which is good for his age.

Due to his heavy strenuous daily routine , I asked Jim to increase his protein a bit and add 2,000 mg L-Carnitine  daily (for healthy cell and metabolic maintenance since he does not consume red meat and try to start eating some fish a couple of times per week as he is an O Blood Type .

Jim’s exercise regimen and upbeat attitude really puts him in a class of his own. The people who know him really think he is their neighborhood “Mr. Wonderful”. One person can make a difference , just ask Jim or any of his neighbors….

Canine Concerns :

Anti-Aging3 is now going to the dogs … really!  When my sister Suzanne called me with this story I had to laugh. If people don’t want to help themselves with better health supplement protocols they will bend over to accommodate their pets , no matter what the cost …….

Her dog Vino (yes, she’s Italian) is an 11 year old female Lab who literally was on her last legs. She had been limping for over a year as her back leg was hurting with severe inflammation, her energy was down and she was in pain and could not even go up and down the stairs by herself anymore. She was 1 week away from getting put down by the local vet.


So , since Collagen helped her so much this past year ,as due to several people’s joint testimonials,  Vino started getting 1/2 scoop  (a 75-80 lb dog) of the mixed berry collagen with apple juice in her bowl first thing in the morning.  No food until 30 min later.  She loved it from day 1 and lapped it up like a dessert.

After 30 days, Vino was a new dog. Her energy bounced back, she wanted to run, walk around the neighborhood , like the old days .  Suzanne said , “I have a new dog !” as Vino is now running up and down steps  …..even the neighbors  commented on Vino’s energy and several of them have now started to take the Anti-Aging3 to help them with joint pain and energy.They wanted to start using whatever that dog was taking ….. Maybe we should start using pets to advertise ?After 30 days Vino is now down to a maintenance dose of a tablespoon a day . For dogs with sensitive systems, please start them off slowly with only 1 teaspoon , as some of them may react to high dose of vitamin C .

My sister Suzanne ,  at 47 years old was beginning  to experience the signs of Peri-menopause -she slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 4 in less than a year taking 2 scoops daily and adding Dr Venessa’s  Liverclean and Sugar Balance to her program. She also reduced her coffee consumption and limited wheat flour products as she is also an O Blood Type.  Suzanne  experienced a reduction in sweet & caffeine cravings , noticed a more balanced hormonal levels and feels better overall.

She can’t live without it now.Below is a current photo of her and her daughter, Briella.

.Suzanne & daughter , Briella l

At the office , we receive testimonies weekly and I would love to  learn of your  success stories.

We will continue to keep you posted. Please send in your story and maybe you will get published……………..

In Continued health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Last month you all heard my personal story about my life changes with Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type and Geno Type lifestyle programs.  To everyone who wants to make a change but doesn’t think they can do it here is Allison’s story.  She will motivate you.  Remember that we are all different and there may be changes and some alterations to customize your personal plan.

Allison,  a 32 year old New Yorker, was tirAllison Siegeled of being overweight, bloated,  feeling and looking tired with lower back pain and achy joints.  Her frustrations carried over into her personal life as anger, aggressiveness and a low self esteem.  I had known her about 5 years before she came to work with me at Dr Venessa’s Formulas (but her NY retail stores-  knew her for 7 years as a natural products sales rep) and she has observed my dietary patterns and energetic happy spirit for years.

Allison was a determined student; willing to stick with a common sense, simple plan that could be followed during a hectic work and travel schedule.  She wanted success.  All she needed was a little coaching and a  plan to follow.

March 2008: Month #1 – Starting out is always tough.  I started her on Dr. D’Adamo’s  AB blood type program from the EAT RIGHT 4 Your Type -Encyclopedia and she was forced to give up her 2 favorite foods – shrimp and blue cheese.  We had to start eating correctly and getting her off the foods that were fighting her digestive system ,weakening her immune system and emphasize foods that would strengthen her immune system and slowly detoxify her body of stored poisons and excess waste matter. To ease the dietary adjustment ,  and focus on eating  the correct foods - I also supplied  her with a handy laminated wallet card for her blood type  (Dr. D’Adamo sells online so she didn’t have to memorize everything overnight.

AB best proteins that she liked:  turkey, wild salmon, eggs, lamb, cod, grouper, sardines, Tongol Tuna.

For AB vegetarians the best beans are lentils, pinto beans, organic soybeans, navy beans, tofu and tempeh.

The simple carbohydrates and sugars were reduced and the fiber-rich vegetables increased.

Beverages included cutting out the coffee and increasing water consumption (high alkaline H2O) and adding green tea.  Since Allison is on the go all the time – the ready to drink Sencha Shots or the new product Oi Ocha dark (worth 10-15 cans of green tea in one 16.9 oz bottle!) from Itoen act as metabolism stimulators (1 can equals the EGCG in 5 cups of green tea) and can help the body adjust and rekindle lost energy and stamina .   No alcohol allowed during this time of cleansing.

Exercise: Allison started working out at her fitness center with a personal trainer 2x’s per week.

Month#2:  Supplement time.  After a month of food and exercise regulation it was time to start on the supplements.

Here goes:

Dr. Venessa’s Anti-Aging3 Collagen: 1 scoop in the early am before exercise, on an empty stomach

Dr. Venessa’s Liverclean: 6 tabs after her morning workout, with breakfast

Jarrow or Royal Brittany Evening Primrose Oil: w/meals -1 1300 mg  softgel

Jarrow MSM (Opti patent): – 3 caps -3,000 mg daily anytime

New Chapter Zyflamend: -2 softgels w/ meals

New Chapter Bone Strength: - 1 tab daily w/ MSM

Jarrow L-Glutamine: - 2 -1,000 mg tabs  w/ Liverclean

After 3 months on this plan Allison’s dark circles started to fade and her skin tone improved.  Her weight started to shift.  Allison also received weekly chiropractic treatments to keep her central nervous system working at its peak.

Occasional massages and acupunture treatments also helped during stressful times. Her immune fighters of  Silver, Wild Oregano and Spirulina tabs were added in as needed.


After 8 months we finally had to go shopping.  Her clothes were so baggy and all of her accounts could not believe she was the same person they had known for 7 years. She was happy. Weight loss was about 40 lbs.

March 2009:  After 1 year she was up to 52lbs of weight loss and feeling and looking terrific at a size 16. Her mood swings had mellowed and she also managed to find time for spiritual renewal ” Praise God” and continued her exercise regime. I started her on a few extra supplements. Allison was now 33 years old with glowing skin and reduced joint pain but wanted to lose more weight.

We added: Dr Venessa’s Thyroid Balance: -6 caps per day with the Liverclean & L-Glutamine in the am( reduced back to 4 caps after 4 months)

For 4 months we increased the Liverclean to 12 daily (split dose), increased the Anti-Aging3 Collagen to 2 scoops daily and added an Immune Builder with Pro Biotics (Dr. Venessa’s VIP-20X and also the North American Spice Wild Oregano and SilverBiotics as needed)  and really cut down the amount of carbohydrates she was consuming. IE : she went from eating Ezekiel bread 6-7x’s a week to 3 x’s a week.  Exercise now included bi-weekly Pilates and Cardio Training.

AUGUST 2009 :

RESULTS after 16 months:  a 60 lb weight loss that was safe and has stayed off.  Her skin is radiant and her circles are hardly visible.   Her snoring has been reduced by 80%.   Her cellulite has started to fade in her upper legs, her joints have quit hurting and her back is stronger.

Her attitude is joyful and energetic and she now looks 10 years younger.  In the last 4 months she has lost an additional 9 inches as follows: 2 inches off her waist, 2″ thighs, 2″ hips and 2 1/2 inches from her chest and 1/2 inch off her arms.  Allison is still following her program and is inspiring everyone around her…. and no diet pills or fad diet disguises – anywhere.   This is the real deal!

For those of you who have given up ….. take a new look at what are you really eating?  Start to improve yourself by taking a healthier option.

Step 1: First find out what your blood type is … whatever eating program you may decide on do it by your blood type and your will experience better results.  So get started this fall and avoid the winter weight gain dilemma.

Step 2: Find some type of movement that you like – the fitness center or structured classes may not work for everyone. I do not like gyms except for the light weights- treadmills bore me so I may run up and down stairs, take long walks or roller blade to get cardio going. Of course my Infared sauna helps to also do this and to detox at the same time.

Step 3: Find someone who inspires you . Read scriptures and work to keep a joyful attitude . Be grateful for all improvements -no matter how small.This is a new lifestyle not just a diet.

So get started now and avoid the  upcoming holiday torture by being prepared .  Know your food options and where you can bend the rules or be strict.

Allison is enjoying some red wine these days while  her weight loss and fitness program continues to improve. I think we have a shopping date in mid October !

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The Blood Type Diet ?  What’s that?

Eating by your blood type often raises many eyebrows in the media, ignites criticism and disbelief throughout the medical community and confusion among consumers.  I have been eating and living by blood type principles set into place by both Dr.James D’Adamo and his son Dr. Peter D’Adamo for about 13 years.

Yes, many consider me to be a blood type groupie and due to the positive results that I have experienced along with my nutritional background, I  have become certified as a Master of the School of Human Individuality-MIFHI, spearheaded by Peter D’Adamo and the SW College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ to help spread his message of living and aging well.

In this day of media generated Health Care Chaos (my previous blog), swine flu vaccine scare tactics and fear, changing a few foods and lifestyle adjustments to work with your daily routine is cost effective, safe and with a little planning easy to do for most people.

Dr. D’Adamo’s  latest research into Epi-Genetics is the next step for us to wanting  to maximize our aging process but starting with Blood Type eating plans is the easiest way to get started  … if the blood type program does not work for you, you may want to investigate  what I call Blood Type +( as blood type is just one of thousands of genes)  the  Geno-type program which includes Blood typing but adds in genetics, body types & measurements ,  finger print patterns and much more designed to help us fight pre-mature aging and disease. Check out his comprehensive website at which includes food charts, science validation, testimonials and blogs covering numerous subjects.

Peter_SallyDr. D’Adamo and Sally

Because we are all different, not every dietary plan, latest super food miracle claim or  dietary cure-all will work on everyone.  Most food plans and diets should be customized to meet an individuals needs.  Just because it works for your friend, co-worker or neighbor, does not mean it will work for you.  I often tell people that whatever diet or lifestyle plan you choose, do it by your blood type to get the best results.

Several months before he died, Dr. Atkins asked me why doesn’t everyone lose weight on his diet program? I told him  the A’s and AB’s had trouble digesting all the meats and cheeses in his plan  and the foods needed to be altered to support their blood type.  He was intrigued and was actually researching the blood type approach when his life abruptly ended.  I wish that more medical doctors would at least investigate and try for themselves these principles instead of rebuking them with little knowledge of the vastness of the years of research and patient trials and testimonials.

Think of  the  Blood Type program as your lower cost health care plan – Eating by Your Blood type  can offer offer  you  ammunition for aging well by boosting your immune system, balancing  stress levels, better  mental clarity,  digestive system support, improved  metabolism, better  sleeping patterns and balanced energy levels  ;therefore equipping you both  mentally and physically able to tackle life’s challenges. It is the foundation of better health and another puzzle piece to customize a life-long wellness program for you, as an individual.

There are 4 basic blood types:

Currently the O’s are 45% of the population, A’s are 40%, B’s are 9-10% and AB’s about 5-6%  and there are hundred of sub blood types like your Secretor status, Rh negative or positive.

Which one are you ? If you don’t know, the best way to find out is to donate blood and it won’t cost you a dime.

Blood Type Basics:

I. One factor in the blood type research , is the  determination of the presence or lack of anti-gens .  Antigens can be environmental or from within your body.  They are just one type of  chemical marker for blood typing foods. When your immune system is working well, it ‘s job is protect you from foreign bacteria, virus’, parasites, infections etc. When a foreign substance enters the body the immune system your B-lymphocytes and T -lymphocytes cells,  go to work and check for your blood type anti-gens.  If it finds a foreign anti-gen (a “poison” to them) then it will manufacture anti-bodies against this food, bacteria, infection etc. Cell clumping known as  “agglutination” occurs.  Cells start to stick together or as D’Adamo says – “like handcuffed a bunch of criminals” … it is easier to manage them than having them roam your body freely. This process taxes the bodies’ energy reserves and make it more difficult to digest your food.  The agglutination is like a gun shooting glue into your bloodstream and having it attach to Velcro like substances and sticking.  This impairs circulation, nutrient absorption, digestion, energy and slows down most of your bodies pathways. Continued use of these negative food triggers will dull and irritate your immune system and making way for disease to incubate.  This method is very easy to distinguish under a microscope.   Blood type anti-bodies are produced automatically and do not need a vaccination or infection to start the process.   Amazing!

II. Secretor’s a sub blood type  marker, (a simple spit test) makes up about 85 % of the population and can secrete their blood type anti-gens into their body fluids along with their blood.  Non-Secretors can only do this in their blood and are usually susceptible to a weaker immune system. The food choices vary slightly.

When the body functions better  the ability to handle stress for both the sympathetic (flight or fight) and parasympathetic system (nervous system calming) are able to function equally well and work according to God’s divine plan.   Most people today live in chronic stress that ignites the sympathetic system driving up cortisol and stressing out the adrenals, thyroid, and pituitary glands.  The blood type lifestyle helps to balance this process.

III. Then there are the food lectins. This is what the medical profession can’t seem to get their hands around and thinks the blood type is only about lectin content .There is much more to it but lectins do fit into the puzzle ……

Lectins  are proteins that can attach to the carbohydrates on your cells and are blood type specific. Some lectins are good for you while others create digestive disturbances  and can release Histimine leading to many food allergies.  Some lectins are increased in intensity by cooking like wheat germ,  while others are destroyed by heat .

Both wheat and peanut lectins for O types cause gut problems as they bind to intestinal walls.   Avocado lectins for A blood types  actually prevent cavities since bacteria is prevented from binding to tooth plaque. Dr D’Adamo has already done the painstaking laboratory cell analysis for you to and has charts and foods lists available on Check it out.

I am an O blood, Secretor  and a Hunter Genotype.  Although I ate meats growing up,  my adopted vegetarian (except for fish) and higher carbohydrate diet in my mid-20′s started to slow me down by my mid 30′s.  Even though I had read James D’Adamo book – One’s Man’s Food is another Man’s Poison, I was naive and stubborn and could  not see that organic wheat products, dairy products from cows and white potatoes could be causing me to bloat, causing weight gain, hormonal imbalances and foggy brain at times.  Hey, I ate organic and took all of my supplements!

So when Peter’s book arrived in 1996, Eat Right For Your Blood Type, Then Live Right, Then Cook Right .… (The Eat Right for your Blood Type, Encyclopedia and his book on Aging-Fight it with your Blood Type is my favorite) I decided to try his program and felt better within a couple of weeks. I have been following the diet ever since and it is my lifestyle now.

There are a few modifications due to my genetic heritage like avocados, capers, mushrooms, red wine and sheep’s milk cheeses that actually agree with me. Of course these foods are part of my Italian heritage and concur with the newest research for Geno-type.   The wheat products (doesn’t matter if its organic)  whole wheat products do not work for me and are my #1 poison.  I have been strict with avoiding them , even eating on the road  ( about 200 days a year ) and now consume brown rice pasta or  sprouted grain breads.

The rest of the program I am very strict with and will choose carefully when I will cheat ( holiday meal , vacation or special treat ) and will add in Dr D’Adamo’s Deflect supplement when I do .   Although my travel and work schedule is hectic, I am aging well for a 51 year old and have a  balanced weight and lots of energy .  I am not bloated any more from excess wheat consumption which provides me with terrific health. By the way ,  I have breezed through menopause.Very grateful for that .

Getting Started:

1. Find out your blood type and secretor status. You will need to know this anyway as soon as you turn 50 and want an AARP membership. In many countries, blood type is important for personality traits  – even for dating! Don’t let your practitioner put you down for wanting to know yours. It is a part of your aging well program.

2.  Check to see if foods you are eating daily are on your avoid list. If they are on this list , eliminate them as quickly as you can. This process may take a while. Don’t give up. Save them for treats or holidays only .Even if you can eliminate them for the work week andallow yourself a treat on the weekends. Eventually oyu will be able to feel the difference the avoid vs the beneficials make for you.

3. Start to eat as many beneficialand  foods as possible. These foods will be part of your optimal immune function. Learn to manipulate menu’s when eating out.  I do this frequently and most restaurants will work with you.  It becomes a habit after a while that this is how you will be eating for the rest of your life. You can still cheat occasionally after you achieve some balance.use neutral foods to fill in your dieary needs.

4.  Add in Blood Type friendly supplements and nutrients. Several immune disorders are blood type dominant and knowing this information, you can ward off many illnesses  or weaken their severity.

5.  Approach this plan with a good attitude. I have taken many “arrows” and criticisms over the years but I am the one that is usually healthier and more fit than those in condemnation.  Listen to your body and see how you feel about an hour after eating certain foods . Keep smiling !

6. Exercise is very important and work with your suggested blood type program . Also learn the stress balancing techniques that work per blood type to help create a balanced lifestyle.  From my own experience, I  know as an O, I will drive people nuts with my high energy level if I don’t get in brisk walk or some other form of exercise daily …..

7. If you get stuck or frustrated, send me note or check out the books or the website for more information. or

We will be continuing more in this area as these programs are becoming a benchmark for a better way of living and aging well. Dr D’Adamo is in continued research mode-the man never sleeps , he  is absolutely brilliant and loves numbers . He writes his own software and knows more about food interactions in the body than anyone I know . We the public , owe so much to both he and his dad for taking the research and bringing it to the marketplace in a simple fashion in a cost effective way to understand our bodies better.Also there is is wife Martha ( O secretor , Hunter ) who supports him 150% …

There is a such a vast amount of research here and I want to give you the baby steps to get started. Start supporting your own Immune Health now and start your new program today -Do it Right by Your Blood Type……Do it at your own pace but just do it ….start now.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Friday, July 31st, 2009

We love our Country , Let’s preserve it
We love our Country -let's preserve it

If you are like me it is difficult to watch the news today ; the negativity surrounding our economy , our lives, our actions and the blatant illogical decisions coming from our illustrious leaders in Washington can  stress-out even the most sensible balanced person .

In my health seminars , I continually make the comment about taking charge of your own health  . This was drummed into my head even as a child by an independent thinking ,common-sense  mom who refused to feed us junk food or cokes or listen to lies even in the 60′s when eggs and fat were going to kill us.

As a young girl who was ridiculed for eating whole grain dark bread, artichokes, sardines, raw milk , hot peppers, sprouts, yogurt , trail mix, vegetables ,who drank homegrown chamomile iced tea instead of sodas and who took  supplements to school and later on to work, I know. I have been there , done that .Persistence & tenacity pays off in the later years and ignorance in youth can be cruel .

Do not put your health into the hands of our government . Just because insurance pays for it ,it  doesn’t mean you should have the surgery , take the prescription or use that treatment . The people who do need the government support ; our veterans , the disabled, the terminally sick, young children and emergency health care are different . For most of us we can take action to help ourselves. The latest health care bill is a joke and an embarrassment to our heritage.We the people and citizens of  our country need to fight back . The government is supposed to be working for us , not against us .

Staying healthy in this country can be expensive .We are currently penalized for taking care of ourselves.  I rarely get reimbursed for any of my integrative health care choices because I choose my own therapists and natural minded practitioners (  acupuncture, chiropractic , deep tissue massage, reflexology , colon therapy, foot detox and infrared sauna therapy , preventative dentistry , supplements  along with  other necessities to keep me well.  Why is it that some countries like Asia , physicians get paid when their patients are well. We are working in a reverse negative manner and need to change.

Except a yearly physical ,  I pay out of pocket and give up other things . To me  health is of the utmost importance because without it, we cannot fulfill God’s purpose for us  here on earth . We all have dreams, jobs, careers, hobbies and activities  in areas that we are passionate about . Purpose is why we are here and if we lose that drive or that passion , we will become like sheep instead of shepherds.It is easier to manipulate and control sheep than their leaders( shepherds) .

Our affluent country is a health care mess and each of us who is not disabled , of legal age and of healthy mind has a responsibility to take care of ourselves. First become aware of the bills being passed and get involved by writing or volunteering if you have time. I actually went to a local tea party this month in St Augustine. A refreshing message was projected  as follows:

To support the constitution,  To give back this country to the people by voting , not force. To protect our free speech in all media outlets, To promote fair taxation for all citizens. T0 promote immigration legally instead of through amnesty . To support significant tax reform and fair tax regardless of party affiliation.

The 12 core values and principals promoted really hit home for me . Honesty , Reverence, Hope, Thrift, Humility , Charity , Sincerity , Moderation, Hard Work , Courage , Personal Responsibility and Gratitude.

For additional information or to get involved in your hometown visit: or or      &

Here is what you can do now to prevent your own health care crisis: tea-party-taxes

Start eating better . It may take a tremendous willpower in the beginning  not to eat how your friends eat ,or to just order off the menus instead of customizing a few things in restaurants.

Be sure to let your family and friends know any changes before you are invited to eat at someone’s home. Even on airplanes I am noticing some minor improvements. I was excited to see apples and bananas offered  in the first class cabin of Delta now . A much better choice than the sugar & fat laden cookies or salty snacks that are usually free. It is better to fast than to eat that stuff . The calories are just not worth it. Bring your  own tea or snacks especially if traveling with children or taking medications with you.

Avoid processed junk foods , artificial sweeteners colors & flavors, high fructose corn syrup , genetically modified foods ,excessive grains , excessive sweets, cellular damaging  oils like cottonseed,corn or soy and irradiated foods .  For additional assistance visit or if you have children  or grandchildren to feed.

Eat organic when ever possible- especially  the top 12 foods commonly known as the”dirty dozen” below that contain the most chemicals, so balance your grocery budget around these foods being organic,regionally grown, in season or grow them yourself:

DIRTY DOZEN:        Peaches, Apples, Bell Peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Pears, Grapes(imported) Spinach , Lettuce, Potatoes.

To save money and to support farmers growing ethical and heirloom crops ( NON-GMO) support regionally grown foods without chemicals at your local farmer’s market , or natural food supermarket . Buy in bulk when you can  and use your crock pot. The Slow food movement is spreading and is healthier for you .

I did this many years ago  as a young working single mother . Make soups , stews , fiber rich bean dishes and buy local food . This can really save you money while providing nutritious meals for your family .

Eat less calories, live longer and healthier . Drink herbal teas instead of sodas. Water instead of juice drinks etc .

Cook your own food instead of eating  frozen or canned processed meals .

The economic downtown has forced people to change their habits. This is a blessing .Our excessive society needed to change. We need to get back to our roots and learn why  to use natural remedies first , when combating everyday colds and flu ….don’t run to the doctor for every sniffle or reach for an over the counter drug . What would your great-grandmother have done years ago ?

For optimum health , NEVER get a flu shot unless it is a life or death situation.The swine flu scare this summer is another tactic to instill fear into America, to force vaccines loaded with chemicals into your body . There are other ways to explore first and the vaccines should be your very last resort , if at all.

Boost up your immune system : Each of you can develop your own nutritional weapons- my arsenal of protective immune supporting nutrients include : Dr Venessa’s Anti-Aging3 Collagen & Liverclean , North American Spice Wild Oregano, Silver Biotics Silver spray & ASAP gel , Allimax Garlic , Greens +, Host Defense Mushrooms ,Maitake or Reishi Mushroom extract Osha Root  , Turmeric and Quercitin. Your immune arsenal  may vary a bit as I am an O blood type & Hunter Geno-type. More on this subject soon.

Meanwhile, take action for yourself , your family and your country . Grow something …even a potted herb like basil , will help  Support local & organic food.

Teach your kids and your grandchildren about food sources and get them involved in cooking and buying better quality food. Eat God -made food for God for your made body.

Eat home more and learn to cook something new…share food and recipe ideas with your friends..get to know your neighbors and give thanks to God every day for what you do have . Stay joyful in all that you do .

“  A joyful heart is like good medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones ” Proverbs 17:22

Be Pro Active. You can make a difference.

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Hawaii, the big island of love and extremely friendly people was definitely worth the long plane trip and temporary jet lag. I would have liked to have spent more than 6 days, but work on the mainland beckoned and reluctantly,I had to get back…

I am dedicating this blog to my good friend Steve Spiers, a 30 year natural products veteran who traveled to heaven on June 28th . He and his loving wife Trixi,  were some of my role models for becoming a diver and shared my sense for adventure  for living life to the fullest. They traveled to Europe , the Caribbean , Belize , were married in St. John (the very best wedding ever!)  and could not wait to go diving again when their son, Max  was old enough. During his illness, Steve asked me to take photos and to share my travels with him and of course, pray …since he was unable to go.  Steve brought  so much happiness, camaraderie and a smile wherever and whomever he was with. He suffered tremendously these last 6  1/2 years but always managed to smile and stay positive. He was a leader, a friend, a fabulous husband & father, one of God’s very special children. Steve would have loved Hawaii and he was even  in my spirit while I was diving. He is at peace now with the Lord. Praise God. He inspired all of us and we will miss him.

Traveling  to Hawaii to  work with a  longtime friend of mine, Andy Jacobson, who is the current president & CEO of my favorite Spirulina company – Cyanotech ( was fun.  As a longtime user of green super food products, I have been using this nutrient for years as it is the key ingredient in Greens+, a unique blend of super foods & herbs . Cyanotech Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is also sold separately under their retail brand, Nutrex


The pristine weather conditions of the Kona coast – sunshine and 5-10 inches of yearly rainfall – offer a unique environment for growing both Spirulina and Astaxanthin,potent micro-algae’s that should be part of everyone’s daily health regime. Spirulina is one of the best super foods to slow down the natural aging process and fuel the body with naturally occurring B-12 , Vitamin C, SOD, Fiber, Protein, Zeaxanthin, and additional  Carotinoids along with a vast array of color rich phyto-nutrients. Astaxanthin is popular for joint-related and inflammation issues and is also a skin saver for those who love the sun.

Cyanotech is blessed to have its own beach and oceanfront real estate  on a 90-acre lava field.  The facility is amazing to visit and well run. The colors of the brilliant blue-green Spirulina (phycocyanin gives it the blue color) and the coral color are Astaxanthin and beautiful and beneficial for both inside and outside the body. A research video is in the making and will air sometime this year on PBS. Stay Tuned!


Gerald Cysewski,  the original owner and founder of Cyanotech, and the visionary behind the process  is a humble genius and a forerunner for nutrient dense Superfood production in the natural products industry… What a pleasure to work with such dedicated folks who care about nutrition, the environment and about being the best they can be.

Landing on the Big Island, you might think you have landed on Mars , the charcoal- brickett-dry ground of dark Lava-land instead of a lush landscape elsewhere on the island. There are 13 different climate zones on this island, enough to satisfy everyone. Tourism is down, but the majority of the people are happy, willing to help folks, and a pleasure to interact with -even mailing things home from the local Kailua-Kona post office was fun plus you get to sample homemade chocolate “macadamia nut honus” (or turtles in English) for free since the Kailua candy company operates there  too… locally owned they only use real natural ingredients… no corn fructose or GMO foods and pure sugar cane as the sweetener … check them out at  800-622-2462 This location is on the way to Costco, a life-saver for your grocery budget  if you are renting condo  or apt with a kitchen.


The Kona side is growing with the big-box  retailers moving in providing the locals more choices. However, I frequented the local places to get to know the people who live there and experience the true Hawaiian lifestyle. A guidebook you can’t live without is HAWAII-The Big island revealed by Andrew Doughty who actually lives in Kailula-Kona. The locals confessed to me that when they want to travel around the island they use this book as their reference.

A quick 2 night stay at the Sheraton, just south of  Kailula-Kona  in Keauhou, was a nice facility with large, clean rooms, but had overpriced and bland food. They have been warned by many guests,  so hopefully they will improve. In the meantime,  eat local. The highlights of this hotel were the immaculate grounds with ocean front lava gardens and the nightly visits from the Manta Rays. The staff was friendly and helpful. One local favorite restaurant is Jackie Rey’s O’Hana Grill, located on Kuakini Hwy, across from Walua Road. Their unique and locally grown food with a colorful & friendly atmosphere, reasonable prices, open air seating and a good wine list is a must do on my list. The Molokai purple sweet potatoes and organic turnips, fresh Mahi Ahi, Organic Chicken and leafy greens made my day. Another local restaurant, Jameson’s By the Sea offers fabulous sunsets but so-so food. They aim to please but Jackie Rey’s  is so much better. However, the only view is the beautiful Frangipani trees that ladies pluck the fragrant blossoms for their hair before entering the restaurant.

For casual dining and picnic foods that are healthy, the Island Natural Foods store on Kawai Ave offers a fabulous salad bar, fresh fish and vegetarian entrees too. I was amazed at the selection here in Kona. If you are diving out of Kona, the store makes terrific food for lunches or the Manta-Night Dives. Sure beats the sub sandwiches or the local spam, rice , french fries and gravy dishes popular with the locals.

Moving up the coast to the tourist area, Waikoaloa Beach area offers everything from a family-filled theme park adventure stay at the Hilton, to a moderate resort at the Marriott, to Luxury at the Four Seasons, Mauna Lani Bay and Mauna Kea Resorts. Staying frugal and wanting a blend of comfort too, I opted for the Marriott, oceanfront for an amazing 185.00 per night as tourism was off this week.  Their restaurants were just ok but they did offer brown rice instead of french fries with my fish . The fresh fruit juices were good (passion fruit is my favorite thirst quencher) and being active, we chose to eat lightly and picnic style most of the week. Bring your snorkel gear here (Ocean Sports on site also offered 4 hours free daily for mask, snorkel & fins) to  go early in the AM to swim the local green turtles in the sanctuary… the reef is good but the visibility is best in the AM. The Marriott has their own sandy beach and great sunset viewing in a casual atmosphere. You will use your own gear if you have a car to hit all the cool snorkel spots in on some of the best beaches right off route #19.


The Queens Market convenience store less than a mile away offered fresh meats, sushi, soups, goat & sheep cheese, fruits, herbs & veggies, and even wheat-free crackers for me… this market although pricey was a blessing. Most mornings we ate fresh fruit and Greens+ bars, local macadamia nuts, Guayaki Yerba Mate & Itoen Green teas (available from Kona Natural Foods, Island Natural Foods (in Kona) Healthway II (in Waimea)  and Abundant Life (in Hilo) and the new Vitamin Shoppe in Kona ...I  like to  eat lightly before diving.

The Kohala Divers in Kawaihae harbor (only a 15 min drive) were an amazing dive shop that welcome both divers & snorkelers. They do not touch critters and are environmentally and ecologically sound. They also spoil you with impeccable service and offer a friendly, knowledgeable crew. I will definitely go back… -882-7774. My favorite spot for morning dives was off of Puako beach… a turtle cleaning station and home to a  couple of white tipped reef sharks, 100 ft visibility and schools of colorful fish, healthy hard corals made for interesting and easy diving. They did not offer access to the world famous manta ray dive so I went into Kona and booked with Kona Honu Divers 808-324-4668. Their large boat, friendly crew and the incredible 10 mantas that showed up made this a favorite dive. A must do.

For those non-divers or divers who don’t carry underwater cameras with them… who may  want fabulous photographs of the turtles, rays or other creatures, contact  Stephen Eitel at 808-895-0877 He is a friendly, educated and talented 20 year Hawaii resident, a  renowned ocean photographer who will sell his photos  out of his home (I bought his turtles & rays) . You can also contract him for a dive or snorkel for personalized underwater photos. For readers  interested in healthy reef maintenance you may want to check out or call 808-953-4044.

Sightseeing on the northwest coast offers the most beautiful beach of Hapaku &  Puako, Mauna Kea and Spencer… or for hiking the trails and national parks in north Kohala… it is worth some exploration. The towns of Hawi and Kapaau offer a respite from tourism . They are quaint, artistic, folksy and offer healthy fresh food. The casual Bamboo Restaurant (votes one of the best on the island) was fantastic with fresh fish & greens and a guava & passion fruit on ice slushie … their were many choices on their menu I could eat plus a gift shop with local talented artistic wares is a fun place to browse The Coffee place across the street Kohala Coffee offered so much more than the local coffee… I would have gone back another day to eat here too… green tea, healthy food options like fish & sweet potatoes, homemade soups & fabulous ice cream in a more casual setting. A dessert place with a few sandwiches,  Short & Sweet bakery even offered flour less chocolate cake. Hawi( pronounced havee )  is about 20 minutes north of  Kohala divers making for good afternoon of food and exploration.


A Couple of miles north of Hawi , is the small town of Kapaau where we stumbled on King Kamehameha day -June 11th. The Snack Shack (formerly Kohala Rainbow Cafe)  808-889-0099 is located across from the Kamehameha statue; offers sandwiches, salads, brick oven small pizzas & desserts that are all fructose free… they only use natural cane sugar and Alyssa Slaven, the owner  is open to exploring some gluten free menu items too. Please let her know you are interested.

Next store, owned by the same family for over 30 years  is an amazing art gallery …Ackerman’s gallery that features local artisan wares. I was able to replace my Dichronic glass pendants (when my backpack was stolen in Italy) with new ones here for less money and I met the artist, Brian Dugan who is Ayssa’s sister next store….small town . Exploring the beaches off road with a 4WD  jeep was also fun.

My sister Hove  from Easton , CT who joined me on this trip is a master gardener and her goal was to see the Botanical gardens. There are several. The  newer World Botanical Gardens included the Umauma waterfalls in their $13.00 ticket price and we spent almost 3 hours there hiking around…Their master gardener Brian may be out and about too…what a pleasure to meet such a vibrant young man who loves the environment. 808-963-5427. The original Tropical Botanical Gardens located off the 4 mile scenic road outside Hilo (not to be missed by every guidebook & they are right) the dept of agriculture to enter the US . I bought a red plumeria to try out… Ticket price here is 15.00 pp. Bring your bug repellent for all the gardens and hiking around the Hilo side. The Jason ” Quit Bugging Me “ spray and a few extra drops of the Aura Cacia geranium essential oil mixed with my ASAP Gel ( American Biotech ) did the trick . The popular What’s Shakin’ on this road offers good smoothies and great service but their sandwiches could be better-the local Mahi was deep fried and had a batter coating – not good for me and bland. Another smaller, simple take out shop (I didn’t write down the name but going North on the left hand side) with local honey & fruits offered a better menu they offered a good rice bowl with veggies and protein of your choice, plus homemade macadamia nut ice cream .

I didn’t have the time to go horseback riding  in Waipi’o Valley where the best views are, so I opted for a sunset ride with Paniolo Adventures that I heard was good from other divers. We ended up with no sunset due to rain but the experience was still worth it… to ride across a wide open range with hundreds of grass fed cattle, I felt like I was in a John Wayne western film. The lady wranglers let you trot and canter and my high spirited horse needed no urging. Herds of baby wild pigs, the constant moos of the cattle grazing and following you  and the mystique of the misty dusk were different than any other ride I have experienced. 808-889-5354

The town of Waimea, a naturally-oriented place had a terrific reasonably priced restaurant called Charlie’s Thai. Offered great summer rolls, soups, green tea and brown rice, fish and stir fries. Check it out 808-885-5591. The natural food store there Healthyways II in the Parker ranch shopping center across the street has wonderful smoothies and great takeout healthy food choices too. They will customize any menu item for you. Sheila runs a wonderful nutrition dept for all your supplement needs.  808-885-6775.  Merriman’s is also another interesting restaurant option here with good salads and passion fruit lemonade.

To finish off the trip , my other sister Sara gave Hove & I a birthday present  (as we are both 50 +  now) of a helicopter ride with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and did the 2 hour spectacular with a comfortable craft and an educated pilot. The tour was terrific but we did not buy the DVD as it recorded all conversation and the people in the front seats… did not work for us. I just liked the scenery-the waterfalls and northern coastline were magnificent and the lava flow was interesting… the best part was the new land mass evolving when the lava hit the ocean. A truly unique perspective than just being underwater or on land . The Eco Star, more expensive offered us better & individual seating and viewing than the A Star and the pilot was quite conservative, it was easy to take photos. Be sure to watch the time you select if you are diving or hiking in the Volcano park -they want you  to allow 24 hours to decompress . call 800-786-2583 for reservation . Extra charges for persons over 250 lbs.

Not enough time to do as much as I wanted and certainly not much time to relax. Had a fabulous time …worked with the natural food stores and met many great folks. Would love to come back and do more… The only negative thing happened as we were leaving ….someone at TSA stole my large Princeton Tec dive light and left the clips that attach to my BCD… probably needed for the Manta Ray night dive. So my advice for any diver with camera equipment or lights… you may want to store them in your carry on baggage .

Remember to use a natural oil-free sunscreen like ZIA SPF 15 or 30 to protect both you and the reef (oil based products are damaging reefs). Bring a skin, even for snorkeling so you don’t get burned because there is so much to see, you won’t want to get out of the water once you are in.  In June the water was 77-79 degrees so I was very comfortable in my 3/5 wetsuit w/ a hooded vest for multiple dives.


So as natives say… Mahalo (thank you) to the wonderful people who work so hard to keep this Island a paradise  & Aloha (hello / goodbye)  until next time. Facebook has some photos posted now…

In Continued health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

The Women of Gragnano Italy  & children ! The Women of Gragnano Italy & children !

I finally had the opportunity to visit Italy.   I owe it all to my Aunt Dee (my deceased dad’s older sister) and her husband, Uncle Dick wanting me and their daughter Karen to finally meet our cousins in Gragnano, Italy, a suburb of Naples (Napoli).  My great grandfathers who did not know each other at the time they came over to America  Gabriel Malafronte ( went to New York and was in the restaurant business ) and Domenic Mercurio( produce guy )   came to the US in 1898 . Domenic Mercurio started selling fruit & vegetables door to door and  eventually opened an authentic thriving Italian grocery store, Mercurio’s in Fairfield , CT (closed in 2005 after 100 years) .I grew up in this store and never shopped a traditional supermarket until I was 18 and in college.

Meeting my cousins was fascinating and they are all wonderful . Aunt Dee speaks excellent Italian( she takes lessons and is more disciplined than I )   , I do not as my grandmother used to tell us …they lived in America and should only speak English now…. I never learned and now I am trying to learn Spanish for my job .

Gragnano is a small working class suburb of Naples that was known for its pasta – originally had 2,000 pasta manufacturers now it it is down to 200 . Gragnano is about an hour north of the Amalfi coast and the sophisticated charming towns of Positano & Sorrento . Ferries to Capri depart daily from Naples but due to inclement weather we were unable to visit this trip.

Everyone has their own vision of Italy whether they have been there or not …..the land of romance,  fabulous food & wine, historical, ancient secrets still waiting to be discovered, home of Ducatis and Ferrais , high fashion and now the slow food movement. I love the discovery and adventure of getting to know the locals and their culture and italy did not disappoint me .

My travel  challenges, however,  included the  national obsession with cigarette & cigar smoking and the questionable  sanitation of the bathrooms.  Just spending a couple of days in Rome and my eyes were already burning and hurting. I ‘ll bet the  US tobacco  industry is still making their profits here.  I used the American BioTech Silverbiotics spray and gel to keep the irritation and swelling down . Thank goodness I also had all of my supplements , they really helped. Couldn’t have made it without my Deflect for O blood types from North American Pharmacal …..and my Greens + & Sun Chlorella.

What I want to know is , how do the motorcycle  riders keep a lit cigarette in their mouth while maneuvering their speedy vehicles through traffic . Amazing skills they have .

The bathrooms , which on top of fees ranging from .5 to 1.00 Euro were always a surprise.  Hole in the ground or toilette? Seat or no seat ?…were you going to get paper? Did they flush ? We used the great outdoors several times and it was more sanitary than most public toilets. Other than that we were comfortable with Italy and its customs, many familiar to me with my Italian upbringing.

Rome was a typical city full of adventure and Gelato waiting for you on every block . I had only experienced Gelato at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and it was nothing like this. I am not a fan of ice cream and usually opt for sorbet because I am lactose intolerant to cow’s milk. . However, I became a Gelato convert( no milky aftertaste, does not make you thirsty , no indigestion or bloating and a small cup satisfies you ) ……even a snob by the end of my trip . In Italy ,  Gelato is considered a snack , not a desert . Much better than a candy bar over here.

My friend Stacey Stilts from West Hollywood, CA  joined me for the final week of my trip and she loves Gelato , usually buying it from her local Whole Foods store.  The best types are made several times daily in small batches, served in stainless steel metal tub with natural ingredients  no artificial anything- right up my alley!Gelato Favorites

Our #1 favorite place was in Rome ( Roma ) . Gelateria Die Teatro , at 70 Via di San Simone Street a small cobblestone side street near some antique stores just a few blocks down after crossing the Tiber River from Caste De Angelo and walking about 10 minutes. My ginger Gelato with chunks of ginger and Stacey’s fig & Ricotta cheese were the best of all we had. Wished we could have gone back for more . #2 winner was Gelateria Torterzo Coccatero / Furoi dal Centro in Borgo a Mozono , just north of Lucca about 25 miles with  hazelnut-Nicola ,Pischaccio, Raspberry & Mango …a real surprise  on the main road leading to Bagni de Lucca on the right . They also make the most incredible Gelato pastries and cakes #3 for organic and dark chocolate with cocoa nibs was GROM in Florence, Oche 24a  ..(.the Strawberry (  fragiloa ) was good too) . A new restaurant in Lucca( opened in MAY ) , Grano Salis , we could have been dining in LA with the decor  ……their house specialty was Cinnamon ( canella )and it was sooo creamy, not sweet &  absolutely awesome . Do not however get their Tiramiso , very disappointing .Other flavors that we loved from other establishments were pear, passion fruit, tiramiso and crema . The chestnut was bland and Tuscany chianti was ok  ,the cherry was too sweet.

990205015_2371Eating was a challenge since I do not consume wheat or pork products -I cheated once and paid dearly for it with an anchovy & zucchini flower pizza and a few slices of salami . So what do you eat when you aren’t eating the 5 p’s in Italy – pizza, pasta, panni, proscuitto & pastries? A lot of cheese! Thank goodness for sheep cheese..and many different types… …it agreed with me -no bloating or sinus problems .. I stay away from cow except for mozzarella.

The bohemian suburb of Rome , per Rick Steve’s Italy 2009 book…..saved us here. Trastevere had wonderful restaurants that were better priced and offered more varieties of vegetables, fish and meats than some of the others I had experienced in other parts of Rome & Lucca.

Our favorite here which we frequented twice was Ai Fienaroli , a couple of blocks south of the main square and not as touristy . www.aifienaroli. See if Gizamo is working…she only works part time for tips because she loves the cooking of Chef Stefano . They have the best mussels & clams ,vegetables ( like chicory & artichokes)lean fresh  meats and fish dishes and are well known for their Tiramiso . The best wine bar was ChaKra with owner Ricardo who told us about Ai Fienardoli and helped us understand the social life of the local Romans……get the Valpolicello for only 22Euro……tastes like the Amarone for 55.00 …..both from the Veneto region.

While we were in the Lucca area we rented a Villa for the week from a sharp business women -Alexandra Galvani who recently purchased Burgo Giusto and is turning this restored 17th century village into a wellness center. We loved it here and our villa , the former postman’s house was ours & we had a full kitchen . A bit romantic , and decorated with roses herbs gardens,  olive groves and an abundance of  birds;  is located 23 miles north of Lucca in a very small village Partigliano . A running joke around here is if you enter one of the bars ( very different from the US ) you may as well be going into a retirement home , a little challenging for us single women .

We frequented the local markets for produce & fish and also a grocery chain, Esselunga ….which offered the best take away gourmet foods- sheep cheeses, meats ( beef , shrimp ) and incredible prices on produce & wine. Local food in season included our favorite of artichokes- Carciofi , zucchini & flowers, green beans , mussels ( Cozze), eggplant ,rainbow trout and blueberries. We ate well. Breakfasts of organic eggs, herbs,meats and veggies with our Yerba mate & green teas were lifesavers. I was in egg withdrawal since Gragnano & Rome did not serve eggs for breakfast – mostly pork based meats, pastries , breads, rolls & croissants  and Capucino . I lived on Yerbe Mate te , Greens+ bars & almonds  for breakfast the first week that I brought from the US. From then on we ate meals like picnics……and maintained our weight with better foods and smaller, more frequent meals.

Our favorite day of all was in Cinque Terre . A group of 5 small towns tucked into the cliffs north990205015_140 of Tuscany past Carrara ( the marble mines) and La Spezia ( off A -12) . We only had the chance to hike the first 3 towns and and back …..and want  to return. There are trails at several altitudes, small charming villages , good food & wines….and really nice  people) . This area is a mad house in the summer but May & Sept are terrific lower key months with great weather .  The town practically shut down during the winter months in Dec ember& January . We ate in the small delis & Trattoria’s  that offered cheeses, anchovies,tomatoes,artichokes ,eggplant & olives …with slices of Cecina from the  pizzeria’s (completely wheat free lentil flour slices that the Italians eat it plain with salt  but I added my picnic treat on top )and hung out at our favorite wine bar -(Enoteca) in Corniglia ….Il Purin.Mario ,Mario owns local vineyards, has his own wine label and will allow you to consume your lunch in his shop with a purchase when the other restaurants are all closed. A  truly delightful place. Most of the restaurants close from 2:30-7:30 so you are very limited on food choices except for the smaller deli’s and pizzeria’s.

Other Lucca area highlights:

Horseback Riding : Ranch Il Ruscello / Bagni Di Lucca 347-688-8661 Rosi  , a Dutch native,  is the best ! Western saddle, speaks English ,25.00Euro per hour ( includes natioanl license )  and also offers 3 day overnight trips and riding lessons.

Terme /Hot Springs : Jean Varraud , Bagni Di  A medical spa type of place ….the caves offer a natural steam sauna( dating back to the time of Napolean’s sister -Paulina )   and the mud treatments and massages are a respite from all the hiking around. Not fancy , just effective. Closed Friday afternoons.

Lucca Winery & Olive Oil : Fattoria Sardi Giustiniani offered wine & olive oil tastings by Elena , a native from Lucca who for 25.00 Euro pp is a great deal . Truly off the beaten track and not touristy like some in the southern Tuscany areas… tour buses here. ..get a local directory of the 30 local farms & wineries in this region. The 2005 Merlot is truly one of the best reds you will ever consume( next to the Veneto regions of reds)  I am not a Chianti fan . The best white is blend is a 2007 Felice. The olive oil has a peppery finish and only 300 bottles are produced per year . Apts are also available for rent . You are just 10 minutes south of Lucca and close to the Auto strada for convenience to Florence but in another quiet  peaceful world .

990205016_1951Umbria/ Assisi . I did not get but less than 24 hours in this beautiful town and could have easily spent a week here….this was my favorite Artist : I wish I had room to buy some plates and vases from this talented artist -Pittura su Tei at Assisi Typical She makes the most unusual bracelets from forks & raw gemstones and her painted plates were the most beautiful anywhere.

Must have’s for healthy travel :

Travel mug for your tea unless you don’t mind 4 oz china tea cups…tea bags…..herbal teas are  limited here however you can buy Green ,chamomile,rose hips and lemon verbena….bring  extra kleenex or TP-for roadside stops!  ,a shaker cup , Ipod or mp3 player for music  if you stay in the country as it is very quiet ……Band-aids and an ace bandage for hiking….several pairs of sneakers/sandals to rotate  your shoes in case of blisters…. a headlamp flashlight for hiking around unlit areas or to use as a reading light …Natural Air Fresheners for mold control – North American herb & Spice Germ-a Cleanze...and Mia Rose Air therapy work the best and your supplements. I really needed the Liverclean city pollution) ,Thyroid Balance ( weight,brain  & hormones)  Sugar Balance ( after Gelato’s& wine ) and the Anti-Aging 3 Collagen( skin, joints& immune)  from Dr Venessa, chlorella & spirulina  or your favorite green drink ….L- Glutamine, Taurine, Tryptophan , MSM & Turmeric ( Jarrow brand is best here….for any inflammation)  Melatonin, B’s ,& C and EFA’s … good quality skin care serums , creams & masks ….Italy is VERY dry

Bring ….a sense of humor ….a lot of time ( Nothing in Italy moves quickly except for cars and motorcycles) and PATIENCE .

I will definitely be back to explore my other roots in Sicily and keep in touch with my Cousins, visit Capri ,  and head back to Cinque Terre…..

In Continued health and happy traveling …..there are 3 photo albums up on Facebook now.

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Little Corn When I mentioned to my friends & family that I was headed to Nicaragua for a much needed break, they all wanted to know if it was safe, even though I was traveling with two of my dear friends, Sue Bennett and Mary Kennedy – we were celebrating a 25 friendship and the need to escape our hectic work schedules.

Our goal:  An inexpensive get-away without the a lot of glitz and people that included nature/eco-tourism and diving and snorkeling.  All of us are  Hunter genotypes, O positive “strong American women” as we were nicknamed here…I first heard about Little Corn Island in my undercurrent newsletter:  – written for serious divers about 4 years ago and was so happy that I was finally able to make this trip with two adventurous friends.

A quick trip through Miami on American Airlines to Managua was delightfully uneventful.  Mary’s luggage was delayed a few hours but made it safely before the early morning flight.   Managua, Nicaragua is the largest and worst city to be stuck in so we stayed at the Best Western directly across the street.  They advertise hot water but it is lukewarm to cool … rooms are like cabins and the restaurant serves good food; there is a pool. Internet is free, rates run about $95.00 per night.  The other recommended hotel is only 5 minutes away  – The Camino Real for about $15.00 more per night.

An early am flight took us to the airport around 5:30 am  to continue our journey across the country to the Caribbean coast . This was the pricy part of the trip for me as the $1.20 per pound ran me up $91.00 plus a $2.00 tax on the domestic airline La Costena – regular baseline RT  airfare runs $165.00.   Both Mary and Sue paid under $20.00 extra (I like to travel with my own dive gear).

The planes are old, but safe as long as you don’t dwell on the few places where there was some duct tape.  When we landed on Big Corn Island we were met by Elvis, a taxi driver for Casa Iguana, 848-4875, that ran us $2.00 each . The ferry ride to Little Corn ($6.00 US and about 40 min) was better than most theme park roller coasters and the previous week’s winds were calming down. Only 1 -15  foot drop, the other 4-6 ft drops were common and fun.  Still for those who get sea-sick, you would want to wait for calmer weather.

25 year reunion

Little Corn Island, a humble speck of land less than 3 miles long, East of Big Corn, is surrounded on 3 sides by coral reef’s.  This island takes you back 60 years to Old Caribbean  living.  There are no roads – only a 3 ft wide concrete sidewalk that meanders through the town . The town generators struggle to keep up with electrical needs so sometimes you can’t have dinner at your  favorite spot unless they have a back up generator or a grill.

The friendly people greet you with smiles and many of them speak English. Coconut bread is the mainstay starch  here and you will be approached several times daily by children peddling this and other baked delicacies. The restaurants are  excellent and not everything is fried like most Caribbean islands.  From the incredible Mahi Fish Soup and citrus shrimp at SOLE, to tender beef with cilantro sauce at the Cuban place – HABANA LIBRE, to Fantastic Chicken curry at LOS DELPHINES, best creole fish at BRIDGETES,  local island fare at Elsa’s and her her sons place, up the path on the West side … If you love Pizza … Mangoes is great but no spelt crusts(although the dough is made from scratch) yet for me, and of course the simple elegance of gourmet meals at the Casa Iguana Lodge, we did not have one bad meal.  All of the seafood is of course caught within minutes of your meal – the service is VERY slow so order and take a walk, bring books or converse with some fun people.  It may take up to an hour to be served. The locals are proud of their food and their island and the attitude  radiates  in everything they do.  Most dinners ranged from $12.00 – $20.00 including a glass of wine, water or beer.

Since we were diving , we stayed at the Casa Iguana Eco-Lodge on the east breezy side of the Island that has the same owner as Dive Little Corn.  Two years ago, this resort sold to a sharp Chicago business women Mary and she  is getting ready for expansion as Little Corn is being discovered and bookings increase.   She has hired a wonderful environmental engineer, Tim who resides in Idaho to improve the resort.

Tim made our stay comfortable, although there is NO hot water for showers anywhere on the Island, Tim made sure that sure that Sue and I had a thermos of hot water for tea every morning.  We introduced him to Guayaki Mate, Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid  and Numi Jasmine Green and Rooibus tea.  Mary looked forward to  her Organic Nicaragua coffee.  Mary, the Casa Iguana owner, also owns a premium line of  fair trade organic foods called Sol Simple (  with her brother who lives in Managua,  makes preserves  from passion fruit, orange,  and hibiscus flowers,  dried mango, pineapple and banana, cashews and coffee.   All organic, all grown in Nicaragua to help the farmers expand fair trade practice.  They have a few accounts in the  US and are hoping to expand.

Casa Iguana’s simple huts had comfortable beds and a futons in the larger Casitas with hammocks to spend a few hours reading in the afternoon.  The mile long beach was safe for snorkeling and about 10-15 minutes out was a reef teaming with sea life (lots of eagle rays) and healthy coral.  Rooms run $65 – $85.00 depending on the size of the cabin.  Prices for meals are $6.00 breakfast, $7.00 lunch, and $16.00 dinners. Wines from Argentina are only $4.00 per glass and beer is $1.60 – $1.80.  A small bar and dining room makes this lodge a central part of island entertaining.

Because we were on the breezy part of the Island away from town, there were no bugs. but you may need the provided mosquito netting during the hotter, calmer summer months.  There were community and private showers and bathrooms.  We actually had toilet seats –  not all accommodations provide them and I ended up getting used to the water.  I was also thankful to see them use eco friendly soap like Wonder Wash from All Terrain a popular environmental line of bug repellents, sunscreen and washes operated by the Kulow family in NH which also imports the Borlind of Germany products, an  upscale environmental friendly skincare line.  For more info or to book a room :

Another unexpected surprise were the fireflies and the massive galaxy of bright twinkling stars every evening.  We loved every minute of it.

For scuba divers, there are 2 dive shops Dive Little Corn and Dolphin Dive Diving prices are very reasonable – 2 dives for $65.00 and $75.oo for night dives.  Packages of 10 bring it down to $60 per 2 tank dive.  Snorkelers are invited out on the afternoon dives that frequent shallower waters for $15.00.

I dove primarily with Dive Little Corn and loved the experience.  I just needed more dives and wished I could have stayed longer.  My dive masters Linnea (from Sweden) and John (Chicago transplant)  were very good about safety,  pre-dive conditions and briefings.  The dives were easy and fun, not many big fish except at Blowing rock which is more pricey – a 17 mile away dive that takes all day.  My favorite local dive site was White Holes which offered both snorkelers and divers an opportunity to swim with nurse sharks, eagle rays, and schools of blue tang among picture perfect Elkhorn coral. There are now 2 boats, no rinse tanks and they do carry DAN safety emergency kits. I did learn to feel better about cavern and ledge diving as we had several of these.  The water was a beautiful 81 degrees.  Mary and I were the only ones with full wetsuits which I would advise for protection.  I wore a skin for snorkeling as there were a few small jellyfish. The current was mild, with a few swells on the east side.

Due to a funeral which closed down Dive Little Corn for 2 days – I took a day and dove with Dolphin Dive.  These Europeans offer good diving too, but the boats was so crowded that I did not feel safe. On the second dive John and some students also came on the boat and they helped me with gear issues and getting on and off the boat was challenging.  A newer more spacious boat would make a big difference here.

While I was diving one day – Mary and Sue  went horseback riding with Bing Crosby (his real name) for 2 hours,  only $25.00 which included riding on the beach and through the woods and orange groves.  Bookings through the Peace & Love Farm on the NE part of the Island. They need 24 hours notice and the riding starts at 10:00 am or have someone radio them. It is about a 45 minute walk to get there from town. They also have a room to rent and provide a genuine  3 course Italian dinner for those who will venture out there during the night .

Other activities include  fishing trips, swimming, volleyball,  playing pool, hiking around the island, hanging out with the locals, reading or just relaxing in a hammock somewhere.  Be sure to book your trip soon as the word gets out this sleepy little island is already on the drawing board for land developers.  We met people from all over the world and group of grad students from the DC area.  I think we were the oldest tourists there!

We needed more time and will just have to go back.  We flew back after only 6 days to Managua and hopped a cab to Granada, the 4th largest city and the prettiest and oldest mainland settlement that sits on the edge of Lake Nicaragua, only a 1 hour drive from  Managua. Our destination was a small intimate hotel with 13 rooms  -  Casa San Francisco run by a hard working expat, Nancy a former United Airlines employee who believes a good bed is key to a great night’s sleep to reserve rooms from $55 – $75 per night  and includes a hot breakfast in a courtyard filled with flowers and birds and free Internet.  We were also delighted with the hot showers and homemade soaps her professional and friendly staff made our trip perfect – Maria Lourdes – she knows everything! And there is Pena, Carlos, Franklin & Giovanni …

The dinners were elegant and filling and the we liked the location of this hotel as it was a 5 minute walk from the town square – Central Park and all vendors and celebrations … in a safe quiet neighborhood. This town is  being restored and several other places also looked nice.  Another elegant hotel is La Gran Francia -

Nicaragua is the home to 54 volcanoes. We only had time to visit one – Mombacho an inactive one that encompasses a coffee farm and a zip line  high up in a cloud forest. There are many different Eco-tours places all over Granada – Giovanni was our guide who spoke excellent English and provided us with a memorable day for $30.00 pp.  If we had another day we would have gone to Masaya, the town that houses the active volcano -it is visible from Mombacho.   Another few hours roaming about the streets, churches, convents and art museums provided us with a good feel for the town . The artisans in Central Park offered reasonably priced jewelry, pottery, clothing and food items. Only a few beggars.  They even had a small chocolate shop – Momotombo Artisian chocolates infused with local fruits, nuts and coffee that were irresistible.

Wanting more exercise we headed out for a 3 hour kayaking tour amongst the 365 islands in the lake – created by volcanic eruptions years ago.  Of course that would take days but our short trip proved to be great exercise and informative. Our guide Alberto Mario Romano,a 22 year old with beautiful English speaking skills, works with  Inuit Kayak company ($35.00 pp including transportation.)  The birds and the flowers were beautiful and Alberto  is also a poet  and teaches children English in his spare time. His dream is to have a large whiteboard, pens and paper for his students.  I would like to help him reach his goal. Casa San Francisco also owns several small cottages on the lake if you want to be directly on the water and want to hike,  bird watch or swim. 505-813-6866.

One afternoon Sue & I pampered ourselves by getting a massage, an acupuncture treatment and a pedicure at the Alma Zen massage place down across from the bus station – a  rougher area but very peaceful inside.  A simple place that offered great rates and could take with just a quick call from Maria Lourdes at our hotel.  Paula, a competent business women runs the place and Claudia and Lydia our therapists were awesome; they are skilled, attentive women with big hearts.  Another Spa – Pure Vida was more upscale and was completely booked. The fitness center is free when you stay at the Casa San Fransisco. I had no idea that the Mayan Indian Indian culture was using acupuncture.  It is still common in Nicaragua and Claudia  inserted the needles with better proficiency than most therapist here in the US  for only $10.00 and you get to keep your needles! We also received a discount since there were two of us.

Totally relaxed,  we walked around town the rest of the day.  Leaving Nicaragua was difficult for us. The people, the landscape, the activities and simple affordable fun was such a treat!  The water was safe to drink – I did bring my Cell Food drops, North American Herb & Spice, Wild Oregano, Silver Biotics gel & spray, Tea Tree Therapy oils and Dr. Venessa’s Liverclean & Digestion just in case. We always travel with all of our supplements and have never had any illness or stomach upsets  in my last 30 years of road travel.  Nutritional supplements were lacking in the stores but the food supply was so fresh. Protein bars and snacks did come in handy (bring some with you)  for hiking but the fresh fruit smoothies were awesome.

The men -waiter and bartender at Casa San Francisco seemed to love the Aura Cacia Geranium oil that I wore mixed with lavender for a bug repellent. Some new American perfume, they all had to put it on …very cute… All 3 of us took our Dr. Venessa’s Anti-Aging 3 Collagen each evening to keep our immune system up, our joints limber and our aging bodies intact.  We tried to represent America well.  We respected their customs and mingled with the locals and thanked everyone we met.  Even taking photos,  the people were friendly and wanted me to spread the word that Nicaragua wants  tourism.  On a Friday night you may be able to catch a movie outside as the local were projecting American Movies on the side of an old building  with sound!  Better than a drive in and free!

Spanish schools are everywhere – for 4-5 hours a day and $140.00 for class and an additional $70.00 – $80.00 per week you can stay with a family and learn.  I am contemplating going back. They do have cell phones, Internet and I need to learn Spanish . Can’t wait to return – I have 2 photo albums posted on Facebook.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Unnecessary thyroid surgeries are on the rise nationwide rendering many people slaves to prescription medications for the rest of their lives. This small butterfly shaped gland at the base of your neck , controls more than just your weight and body temperature and is a very critical piece in the anti-aging puzzle of life.

As I was traveling through the Southeast this past month , I ran into a number of individuals who due to thyroid problems , had pending surgeries and prescription medication scripts waiting to be filled.

With the aging population growing , this thyroid challenge will escalate. While some people take the more natural form – Armour (from Pigs, about 40 % T-3 /60% T-4  ) many are still on the commonly prescribed  Synthroid or Levothyroid ( T-4 production) and Cytomel ( produces T-3) .

Still, even on medications many people just don’t feel right and still maintain many of the symptoms.

My recent hormonal tests showed that I have the thyroid of a healthy 20 year old in a 50 year old body.  My doctor wanted to know what I was taking.  As a lover of sea vegetables, I have always consumed  seaweed in the form othy120_3d_singlef green superfoods – Like Greens + , Chlorella ( Sun Chlorella, New Chapter or Jarrow ) , Spirulina ( Nutrex )  and in Nori, Wakame, Dulse and Arame whenever I could . I also started taking the Tree of Life Thyroid  product 8 years ago that I formulated as a preventative (not available now) and have worked with Dr. Venessa on a newer, higher potency formula to help the body cleanse, balance  and maintain this important gland – Dr. Venessa’s Thyroid Balance. The abundance of bladderwrack, dulse,  Vitamin D, Colleus forskohlli, rosemary , acetyl L-tyrosine,  trace minerals and schizandra offer hormonal and parathyroid support for  several areas: bone density , balanced body weight, emotional and memory health for the Hypo-type of thyroid imbalance (TYPE 2)

For people with years of chronic low thyroid , they may need additional homeopathic iodine drops to get their system back on track .Many alternative practitioners such as Johnathon Wright ( Townsend letter -April issue ) claim this is partly due to influx of flouride in our water supply , food supply and toothpaste. People with this condition should avoid hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium flouridas Dr Wright considers flouridation along with the prominant Albert SchartzPhDas the one largest health care frauds in our history . As a lifetime opponent to fluoridation myself ( and I am cavity free) I  agree with this statement . check out for more info …………

For Hyperthyroid individuals,  ( about 10% diagnosed & more difficult to treat ) please research the properties of bugleweed, lemon balm, motherwort, cat’s claw and royal jelly for your program. Also add 300-600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid w /a good b-Complex for a couple fo months then try a maintenance dose of 100-300mg. Studies since 2002 show that 2,000 mg-4,000 of L-Carnitine acts as a buffer and can be benficial to both Hyper ( calming down ) and Hypo ( improve weight challenges) . Robert Crayhon, one of my favorite nutritionists , wrote the book -The Carnitine Miracle that covers a wide range of topics.

People with a hypo-thyroid need to be aware that too much Alpha Lipoic can slow the thyroid down more so keep the dose around at 100-200mg daily .

Cut Soy products out of the diet for all thyroid issues.Sometimes even the healthy cruciferous veggies ( broccoli ,cauliflower,cabbage & brussel sprouts) will slow the thyorid so choose the most beneficial  by your blood or geno-type .

The closer to age 40 one is, the more you should start thinking about the nutrients that support this important gland. Even if you don’t have weight or energy issues, you need to take precautions for life long health.  It is never too late to start.

What is the role of a thyroid in your body?

Very Important, as it in involved with the central nervous system communication and positive emotional health,it control’s one’s body temperature, bone density , cellular enzyme activity, tissue growth and repair, fat metabolism, it regulates carbohydrate absorption, improves balanced energy, healthy cholesterol, arteries, and triglyceride levels.

Thyroid tests are usually not complete (get at least 5 tests done not just the 2 covered by your insurance).  Even if the doctor tells you that you are normal, you still need  to start nutrient supplementation after 40. Men are only 5-7% of the population and women nearing 40 with peri-menopause are the hardest hit and can reach 26% of this age group .

As women age and estrogen reserves decline ,the thyroid will be compromised. With increases of synthetic estrogen this issue will get worse.  Please ask your doctor about  Bio-identical hormones based on plants, instead of animal urine and synthetics to help balance oyur body at this age.

Your thyroid health is critical to our bodies decreasing sex hormonal levels (after age 30) and for supportive communication to the Hypothalamus & Pituitary gland- the spark plugs of your brain.  Be sure to also watch you insulin levels too as high levels of insulin can also slow down your thyroid activity.

So if you have any of these common symptoms, you may want to change your diet and start on some products that may help you through this transition – male or female.

Brittle nails….intolerance to cold…constipation…dry scaly or rough skin…enlarged goiter…fluid retention…heavy menstruation…headaches…high blood pressure…recurrent infections…joint pain…kidney problems…MS..Muscle aches…droopy or puffy eyelids….a bloated face…insomnia…thinning eyebrows…are just some of the symptoms . Do something about it now and don’t become a product of the latest surgery Du Jour !

and stop using flouridated products…….

In Continued health,

Sally Byrd

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Today there are so many choices available claiming to erase the visible signs of pre-mature aging. As part of the aging boomer generation I am continually working to inspire others by looking and feeling great for as long as I live.  Many women and some men are asking me what alternatives to medication , surgery , cosmetic fillers & injections actually work ; so I set out to further investigate some of the oldest forms of Eastern Medicine , Acupuncture & massage .

Although I have been receiving monthly Acupuncture treatments  for stress and hormonal balance for over a  year ,  I was fascinated with a traditional  therapy in acupuncture called Facial Rejuvenation.

I have just completed a full set – 12 treatment Acupuncture -facelift series , with Dr Michelle O’Shaughnessy, owner of Aesthetic Acupuncture Clinic in Orlando and am very pleased with the results.

Dr Michelle has the professional training as both an acupuncturist and an esthetician and loves using nutritional products too, to help her patients meet their goals. She and her husband have created a frozen soups with added Chinese herbs that are condition-specific( metabolic, detox , recovery,lungs  )  to encourage healing from the inside for people who have limited cooking abilities,  time constraints or who may want to limit oral supplementation.

Acupuncture facelifts , are an overall body makeover and do much more than just impact the face &  neck areas. Unlike a “tight ” un-natural wrinkle-free pulled skin look , these methods are much more natural ; they involve improving overall muscle & skin tone with improved elasticity for both the key target areas-face and neck with supportive body balance. These treatments  include a facial /European type of massage too.

Qi or circulation is stimulated by needles on the the face ( the normal flow of circulation  the  face is compromised as we age , “dragging “down facial muscles )  and supported by additional needles in your legs,feet,arms & hands  to achieve maximum stimulation and circulation and ultimate body balance. The needles that are used in this treatment are coated in silicon and are extremely thin , so you hardly feel them . Many of these esthetician’s also have needle-free skin -lifting machines ( micro-current technology ) that offer the similar effects , although more treatments are necessary . Acupuncture works by causing a slight trauma to the area of injection , forcing the body to produce more protein. This action plumps up the skin to reduce the visible fine lines & wrinkles.

Typical Acupuncture facelift benefits include : reduction of both fine lines, wrinkles and bags under the eyes ,lifts eyelids, firms the jowl area, reduces puffiness and stress , tightens pores & moisturizes skin,improves lymph & blood circulation and improves acne.

One additional benefit that I have noticed , is that my long distance vision has improved and I have not worn my glasses for driving in 6 months. I also advise you to follow a strong nutritional program with Dr Venessa’s Anti-Aging3 Collagen 1-2 times daily . This supplement along with the many benefits I have written about in previous entries , has now started to increase the layers of my facial skin., adding additional elasticity . Both Dr Michelle and the Janean Hamilton , RN , my acupuncturist ( stress management ) at the FL School of Integrative Medicine have noticed the improvements and have starting using and recommending the Anti-Aging3 collagen .

Other important nutrients to consider adding  would be the Jarro-sil or Natrol Bio-sil pro collagen liquid drops, along with amino acids like Carnosine , Acetyl Carnitine & l-Glutamine, Lutein, Alpha Lipoic Acid, B-Complex , MSM ,Resveratrol  or pycnogenol ,hyaluronic acid &  essential fatty acids like Evening Primrose oil  or Marine DHA  . Absolute musts for helathy vibrant skin include super green foods, like Greens+ , Perfect Food ,Chlorella or Spirulina , Dr Venessa’s Liverclean, turmeric or curry powder along  with hydration from water & lemon  and green tea  are essential .

For those who may needle- phobic or who travel frequently ; try the Health Recovery Chips that use a new revolutionary nanometer technology ( are actually crystalized stones with jade & sapphire)  and are safe ,efficient and very simple to use . These are terrific for home use, are cost effective and will work between scheduled treatments .

For people who may want more of an instant lift , but don’t want Botox , Guna Therapeutics offers a natural homeopathic injections but they may only last 2-3 weeks in the beginning .   Check with your esthetician :with frequent use the dosage  used decreases and the length of time  between visits increases, becoming more cost effective .

The “filler category is increasing with Restalyn as the major filler for the brow or lip area . This injectable contains hyaluronic acid and is safer than Botox but is just as costly . Because it forms a bump or ridge in the area injected, it is not suitable for the entire face.

For those of you who want an alternative ,safe , and total body anti-aging effect, try acupuncture or one of the micro-current treatments that use a mild electrical vibration to lift and tone the skin. Do not confuse these treatments with micro-dermabrasion .This is equivalent to “mowing the grass” while these in depth acupressure massage and lifting treatments actually support the inside of the tissue too. There are 18 different facial acupressure points.

Another facial treatment winner that I like is the Bellanina Facelift Massage method that works similar to the Acupuncture facelift except it is massage based and does not use needles. The roots of this treatment actually has some Asian roots….I was trained in this technique by the owner Nina Howard and now use some of the home techniques taught for my  daily maintenance cleansing routine. Long term aging  benefits packages start include a 10 week package , but stress reduction & relaxation is apparent after just 1 treatment . These treatments can actually be combined with acupuncture for additional health benefits. Monthly treatments and home acupressure massage techniques will keep the face firmed and toned between treatments.

These treatments are available at many day spas ,independent estheticians’ , massage therapists and several integrative wellness centers.If you are ever in the Ann Arbor Michigan ,give yourself a treat and make an appointment at the Bellanina Day Spa (  for a facelift massage .

Whichever treatment you prefer; they are all superior to toxic injections or a an expensive facelift, unless it is for facial reconstruction or a health condition. Remember, that even Botox type injections will not work as well on thin skin so they become less effective with older, aging or diabetic skin challenges.

With Acupuncture, massage , nutritional supplements,  a healthy diet and exercise you can achieve your goals for 2009 and look & feel terrific .

In our twenties we have the body we inherited; in our forties we have the body we made and by the time we are in our fifties or older , we have the body that we deserve because of the way we lived our earlier years…………Dr Michelle O’Shaughnessy

Erase your visible signs of aging skin and improve your overall energy with acupuncture ( both face & body !) and healthy lifestyle changes for 2009 .  You will be amazed  at the results.

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

In my travels and work within the natural products industry the growing use of body piercings is escalating. The fashionable belly button piercing, complete with accessories has left no body part or organ off limits. Piercings due to peer pressure, individual tastes, religious or cultural traditions, because your friend did it and the possibility of additional sexual stimulation, fail to communicate the long term health risks involved in this practice. Given the option of a tattoo or piercing, I would opt for a soy based ink tattoo. As one who regularly receives acupuncture treatments for lifestyle balance, I have consulted with several acupuncturists and their resources for this information.

Think of your body as an energy grid that runs on high voltage power. Too much interference may cause a short-circuit electrical failure within cellular communication and the body’s natural energy flow. These interruptions may contribute to a variety of diseases as we age .

Seriously , this is one of the side effects of aging and the ailments that are attached to it . For instance , when the brain loses electrical power ,symptoms such as hypertension, anxiety ,memory laspses, depressions, elevated blood pressure ,lack of energy, hormonal imbalances , etc start creeping into our lives. Most people write these off as aging  but you can delay old-age symptoms by keeping your electro-magnetic fields balanced which is what most bodywork is designed to do .

Metals ( body piercings )  interfere with this natural energy flow in the body. Researching Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Acupuncture therapies are now recognized by NIH and the Global World Health Organization along with many medical doctors for health maintenance.

Acupuncture, regulates Qi (pronounced chi) in the body and works to improve energy flow and overall balance and cellular communication. Each point of insertion will have a different electrical impulse or tissue frequency. The 14 meridian channels are linked into this flow of natural energy and our bodies’ natural electrical fields. Meridians; invisible channels that flow like a river, carry the Qi to various organs to keep our energy fields in balance.

For instance the Stomach meridian spans from the brain & nervous system function to the face all the way to your toes. When the stomach meridian is comprised, wrinkles become visible around the mouth, and you may become prone to acid reflux, nausea, hiccups, frontal headaches, and atrophy throughout your nervous system and even experience problems with your vision.  It affects much more than the area thought.

We need to view our bodies as a whole not just sliced up into different diseases per body part as our western medical culture dictates.

The meridian channels are as follows:

Liver, Stomach, Large intestine, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Triple Warmer (not organ related), Gallbladder, Ren (female issues), and Du (male impotence , spinal and mental disorders).

This is why it is so important to maintain overall body health and why I do not advocate organ removal before first using integrative medicine for body balance, i.e.; many Western medicine doctors would rather remove a gallbladder instead of treating the liver and endocrine system first with various integrative medical treatments.

Getting back to piercings: When the bodies’ Qi is compromised due to diet, stress, anxiety, surgery, aging (hormonal reduction), medications, physical accidents, disease, environmental toxins including metal insertions, the energy may become stagnant. Energy imbalances reduce our natural immunity and set the stage for chronic or long term diseases.

Metals, no matter what type will interfere will this process. Gold is an alloy (never 100% pure for jewelry) that tonifys the body, while silver will calm or sedate. When the acupuncture point is active due to a continued piercing 24/7 the area may become over-stimulated. This may lead to possible organ burn-out or immune weakness setting off chain reactions to various parts of the body –depending on your inherent genetic or environmental weaknesses.

When these metals are inserted into certain points, the body either speeds up (hyperactive, hormonal burnout, addictions to stimulant foods, alcohol, medications, etc.), while silver may lead to anxiety, stress, depression and a lack of ambition or clarity.  Once a person removes metal piercings, they may have to chelate or detox their body as many people absorb toxins from the metals – similar to metal dental amalgams (another blog!).  The best and most reasonable ways to chelate metals from your organs are to use chelation/detox suppositories, selenium, chlorella, l- glycine, glutathione, cilantro, green tea

(5-10 cups) infra-red saunas and lots of fluids.  Supplements such as Dr. Venessa’s Liverclean and the Anti-Aging3 collagen may also help.

Common Body Piercings:

Belly Button: This is a forbidden acupuncture point, known as CV8, located on the Ren Meriden channel, impacts the entire central nervous system. This point, depending on where the ring, metal or diamond stud is inserted could cause long term energy displacement and has been linked to chronic immune disorders such as MS. Piercing this point is could be linked to short-circuiting your core energy and lead to burn-out. Women wanting to conceive should remove this piercing and NEVER leave it in if one is pregnant or lactating. There are also fertility issues in many women who have belly piercings.

Tongue: The tongue is divided into 5 parts; stomach, lungs, heart, gallbladder & liver.  The center involves the spleen & stomach points. Several people I have encountered with center tongue piercings experience chronic digestion problems, acid reflux, constipation, fatigue and increased acne. The tip of the tongue represents the heart point – is there a link to possible heart disease here? How about just behind the tip – this is the lung point. Experiencing asthma or allergies?  Please give this a second thought. On the outside of the tongue is the gallbladder, on the person’s right side and the liver on the left. All critical points for healthy endocrine activity and long term health. In ancient cultures, the tonugue piercing was a pagan blood ritual and was not a permanent piercing.

Lip/ Medusa Point: Located in the middle of the upper lip. This is point DU26. This point helps with proper muscle contractions – over stimulating could lead to spasms in the back, dizziness and nausea.

Chin: This is on the ren Meriden and is point REN24. Piercings here can affect hormonal level burn-out, stress in the mouth (grinding of the teeth) infections in the mouth, and salivation.

Bridge/Top of Nose: Bladder2 point. Over stimulating may lead to sinus issues and headaches.

Madonna Piercing: also known as the Beauty spot or Monroe piercing placed on the top or outer part of the lip can cause damage to the gums (receding gums) and teeth (may reduce tooth enamel).

Outer eyebrows: Triple heater 23 point – over stimulating can lead to headaches.

Center brow points: Yua yao point – too much stimulation can aggravate headaches while traditional acupuncture stimulation can diminish headaches. It is all in the balance.

Ears: The points from the mid – ear (imagine your ear like the face of a clock)

9:00- Draith, tragus, conch orbital ,helix orbital , etc- to the top of the ear, 12:00 should never be pierced.  At 9:00 both the uterus and genital parts may be affected.  The outer ear at the 2:00 area is also a nerve point for the occipital area in the back of your head – already a stress magnet. From 3:00 down to 6:00 is the safest part on the ear for any piercing.

So the silver industrial bars (barbells) that connect the top of the ear or even the vertical industrial bars can severely affect your liver, kidney, bladder and mental state.

There are so many other places that are pierced but there are just a few of the highlights. If you must the very small gold, common in the traditional Indian culture that the women do to show submission to their husbands and to ease menstrual and childbirth pain is probably the safest piercing next to the lower ear lobe. It involves cartilage and not meridian or acupuncture points.

Be careful with infections, allergies and immune disorders. Please think twice before jumping into body piercing. Your immune system may reject it. Keep your electricial system working well , take those dangerous peircings out . You immune system will thank you.

We will discuss positive results from acupuncture in the next segment.


In continued health,


Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

People usually cringe when I tell them I love fruitcake and yes , I have heard all the jokes.

This one tastes so good that I actually receive requests every December from family & friends for years. This is not the white flour, artificially colored dry,flavorless hard-as-rock cake that you could use a doorstop. Spelt flour replaces the whole pastry flour that I used 25 years ago ..which was a variation of the Joy of Cooking dark fruitcake recipe . (You could also try a completely gluten-free mix from Bob’s Red Mill or Arrowhead Mills ) with added organic , fruits & nuts that are free of sulfur & artificial colors and preservatives.

The results are rich & satisfying, especially when served with a rum sauce or a freshly whipped real cream topping & fresh mint leaves. Start now ( for the best flavor ,it should cure properly in 2-4 weeks) so you have a homemade treat to serve your holiday guests or for you to enjoy yourself.


Preheat over to 300 degrees.

All ingredients should be at room temperature and organic whenever possible

SUPPLIES: 1 large 10 inch commercial loaf pan or several small loaf pans, greased with unsalted butter or Spectrum Spray and lined with wax or parchment paper .

Kitchen Aid or other mixer, Large bowl for mixing ,Spatula,Toothpick/bamboo skewer for larger loaves ,parchment/wax paper / bag ,Cake cooling rack

SIFT TOGETHER : 2 cups of Spelt flour ,1 teaspoon baking powder, aluminum free,¼ teaspoon sea salt ,1 teaspoon cinnamon, ground,1 teaspoon nutmeg, freshly ground½ teaspoon ginger, freshly ground , ½ teaspoon cloves, ground

LARGE MIXING BOWL : Beat until creamy ½ pound butter (2 sticks), unsalted

ADD: 1 1/2 cups of dark raw cane sugar

BEAT IN : 6 eggs, large

FOLD IN : 3/4 cup Blackstrap molasses

JUICE: 1 orange or tangerine & 1 lemon with the zest from the rind & pour into mixture ( option: use 1/3 cup of pineapple juice & a 1/4 teaspoon of lemon extract )

ADD the flour( sifted) and gently  work it into the wet batter.Do not over mix as spelt has a lower gluten content than traditional wheat flour.

POUR in ½ cup brandy or dark rum

USE KITCHEN MIXER on low to mix.

GENTLY FOLD IN : 2 cups nuts, chopped (pecans or walnuts) ,1 cup dates -chopped ,1 & 1/2 cup figs, Turkish work best -chopped,1 cup raisins or blueberries *dried, ,1 cup cranberries*,dried, 1 cup pineapple*, chopped-dried ,1 3/4 cups tropical fruits*, dried & unsulphured –mangoes, bananas, apricots, ginger chunks (candied)

* for extra flavor -pre-soak the dried fruits in a little brandy or dark rum 24 hours before adding to the cake batter

POUR the batter into the loaf pans and spread evenly. You can add whole pecans or walnuts on top to decorate .

BAKE for 2 ½ hours–with a foil tent to prevent burning until the toothpick or wooden skewer comes out clean. Please adjust the cooking time if you are using the smaller loaf pans .

COOL loaves for 1 hour on the cake rack . Peel off the wax paper and wrap in cheesecloth .

For best flavor, the fruitcakes need to cure for 30 days in a dark place at room temperature with weekly applications of rum( about 1/4 cup) or brandy .Use a pastry brush to apply or just carefully drizzle the liquid all over the cake. This keeps the cake moist & flavorful .

WRAP the loaves (on a plate or sturdy piece of cardboard) in wax paper or cheesecloth for the outer wrap and store in a parchment/paper bag)* for best preservation. Do not store in foil because the fruits may cause metal leakage into the cake.

* this allows the cake breathe and prevents molding

SERVE with: Whipped cream & fresh mint or homemade rum sauce with a cup of your favorite herbal tea .

REMEMBER : Be thankful during this special season.

A smile goes a long way and remember others less fortunate than yourself. Stay Blessed.

In Continued Health

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Taking a much needed vacation to Panama with my mom and my dive buddy ,  Bobbi Walton last month was fantastic. What a fabulous time we had. Everyone should travel globally to understand and appreciate our lives & the blessings that we have in in America.

Caribbean Jimmy’s ( is in the Costa Arriba area – East of Colon , in Nombre De Dios is my favorite place to dive on the Caribbean side… about 2 1/2 hours from Panama City . Jimmy is a 51 year old ex-pat from Alabama ( his relatives all live to be 100 + so expect him to be around for a while! ) , from the entertaining business , been diving since was 6 years old and has been in Panama over 12 years now. He married a beautiful women -Leti from El Salvador who manages the resort , while Jimmy is your entertainment & guide for fun in the wild !

Jimmy, a truly precious man , is a cross between Crocodile Dundee, Indiana Jones and James Bond …he cares about the local culture , is a straight shooter, honest person that gives back to society ,and he will challenge people when they are breaking rules and hurting others.

Diving at Jimmy’s is an experience you will never forget -imagine no other boats , no other divers and abundant marine life and virgin reefs. The fresh catch can be lobster , crab or fish or they will make you a steak! I usually bring additional veggies , olive oil ,herbal teas and hot sauce but they will accommodate your dietary needs as much as possible .

Staying in the simple huts on beach are my favorite -he is building a 14 room hotel too. No phones or internet here only bright stars at night . A new deep pool perfect for dive lessons or washing off the salt was just completed ;and he now has a zoo license so he can take care of injured animals and birds. The monkeys, guinea hens and kittens become part of your vacation family .

Diving is relaxed & fun , starting with a back roll off the boat . Eric another AL guy, is now working with Jimmy & caters to your every need ( like handing up your BCD before you get up on the boat ladder- I am definitely spoiled now) There currently no rinse tanks for cameras but I am sure they would set something up if you brought one. Both Jimmy & Eric care about safety first( they have Dan emergency kits on board) , then fun.

We saw an 8ft bull shark , hawkbill turtles, moray eels, schools of blue tang, sargent majors, black durgeons, angels(butterfly, french ,gray ) huge hogfish , groupers, squid, parrot fish ,trumpet fish,rock beauty , drums and of course many lobsters & crabs ( Jimmy will not take any female, small or pregnant ones) and some dolphins . If you don’t dive there is a reef off shore so you can snorkel from shore or use a kayak . The water is perfectly flat from August through October -perfect during the hurricane prone other parts of the Caribbean ( note: Panama has never had a hurricane!) There are also jungle hikes or horseback riding but no other places to “hang out” as this is a remote spot or a day trip to the San Blas Islands .

Please bring your insect repellent and some oils to use( geranium, tea tree & coconut oil ) …there are many sand fleas & no-see ums all over the place at dusk & dawn and for a few days we all looked like we had chick-pox. We always rent a car ( Christine @ Thrifty speaks Engklish and offers wonderful internet rates- you will always need to spend an additional $12 .00 min daily for insurance no matter which CC you carry) and make the drive up so we can tour the country side …..the best place to eat along the way is the Coco Plum restaurant ( they speak Spansih but they do understand sign language and pointing! ) just before you get into Portebelo , a historic town that Columbus visited and has fallen into ruins with the locals who don’t seem to appreciate history . The fresh fruit smoothies and fish with garlic & plantains is fantastic and they make their own hot sauce.A new place Octopus Garden is down a few miles , haven’t tried it yet but there are more choices now.

All of us wanted to visit the canal . The history is fasinating and the boats and procedures are amazing . We saw a boat carrying 4,000 Mercedes & Volvos whose tariff was $245,000 ! The canal is 50 miles long and it takes a boat around 8 hours of transit time , although it can run up to 14 hours . We could hardly drag my mom away ….she should have been an engineer. The new and third canal channel is already under construction and slated to open in 2014. There is a frantic building pace now in the city . I have never seen it so torn up as they plan to expand waterfront apts/condos & shops and the renovations in “old town ” continue . The recession has not hit this area of the world. The Panamanians are so warm and friendly and willing to help , and they still like Americans!

Bobbi’s parents spent their time at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort , an upscale place on the upper canal with a spa and numerous activities.

The mountains of El Valle beckoned to us and we found a beautiful new hotel , Los Mandarinos to stay for a couple of nights. It looked like a Tuscanny , Italy with a fabulous upscale restaurant-Casa de lourdes and a reasonably priced spa and fabulous mountian views. /507-983-6645 . Ann & Pete are your hosts and will take very good care of you. They are currently working on an authentic English pub to provide some evening entertainment . Because the mountains are damp , always take along your favorite air-freshner as there is always a hint of mold during the rainy season. My favorite is Mia Rose lime therapy.

We did not stay at the Crater Valley Spa Resort /507-215-2330 where we originally had reservations because the mold was so strong. They were very gracious and actually recommended the Los Mandarinos to us. The grounds are beautifully manicured gardens with a spring fed pool . Most of these hotels and boutiques will keep the rooms closed up with air conditioners off until the guest arrives. Call first to have them air out the rooms or stay in newer and/or renovated places.

El Valle is located in a 5 mile wide extinct volcano crater . This picturesque & tranquil town has so much to offer for those who want to relax, hike , bird-watch, horseback ride, get a massage or shop for native handi-crafts.They even have a 6 tower canopy adventure over a beautiful waterfall. Our favorite casual restaurant was Brushetta , a new Italian/Panamanian eatery next door to the Pinocchios 507-983-6975 , a 14 year pizza place with the same owner. The grilled chicken with garlic & herbs & plantains ,the homemade soups , hot sauce and a fresh glass of passion fruit juice was my favorite.

After the mountains it was back to beach to my friend Karen’s house . The ex-head nurse of the canal and her husband Bill who was an ad measure person for the canal ( boat tariffs) were delightful hosts and we l0ved their casual beach front home in Gorgona. Black sand , sunshine & ocean waves with rain during the night . Lots of high rises are going in and the entire strip of beachfront is expanding with construction.

The city was fun too.I usually stay the night before flying and after at the Courtyard by Marriott w/ free internet & parking.They are adding 200 more rooms. It is connected to the Multiplaza Pacific Mall so you can stock up on anything you may have forgotten , enjoy a movie , shop for drinks & snacks at Riba Smith, my favorite grocery store with a great selection of natural foods, an elegant dinner at the Palamar was all over too quickly . In Casa Viejo, the Cafe de Aris, 507-262-9304 on 3 street/Calle is a must stop if you love authentic Panamanian food. The flan was fabulous and no caramel syrup, I like firm-cheese flan plain or w/fruit is the best !

Panama is STILL a third world country with first class fun , especially if you enjoy the outdoors. There is something for everyone.The are no emmissions controls so don’t get too close behind trucks or buses.

Panama is starting an interest in organic farming ( they can grow almost anything ) in the highlands and opening up more natural spa’s and integrative medicine selections.

Next time I want to dive on the Pacific Side …Jimmy’s friend Kei -currently the manager of the upscale & elegant Isla Secas Resort is starting diving & tours soon……look out for a 2009 trip !

Be sure to take a break , even a weekend during this beautiful fall season, it doesn’t have to be expensive …..but we all need a break from the ridiculous politics and the temporary woes of the economy . Stressful thoughts DO affect your health so get out and exercise and be thankful for the beauty around us and all that God has provided for you.

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

An article appeared this week in the Wall Street Journal ( Obesity Study Looks Thin) this week saying that in 40 years the entire US population will be overweight . Like we needed to pay someone to do this study ! While I don’t 100% agree with the article: the Obesity Forecast does raise a topic that is in the news but people really don’t know what to do . Yes, they know that diet & excercise help ( even if they don’t follow it ) but that is only part of the solution. Media focus on ingredients like trans fat elimination means that other fillers will take their place and the cycle continues.

New Research is surfacing that shows that many people can’t lose weight because of the toxic chemical solvents from our food supply ,including phthalates found in pesticides, perfumes, paint , nail polish , plastics, estrogenic compounds ( known as xenoestrogens) that are embedded in their cells & tissues. Think about all the chemicals in the air , our water, our cars ( every time you pump gas !) our households, our food supply ,and the packaging used by most of us on a daily basis ; a water bottle , a paper wrapper , a bag , a coffee cup , a takeout meal , a paper napkin or towel ,childrens toys, all have an abundance of chemical processing agents . This doesn’t include the chemical household and personal care products that many families still use .

We are surrounding ourselves with synthetic hormones that act like estrogen recepters in all plastics and drugs residue that filters into our water supply . Extra Estrogen contributes to “belly fat “, which may be a symptomatic pre-cursor of Metabolic Syndrome , Hypertension , High Blood Pressure and Diabetes – all modern day diseases . The recommendations by our medical authorities to use flouride in our water & daily oral hygiene, to mercury & other toxic chemicals in our vaccines and in the air we breathe.

Some of the more common Estrogen-like Chemicals include : Parabens( cosmetics & produce waxes) , Phthalates( personal care) , PCB’s , DDT ( still used in other countries that export food to the US ) Red Dye #3( Erythrosine) P-nonylphenol ( PVC,detergents) Dieldrin ( insecticides) Atrazine( insecticide) , Hyroxy-anisole butyrate( preservative) and 4MBC found in sunscreens.

Are you confused yet ? Oh and Soy isoflavones may also contribut to the abundant of estrogens in our system . Wow , what is the average American supposed to do ?

As previously discussed , a healthy diet ( organic & regionally grown foods wherever possible ) and a moderate exercise plan ( 3-5 x’s per week) will help.

Other food & supplement choices that help to combat excessive estrogen in the body are :

Spices: Tumeric ( curcumin) , Cilantro , Oregano , Thyme & Basil . Eat them frequently on all of your food. I love eggs for breakfast w/ chopped herbs; add them to soups, meats,veggies, use basil leaves like lettuce and sprinkle turmeric on fish & meats -even in tuna fish or egg salad.

Herbs: Chamomile, Juniper, Green Tea, Fenugreek, Passion Flower

PowerFoods: Broccoli ,Cauliflower,Cabbage, Nuts( Walnuts, Almonds,Pecans) Avocado, berries, artichoke,( blueberry,raspberry,bilberry,blackberry) sea veggies, oats, barley juice , lemon, lime, grapefruit, celery, beet, green leafy veggies, flax & sesame seeds

Supplements: Dr Vennessa’s Liverclean- 6 tabs daily ( responsible for metabolizing and neutralizing excessive estrogen-contains turmeric,cysteine& methionine ) and Anti-Aging 3 Collagen ( contains Proline ,Lysine & Glycine) for damaged cellular repair ( mix with Lakewood Pineapple or Grape juice if water doesn’t work for you ) , Resveratrol 200mg( Jarrow ,Country Life) , Quercetin 500-1000mg ( Jarrow) , Turmeric 1,000-1,200 mg( Natures Way , Jarrow ) , Chlorella( Sun Chlorella, Source Naturals, Jarrow) , Cilantro extract( Herb Pharm, North American Herb & Spice) ,Taurine,and Carnitine( Jarrow ) ,EFA’s of your choice( Evening Primrose , Borage, DHA etc)-Health from the Sun , Nordic Naturals,Spectrum )

Extras: Infared Sauna’s -the best for detoxing -15 or 20 min daily if possible at 130-140 degrees. Cancer cells are destroyed at 103 and toxin removal is accelerated . Drink extra water w/ electrolytes( Cell food , Trace min drops, Emergen-C or raw salt in a it .

Colonics: they work and really help solvent detoxification with any plan you are following . A series of 6-12 for newbies and 1 monthly to get back on track . Healthy individuals should have one quarterly .

Acupuncture , Massage, Reflexology & Chiropractic,Chelation : For healthy circulation , electrolytes repalcement , energy balance and to regulate hormones. Discover the modalities you like and set up a regular schedule for treatment.You can alternate several to create what is best for your situation.

Solvent toxicity and detox programs will continue to grow in popularity as the public discovers new methods and results from natural choices ; these ususally that work better long term than most medications and long as you start early . Agressive treatments will be required for people with progressed disease.

Become aware of what you are putting into your mouth and onto your body . Don’t become depressed about the situation when you cheat , but instead take some simple steps to regain your health & vitality . You will feel and look better .

You can be tested for heavy metals -ask your natural Doc for a lab or contact me for more info .It isn’t just a colon cleanse in a bottle any more !

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

In our society it is not politically correct to discuss politics and religion but I have to say what is on my heart and let people know the truth – Body , Mind , Soul & Spirit . Our life is full of many small puzzle pieces and God is the border holding everything together .We have so many choices that it can be overwhelming – the supernatural is the next attainable realm for those of us who are expecting more out of life and want to connect with God’s blessings for our life.

With the roller-coaster economy , extreme political dissatisfaction , panic for this year’s elections , global warming , skyrocketing prices on food combined with the deteriorating quality of our food supply with GMO’s and chemicals, energy trends and health care, people are lonely, scared and fearful . The government , the new world order plots , the people that say they care but don’t , the dissappointments in the world around us …..ultimate dispair for many …. and there is power & protection in the promise of God( Psalm 91) .

Fear is not the way to manage your life unless you enjoy the stress, anger , discontentment ,anxiety , selfishness and uneasiness that for so many has become there way of life and they wonder , why are they here? What is our purpose? It is not just the good deeds that many of us do( you can not work your way to heaven!) , but our spiritual emotional stability that will guide our steps in our daily walk on this earth .

People are searching for spiritual connections today and looking many times in all the wrong places.

I am expecting miracles and they are showing up – my friends are starting to notice too. Expect the unexpected , the radical , the things no one thought was possible -make the miracles bible come alive Never allow anyone’s perception of you become your reality! from Les Brown - motivational speaker).

This summer has been life changing for me . Although I accepted Jesus into my life during a very desperate time in November 1995 , I have never experienced the electrifying power of God as I have at the The Florida Outpouring / Lakeland, FL Revival . The atmosphere under the tent( usually 5,000-8,000 per night ) has been downright amazing -the spirit of God is so strong , at times you can hardly stand up , there is weeping , demonic deliverance , there is laughter ;other times it is an electrifying energy .The call on my life has been to minister to others through nutrition and prayer.

The Florida Outpouring ( which started on April 2nd at the Ignited church( Pastor Steve Strater) off route 98 in Lakeland , FL has been the most controversial , highly publicized, amazing widespread media revival ever and God is definitely trying to get our attention.

Many of my friends , business contacts and people I meet traveling know that they are on my prayer lists and that millions of people are praying for them . Some choose to believe and others won’t ( I don’t judge , just pray!) , but thousands of miracles are happening around the world and in our everyday lives.

My miracles are small compared to others who are leaving wheelchairs, glasses, fibromayalgia, depression , severe physical limitations auto-immune problems and cancer behind them but they mean a lot to me and God see everything , no mater how large or small a situation is – it is important to him too.

People have to start stepping out in faith and claiming their healing . It is a totally foreign way to pray for many people but you can’t box Jesus in ! He is tired of “Man’s Religion “as we think we know it -look how radical Jesus way in his day !

I have had friends & family memebers who healed from anxiety , financial ruin , fibromayalgia, chronic aches and pains , back problems and terminal spinal ailments.

My own spine ( I had a previous fracture of L-5 ) and 4 broken bones( phalanges) and my meta-tarsal in my right foot have been totally healed . My very low body temperature , a 97.6 for years, is now a healthy 98.0 to 98.6 . My eyesight for distance driving has slightly improved and I feel that I am moving into a new realm of healing.My finances have also improved and I am giving more away ! I have sense of Peace and Joy like never before in my life. And to witness the miracles …..from financial – emotional healing – physical healing is absoutely amazing . I walk in divine health daily and yes, I still eat right and take my nutritional supplements and exercise daily as I try and be steward of the healthy body that God blessed me with .

Todd Bentley, the controversial ,tatooed, pierced evangelist with a very tainted past , intensely pursured God and the supernatural according to scripture . Why couldn’t we experience the joy , the healing , the miraculous teaching of those biblically based? His child-like curiousity and awe for God led him to wonder why all Christians and Messianic Jews were not claiming their miracles. He was sick and tired of the conterfeit so called “new age religions” that just confuse and curse people’s lives even more . Many people have said these miracles are from Satan but they are not -there are countless biblical verses to back him up . Matthew 10:8 is what Todd and Fresh Fire Ministries and now countless other churches live by :” Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons ” and freely give away to others. Teach others the ways of the bible – make the bible become a way of life today .

For more information you can check out his website and watch by internet streaming : or watch daily the GOD TV channel at 8-11 EST . Todd has also started on a nutritional path too . He has lost over 85 pounds with the help of a nutritionist and the local Vitamin Shoppe in Lakleland,FL. Roy Fields , the worship leader is also aware of the changes he must make to continue the annointed , productive life for the future of his ministry and family . As a nutritional missionary ,I know that is why God has put Lakeland on my heart so strong because me & my big mouth will start to influence people’s nutritional habits too and honor him .

My biggest passion for health, verified by this summer’s revival is that people keep their healings . You can’t have one or the other . To receive your miracle healing and then return to your “old life patterns’ of eating ( which may be responsible for your illness) is ludicris.

We should honor God with our bodies too, not just our spirit . We are all walking testimonies and are selling the whole wellness package to others 24/7 …… Body ,Mind , Soul & Spirit whether we are conscious of this or not. We need to be bold , healthy, spirit filled joyful people .

When we have the choice ( we do need to be respectful to our hosts when invited or traveling to other countries or cultures), we need to say no to junk food, soda, artificial preservatives & sweeteners ( ie :nutrasweet ) genetically altered foods ( non organic corn, soy, canola-includes fructose ) extreme chemicals used in farming and become responsible citizens in the world that God created. Our children are the most at risk since they can’t tolerate the chemicals and man-made foods as well as some adults.

Check out our book : ‘Are Your Kids Running on Empty ? ” available at your local natural food store, amazon or or for more information for practical household eating solutions.For Adults research the blood type and genotype diet from Dr D’Adamo- I ahve been folowing his programs for 12 years!) Make it a priority to live a better lifestyle than you were before. I am not against prescriptions or medical doctors however, too many people of God are addicted to to drugs , chemicals and food. You can start slowly and God will meet you where you are . Ask for guidance and he will direct you. God sees your progress , your eagerness to to find him brings him joy ……he wants you to pursue him not just take in and accept whatever “man” tells you in an hour on Saturday or Sunday by a religious person who spoons feeds you . Read his word and ask for understanding and revelation.We need to see people and situations as God sees them not how man views them .

Come and get some ….as Todd says -see what all the fuss is about or watch on God TV or the internet .Remember this is God not Todd at these events – the other annointed people who preach ,all have their own amazing gifts by God.

Coming Soon – There is a Fresh Fire burning in a town near you !

The Lakeland revival tent will close on August 23rd so Todd can take the fire elsewhere worldwide but continue at the Ignited Church

A relationship with God changes meaningless work into spiritual productivity and purpose. (James W Goll from revival-day 103 )

You will feel alive & vibrant again , no matter what circumstances are surrrounding you in your environment . We should be waking around jazzed & joyful , not like zombies and complainers.

Healthy Blessings for a new lease on life! YOU deserve it !

Hope to see your smiling faces soon!

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

The hot steamy summer days are upon us now and many people are asking me what products to buy for adequate deodorant protection. This is a sensitive subject since many people are used to anti-perspirants that prevent natural sweating -forcing toxins inside the body , and contributing to disease as we age. Coupled with the aluminum compounds , chemicals and synthetic fragrances ; this can lead to a toxic cocktail of ingredients leaching into the lymph glands, your blood stream and spreading throughout your body .

I started to use Tom’s of Maine Natural Honeysuckle roll-on deodorant when I was about 17 and have been using only natural products since. Of course mom scared us to half-to- death with breast cancer & dementia claims only later to find out that these were indeed true . Good thing we always listened to mom !

My favorite deodorant is the Kiss my Face , fragrance free or lavender , liquid rock that I have been using fairly regularly for years. Other favorites of mine are the Alvera roll-ons and the Earth Science ( Lichen Herbal ) & the Queen Helene( Mint Julep & Vit E ) and the new Kiss My Face Enzyme Active sticks . The sticks not only perform well -they are a travelers dream – as they do not fall under the scrutiny of the security checkpoints and they may be carried on board without a quart size baggie !

Weleda & Avalon Organics Sprays along with Jason’s Tea Tree oil & Tom’s of Maine roll-ons & sticks are other alternatives  but they won’t provide the longer term coverage for heavy perspiration and all day summer coverage.

The crystal solid rock deodorants , now available in sprays and roll-ons too, are very popular. There are constant debates on the alum ingredient and whether or not it penetrates the skin or not since Aluminum is a positively charged atom and the the alum is not. The debate continues and I can’t seem to get consensus on this one.

Lavilin is another longer term deodorant , great for traveling into hot humid areas of the world, that offers longer and stronger protection without reaching for a commercial anti-perspirant .

For those people who do sweat heavily , I recommend that you start to increase the chlorophyll in your diet which acts as a natural deodorizer and will support the Thyroid, your body’s natural thermometer. Consume a green drink daily ( mentioned in my previous entry ) and increase your zinc & magnesium intake . Dr Venessa’s Liverclean product ( 6 daily for most adults ) works on the entire endocrine system and will help to keep the organs healthy( including the thyroid & adrenals) free of excess chemical waste , pollutants of all types: water, food , smoke , mold , chemical residue from cosmetic waste material and even emotional stress and stone formation. .

Replacing your electrolyte loss will also help insure balance in the overall endocrine system and contribute to a better smelling body . Instead of reaching for Gatorade ( full of artificial colors and sugars) use the Trace Minerals drops and /or Cell Food in your water, herbal teas or juices. The Alacer Emergen-C will work too, but it does contain corn fructose as a sweetener & may not agree with blood type O & B . They do make an unsweetened version , although it is very tart .

Remember to eat more potassium -rich vegetables( celery sticks!) and berries .Since they are in season and prices are down -buy extra and freeze them for your smoothies.

Drink a higher Ph spring water like Iceland Springs, Evamor, Eden , Perfect water ,Crystal Geyser or Figi -one half your body weight in ounces…….and of course your green ,red & white teas.

For a natural aromatic enhancer for your sweet smelling summer body , try using the variety of essential oils mixed with your favorite body lotion instead of a ynthetic perfume or colone . Works great and no toxins. I love sandlewood , geranium ( also a natural bug repellent ) lemon verbena and lavender for the summer.

So continue to stay active this summer with natural personal care products and supplementation. It will make a difference !

Remember that sweating is natural and great for your skin and the aging process…just do it right !

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Turning 50 is supposed to be a life changing experience . I feel like a 35 year old, consider myself truly blessed , walk daily in divine health and am very thankful for my good friends & family who offer me constant support.

Celebrating my birthday last month in the Virgin Islands was fantastic. My friends, Sherrie & Paul Davis, own Natural Grocery & Deli ( a must stop-by – 5 minute walk for anyone taking a cruise into St Thomas, the Charlotte Amalie port near Yacht Haven -awesome snacks and deli ) whisked me away for a full day of bliss : sailing & snorkeling and an awesome reflexology treatment . Relaxing for me is challenging but sun, swimming , boating , islands, turquoise water, good friends & food …..great therapy .

We were in Puerto Rico for business so it was a quick side trip . Dr. Venessa gave a couple of presentations in Puerto Rico over the weekend and I was blessed to teach others in St Thomas; we were there for a trade show not vacationing! really !

Many people no matter where they live, are struggling to combat the signs of aging, both internal & out. Why live longer if you don’t feel well ? I want to be blessing and a motivation for younger generations and inspire people to live their life to the fullest , not just get by . Passion , faith & joy are rooted with wisdom & knowledge to unlease God’s plan for a fruitful , productive life in all of us.

What is it that helps us age well besides genetics, our environment and lifestyle choices ?

Both Dr Venessa & I try and follow our blood type diets the best we can ,at least 75% . I have been a Dr D’Adamo advocate for the past 12 years and am now an official groupie- MIFHI Dr D’Adamo’s Institute of Human Individuality and currently following my Genotype-I am a HUNTER! …his newest research for pinpointing nutritional accuracy .

Both of us are O types-the people who needs lots of protein and veggies with limited carbohydrates. As a former ovo-lacto- pescoe vegetarian for 11 years before that, eating only fish , eggs, lots of cheese & complex carbohydrates , I started to gain weight and lose focus in my mid 30’s . I changed for stress @ health reasons, improved dramatically and have never looked back .

I also like the advice of Dr Perricone and agree with most of the concepts in his new book Aging Face , Ageless Mind. Dr Atkins , Atkins for Life was an O blood type too , which is why his diet worked so well since O’s make up 45 % of the population. B’s , make up another 11 % and they also do well with higher protein diets. I usually tell people who want to follow popular diets to do them by blood type . An A ( 40% ) and AB( 4%) type will do better on Turkey and Wild Salmon than red meats so you can substitute the proteins to get your desired results. Giving up or changing the way you eat is a minor inconvenience compared to a long-term loading your body with synthetic pharmaceuticals that usually result in undesired side effects.

Here are the the top 12 supplements that I take daily that have impacted the way I age, both internally & externally . This is only a partial list of what I take but I don’t want to overwhelm you …..

1. Anti-Aging 3 Collagen , mixed berry flavor, Dr Venessa’s. 2 scoops daily on an empty stomach with water or cold yerba mate or green tea. Helps the body to stimulate its own collagen production to rebuild skin tissue, bones density , restore balance in the body -especially hormonal & sleeping patterns and proper weight management & muscle tone.This is the best foundation for aging well.

2. Alpha-Lipoic Acid w/ Biotin : 100-200 mg caps , take anytime. Insulin balancer to reduce glycation in the skin ; reduces free radical damage, improves overall complexion. Brands: Country Life, Jarrow, Blue Bonnet , Life Extension. Diabetics can increase to 300 mg but be careful with hypothyroid …limit to 100mg .

3. Liverclean 6 tabs at breakfast , Dr Venessa’s Formulas. This organ purifier works on the complete endocrine system ( includes your adrenals , pancreas, thyroid, gallbladder, hormonal glands ) very important for glowing skin , yeast overgrowth, emotional & hormonal support.For weight loss and toxin cleansing increase up to 12 for 30-60 days .

4. L-Glutamine 1000mg tabs , Jarrow or Blue Bonnet tabs, caps or powder -2 grams per scoop , Take 2-5 grams daily am -mid afternoon for healthy skin & muscle tone , tissue healing , energy and digestion.O & AB blood typees handle the higher doses better than A’s .

5. MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) 1,000 mg caps or powder( it is very sour)up to  8 grams daily anytime. Dr. Stanely Jacobs , the founder of the Opti MSM raw material takes 10 grams daily, is over 80 years old and has no age spots! Brands: Blue Bonnet ,Country Life, Jarrow , Nature’s Way .  Blood A take up to 3 grams daily as MSM requires a higher stomach acid , which O’s naturally have .

6.Pycnogenol 100mg-200mg ; powerful antioxidant from pinebark that binds to collagen & elastin,supports blood vessel health .Take anytime of day with or without food. Brands: Bluebonnet, Country Life, Jarrow & Solgar all offer 100 mg doses.

7.Resveratrol or Accai – 100-300 mg. Another anti-aging ,anti-inflammatory food that repairs DNA and boosts cellular activity ,offers disease protecting capabilities. Brands: North American Spice, Orange Peel enterprises, Neo-Cell ,Enzymatic Therapy , Jarrow , Natures Way .

8. Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500 mg -2-4 daily ; daytime before meals . Offers neuron and cellular protection,transforms fat into energy and is needed for many metabolic functions.Brands: Country Life, Jarrow, Nature’s Way , Solgar .

9. DHA (docosahexanoic acid) 200 mg . An Omega-3 anti-inflammatory needed for neuron protection , brain fuel and healthy skin. Use Nature’s Way Neuromins, Spectrum or Nordic Naturals .

10. Chlorophyll . I use several types. Greens + powder when I am home and a Chloro-Oxygen tincture ( Herbs etc-from nettles not alfalfa ) & Chlorella ( Sun Chlorella & Jarrow) or Nutrex Hawaiin Spirulina when traveling . Since our bodies are Alkalkine by design and acid by function , we need to add as much chlorophyll , a natural purifier and detoxifier to our diets as possible. The body will repair RNA & DNA at a faster rate ( excellent for skin glycation- ie wrinkles. ) , plus they support small amounts of proteins, omega’s, trace minerals, amino acids and other hormonal functions for a more energetic body & mind. Other good brands are Garden of Life Perfect Foods and Green Vibrence and Kyolic-Kyo-greens .

11.Turmeric /Curcumin . 1,000-1,500 mg daily anytime. A natural anti-inflammatory that support the liver & gallbladder , offering balanced energy and healthy skin. Brands: Jarrow, Natures Way ,New Chapter ,Gaia , Tinctures:Herbs of Light,Herb Pharm, Herbs etc.

12. Evening Primrose  Oil. 2,000-3,000 mg daily with meals . An extremely important omega-6 with hormone like benefits can be used by infants to seniors. The Omega-6 healthy oils need to be at least twice as strong as the omega-3 ’s in your diet for healthy looking skin. For balanced moods to healthy skin and arterial support , balanced hormonal support Brands: Jarrow, Udo’s Oils , Health From the Sun , Spectrum , Nature’s Way.

Aging gracefully is a discipline that is easy but not always easy to do .

Remember to exercise or just move daily , drink enough fluids for hydration, eat well , take your supplements,use good quality skin care and thank God for all the positive things he is doing in your life. Reduce your stresses , get some bodywork .

Celebrate life – Each day is precious gift.

Blessings to all of you,

Sally Byrd

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

As a frequent traveler trying to stay healthy on the road , I pack snacks and stop at places that offer healthier fare than the barrage of fast food chain outlets along the highways and in airports.

It happened again this week. People staring . Sneaking a sideway glance , sometimes asking for some ( which I will oblige ) as they reach for the high carb, high salt & fatty chips, cookies ,peanuts carbohydrate rich bars and mystery foods(can they even be called food? ) often served on the airplanes .

People are looking for solutions. Most people want better choices , many still don’t care or have given up because they are locked into a poor patterned lifestyle program that can be incredibly addictive.

My seat mates usually want to know – How do I have time to plan out the food I eat ? Why would I do this ? And yes-you must be one those hard core health food fanatics. I readily admit this fact & try to appear as normal as possible .

If you are headed out flying or driving on spring break , vacation or even a business trip in the near future , a few minutes of planning can save your blood sugar from plummeting, your waistline from expanding and embarrassing noises from your digestion system as you settle for greasy fried chicken , pepperoni pizza , cheeseburger, fries , heavy pasta salads , sugary lattes or cinnabons.

I follow my blood type diet ( more about that in another session) so my choices may be different than yours. I am an O positive , secretor , blood type with a strong, healthy immune system that tends to travel well even in challenging circumstances. With my Mediterranean heritage and my search for good food, I have been called a food snob. ( My kids are too!) I would almost rather fast for a few hours than eat junk . It’s just not worth the way I feel .

Here are my favorite foods that I frequently buy to travel with and sustain my nutritional needs and energy .

Nuts: Almonds( blanched , tamari , raw or roasted & no salt ) ,Walnuts , Macadamia nuts , Pecans & Pumpkin seeds. Seapoint Farms Toasted Edamame ( the Wasabi are awesome) or Genisoy soynuts are suitable for those with a peanut allergy .

Fruits: Blueberries, Raspberries & Turkish figs. Ginger pieces for those climatic or stressful moments to settle your stomach and promote healthy circulation when cramped in small seat for hours.

Protein: Sliced meats like roast beef or turkey -buy the Boar’s head ( Oven gold, Hickory Smoked or Salsalito turkey and roasted beef) , Applegate Farms Organic or another clean, grass fed, free range brand if possible .

Hard Cooked eggs ( be sure to crack & peel them first , add any herbal sea salt seasoning and carry in a Ziploc 1/2 baggie ) can also travel well for a few hours . DHA rich , cage free or organic are best .

Dairy : Sheep or Goat cheesses become more flavorful and are safe to consume at room temperature. There are cheddars, goudas and creamy spreadables available in small sizes.The Boucheron brand , a creamy but dry , French goat cheese is one of the best .

Beans: Hummus -Black bean , traditional or even pesto -use a baked wheat free cracker , a spelt tortilla ( Rudi’s)Sprouted grain tortilla ( Ezekiel 4:9 or Fat Flush ) cut into triangles , celery or carrots sticks or Belgian endive leaves for a lower carb , healthy fat & protein-rich snack.

Veggies: Bring pre-washed ( organic if possible) romaine lettuce leaves to eat your protein in( like a sub) or make them up before-hand . I also use fresh parsley , basil , cilantro , sage or rosemary and roll up the herbs in a slice of turkey or roast beef to balance out the acid alkaline levels in the food. You should always try and eat ‘green foods” with any protein .

Stuffed grape leaves are the ultimate travel food . You can even eat them while driving . You get a few carbs for fuel and some phyto-nutrients, fiber & minerals in the leaves-The Divini brand is a perfect individual serving . The Mediterranean Organics will serve 2-3 people.When traveling internationally , these have saved me on several occasions.The Whole Foods brand is surprisingly good but with the liquid & a glass container , this makes them suitable for driving instead of air travel ( serves 2 )

I love whole steamed artichokes so if I am leaving from home for an all day trip , I wrap a fully cooked one up with foil ( season before wrapping) pack a few lemon wedges to squeeze over it before eating ( in a baggie not foil) and you have a really healthy , fiber rich meal .

Roasted pieces of anti-biotic free chicken , hormone free burgers , sliced steak or roast turkey travel well too. I have even brought pot roast or salmon patties for longer trips.

Salads are also a great idea to take with you if you will be eating them within a couple of hours. Pack lemon or lime wedges-pour a little extra virgin olive oil on the greens first for the least amount of fuss. The heavy creamy salad dressings in the airports are not worth the extra calories nor the chemicals that are hiding in them ( GMO soy oil , artificial colors & flavors) . Best salad dressings are lime and/or lemon w/ flax and/ or extra virgin olive oil with some herbs.

Sushi -Buy at reputable place and you may want to stay vegetarian if you don’t have a cooler or cold pack .Fish spoils quickly so be careful here. Many fast food outlets or even grocery store take out sections use artificial dyes in the seaweed salad or in the seasoning sauce (FDC blue & yellow) so check the labels.

Carbs: Mary’s Gone Crackers or Blue Diamond Nut thins. Low carb and a better alternative than the traditional greasy and salty crackers.Frozen Manna bread( low heat , sprouted grains-no flour) w/ soft goat cheese or almond butter fills you up ( it thaws in a hour or so ) can be a healthy replacement for someone who may want more carbs or fiber( like kids or adrenal-burned out travelers)

Dessert : Yes, I do love dark chocolate so I try and pack a bar to share. Dagoba, Mon Cherri , Blueberry & Lavender, Eclispe , XXOO, are amongst my favorites, Green & Black 70%, Theo 70%-80% ,Chocolove 77% + are all organic and offer a healthier option than M&M’s and or a snicker bar.

Beverages: If flying, you are limited unless you buy water inside the terminal or a Tazo herb or green tea from Starbucks. I travel with plenty of tea bags – green , yerba mate, ginger, peppermint, rose hips or dandelion .Some the brands I favor are Numi , Traditional Medicinals & Guakaki. If you are hungry , a hot herbal beverage will fill you up until your next connection and while offering some nutritional benefits too. Try and stay away from black teas as they are natural diuretics and may trigger dehydration & kidney stress-already a concern while flying .

Bars: I don’t like many bars but the Greens+ ( with or without chocolate ) are my favorite, since they have almond butter in the base for protein and a medium carb glycemic index and are a live food bar. Larabars-the cherry walnut or their chocolate mint make a satisfying dessert treat. Many bars are too processed but there are new ones hitting the shelves all the time so be sure to read the ingredients first.

If driving, I travel with Itoen Sencha shots or their new Japanese green tea ( 16.5 oz) both unsweeetned , Iceland Springs, EvamorEden Springs , Figi water & Guayaki unsweetened or Mint Yerba Mate for hydration, alertness and peak metabolic function. Sometimes will also buy some acidophilus ( Jarrowdophilus travel size or a Bio -K ) to support healthy bacteria levels and a strong immune system . You never know what is in your food these days .

Eat real food , not fake food. Take better care when traveling so you can enjoy your vacation or perform better at your job.

A little planning goes a long way .

With all of the recent travel delays lately -keeping a level blood sugar will make a you a happier traveler.

Your seatmates and flight attendants will appreciate this !

Plus it’s a great conversation starter- you never know who will be sitting next to you.

Travel safe, maybe I will see you on my next trip !

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

The Honduras Bay Islands in Central America offer a quick and convenient travel option for those of us who love the Caribbean Ocean and are on a budget . The 3 major islands -Roatan , Utila and Guanaja are all surrounded by a barrier reef that starts in Mexico & Belize. The waters here are protected and most of the corals are healthy . Roatan does have some damage as the cruise ships stop there weekly and is the most touristy of all the islands.

Utila , the 2nd most popular and relatively flat island is more challenging to get to, but offers the most competitive prices for diving . Guanaja , the most expensive but also the most secluded offers a mountainous terrain and a uique experience. Except for the infamous Whale Shark activity each spring you won’t see many sharks or large fish .

I flew into Roatan on Delta ( Continental also offers twice weekly service ) and took a charter flight ( a 4 seater!) over to Utila . Roatan Charter was 2 hours late and and we barely made it before dark .-wee were told their larger palnes are being repaired. We were stranded on our return flight and had to hitchhike a plane from the Laguna Beach resort who was flying solo to Roatan , we barely made our connecting flight with Delta. I would opt for Atlantic airlines , SOSA ,or another charter of take the ferry from Le Ceiba if you use the San Pedro Sula airport on the mainland. We then had a quick taxi to town ,and a 25 minute boat ride to our final destination – Utopia Dive Resort . There is no direct road , in fact the road downtown is a wide sidewalk that barely allows 2 vehicles to pass. This all part of the Island charm .

This new resort is Eco-friendly and offers modern Asian inspired and comfortable rooms . Utopia Village is owned by a group of several Americans from Texas. Angelika, the general manager has survived 9/11, the bermuda triangle in a sailboat and the trauma of relocating to a 3rd world country to get married and start a new business. with her friend Debbie( very outgoing and a fabulous chef too!) She wants to be an inspiration to women everywhere who want to live their dreams. Angelika & Debbie have big plans for the resort with an upcoming new pool and dock to enhance shore & night diving & snorkeling along with a wellness center.

Hugh, the amazing chef , also from Dallas and his girfriend Ryan offer the best food I have ever experienced in the Caribbean . Due to my dietary restrictions they were able to cook wheat free and healthy food all week . No fried food or white rice. Amazing. I did however, cheat with his homemade chocolate coconut ice cream and his sorbets . The secret is portion control and fresh food. I brought my organic brown rice pasta and quinoa which he created some new recipes. Since the food is all shipped form the mainland , please bring your own staples if you are on a restricted diet. Chef Hugh will be really happy if you can bring a canof Extra -Virgin Olive oil as theyliberally use local butter.

For breakfast , other guests were enjoying his chocolate chip chip pancakes with whip cream and bacon and I had my veggies & eggs. Fruit smoothies were perfect mid day treats after diving . The ceviches and bubblegum hummus were also unique. Everybody was happy . Even the wine selection is a treat. If you don’t stay at Utopia , you must visit for dinner, although you need to make reservations in advance and reserve a boat taxi .

The outside bar with hammocks and comfy chairs, offered a remote and novel view of the lunar eclipse…..I truly felt as though I were on another planet.For those of you who want a romantic setting , this is it .

We had 2 morning dives daily and I took nitrox classes and went snorkeling or kayaking in the afternoons.

There is a full service spa on premises and Utopia can also arrange fishing trips. Between diving we looked for Whale Sharks and dolphins. We scored on the dolphins but because of the full moon, I was told not to be too hopeful ablout Whale Shark sitings, from our expert boat captain Leonard who has lived here all of his 25 years .

For snorkelers , you can just hop on the dive boat and get into the water after the divers. I will pre-caution you to wear a Lycra skin to prevent any jellyfish stings. The warm water was an average 0f 81 degrees and the currents were calm .I wore a 3/5 ml wetsuits and was comfortable the entire trip . My dive buddy wore a skin . Our boat had a canopy , many of the others did not and I was happy to be protected from the hot sun.They do not however have a rinse tankl on board for cameras or a mask wash are but are looking into it .

The schools of fish were incredible ….blue tang, sergent majors, several types of angel fish , banded & 4 eye butterfly fish , eels, hogfish , grouers, snappers, tuna, frogfish , spotted stingrays, turtles, parrotfish , wrasses, pufferfish ,spotted drums, trunkfish , cowfish , trumpetfish and nudibranches. The coral was so healthy I actually got to see black coral and one that was wedgewood blue . The entire Island is a marine park and be prepared to apy a $3.00 park fee for each day . Every site is marked with a buoy to prevent anchor damage to the corals . Mosty of the sites are 50 feet from shore . We only dove 13 sites and I counted 55 on the map .My only regret was that I did not have a camera. The visibility for most of the dives was 50-90 ft. Incredible . I could even make out the fish id’s when kayaking .

The people are delightful , talkative and eager to please. This is a simple island with people from all ove rthe planet and scores of back-packers and drifters. For an amazing land trip you need to visit the Jade Seahorse , ,an eclectic artist retreat that offer inique assortment of jewelry and furnishings for sale along with a treehouse bar and raw food. They even has rooms for rent if you want to stay in town. I have never seen so many different types of glass in different formations …you have to see to believe it .More popular places to stay in town are the Utopia Lodge-425-3143 and the Mango Inn.:425-3335

For additional land activites there is hiking to Pumpkin hill and horseback riding with cave exploration.People come here to dive, fish and boat and the offerings will continue to grow. Laguna Beach Resort is another fabulous resort for divers that offers 3 dives daily and has a pool shaped like a whale shark . Their food has been traditonal bisland fare but since Utopia opened up, they are spreading their wings to look for chef. Expect new food choices there soon. Their private charter is nicer than Roatan Charter and the pilot is top-notch . In the US call 800-668-8452 for reservations or e-mail them at :

You can find a place to stay for just about any budget and the US dollar still offers a value here.

Things you need to prepare for : Insect bites……we did not get any while we used our Jason Organic Tea Tree Oil & Aura Cacia Lavender Oil and the Jason , Quit Bugging Me , Insect repellent . Another natural brand that works is the All Terrain Spray . For Jellyfish Stings, we used the Siver Biotics ASAP gel with a few drops of tea tree oil in it . The itching stopped within minutes. For those of you who are very sensitive you may want to pack Benedryl for emergencies.

We used Vitamin C serums( Zia & Kiss My Face ) for after dives and sun exposure with Jason Aloe Vera Gel with essential oils of lavender & geranium for external moisture and skin protection. To ensure healthy reefs, be sure to use a sunscreen with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in it instead of the traditional FDA approved chemicals that are slowly killing coral reefs. Many natural brands such as Jason #30 mineral based , Alba fragrance Free #18 for adults & kids , Kiss My Face #18 w/ Oat Protein, and Earth’s Best Baby 30+ Suntan lotion offer these products . They are thicker than most lotions but you can add some natural almond or olive oil or aloe gel to help them spread more easily .

Honduras is a beautiful country filled with friendly people. I hope that you get to experience some of its treasures soon….remember your passport and bring an extra $35.00 US cash for your exit fee……I may see you down there again soon.

Safe Travels,

Sally Byrd

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

During my trip to the dentist this month I was again reminded of the importance of regular dental check ups and focus on healthy alternative dental care products .

I am very fortunate and blessed with a healthy mouth , hard Italian teeth with no cavities or gum disease. However many people fear their bi-annual dental check-ups- Many dentists are now linking poor dental health to cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and , high cholesterol & triglycerides , hypertension and diabetes and birth defects . You can prevent or catch early warning signs when you visit your dentist regularly .

You also need to informed about the toothpaste and mouthwashes available for sale. The number one red flag is sodium fluoride . Many commercial toothpastes use sodium fluoride which is toxic is large doses and may lead to bone decay from prolonged use. As you age this can be a problem with hip fractures , advanced dental work and chronic back pain.

Due to recent research studies, the addition of fluoride has not been a factor in cavity reduction whether in toothpaste or in drinking water . This additive is detrimental to developing gums and young teeth . When teeth become mottled (showing signs of discolored spots) or pitted , a person ( child or adult) should stop any additional fluoride treatments of any type ( especially sodium fluoride) toothpaste or if possible, fortified drinking water. These spots and over fluoridation can build up long term toxic effects on the nervous system and contribute to long-term bone loss and osteoporosis.

Other key ingredients to watch out for are the artificial food colors & sweeteners , sodium laurel & laureth sulphate . Long term exposure to these ingredients can lead to immune disorders and various forms of cancer. These ingredients may be lurking the dental polishes that finish off your dental visit , your toothpaste or in your mouthwashes too.

The natural form of fluoride sold within the natural products industry is calcium fluoride , a natural occurring mineral ( not a poisonous waste from a chemical plant ) and is safe to ingest for most people except those with fluoride toxicity . Calcium fluoride is abundant in seaweed and green & black tea which explains why the traditional Asian diet produced healthy teeth & gums.

Other important oral care ingredients to look for is CoQ10 & Neem oil for healthy gums, MSM & Aloe Vera for gingivitis , licorice root, silica & bamboo powder for whitening , tea tree ,clove oil , grapefruit seed oil & perilla seed to fight bacteria growth .

There are numerous natural oral care products that work . Tom’s of Maine started his natural business in 1968’s and is still the leader in the industry . Jason’s Fluoride-free Healthy Mouth or Powersmile toothpaste are my favorites. Other quality brands include Kiss My Face ,The Natural Dentist and Dessert Essence, Neem Toothpaste . There are natural tooth powders, tooth gels and natural mouthwashes & floss.

Save your smile and somebody you love this month

Schedule frequent dental checkups , you may need 3-4 times per year to keep your pearly whites shining without synthetic polishes……change your paste & wash

Natural oral care products do make difference-A healthy mouth & a healthy heart !

Healthy blessings, Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Delicious !Delicious !

February is the perfect time for chocolate  . Well actually anytime is. Now you you don’t have to feel left out from the exchange of sweets and party foods this month .

For those of us who love dark chocolate and  really rejoice in a sweet treat once in a while , I have a guilt free recipe that is sure to replace those artificially sweetened,  junk food , preservative laden, mass produced desserts.

My kids , co-workers and friends all gave this recipe a thumbs up and asked for more!
I was inspired by another recipe in my local paper , the St Augustine Record , a few years back -the original written by Mr J.M.Hirsch and have been working to make the recipe fit my dietary and taste requirements .

Enjoy! This is one of my favorite desserts.

Getting started:

Utensils: a double boiler, an electric mixer or hand mixer with large bowl ,
your favorite medium-sized brownie pan or Pyrex dish , rubber spatula, toothpicks,sharp knife.

Oven: Preheat to 350 degrees .

Use 4  3.5 oz large bars of Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate or equivalent , 1 cup Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade raw cane sugar, 6 large eggs, 1 &1/2 sticks of unsalted Organic Valley butter, Spectrum Grapeseed or Canola spray, 1 teaspoon almond or vanilla extract, pinch of raw sea salt ,  a small amount of Bob’s Red Mill Almond flour or Arrowhead Mills Spelt Flour ( for nut allergies) and 1 cup of chopped nuts-macadamia, walnuts or pecans.

Nut allergies: You may substitute dried cherries,cranberries or blueberries or unsalted soy nuts for people with tree nut or peanut sensitivities.

Pan: Spray brownie pan with vegetable oil spray .Spread a thin dusting of the  flour over the spray .Option : use muffin liners and delete  the spray and & flour.

Electric Mixer: Break the eggs into the mixer bowl and add the sugar.Using the slow speed , gently blend together .

Double Boiler: Make sure you add water to the lower pan first !Use medium heat . Break up the chocolate bars and butter into smaller pieces and melt into a rich thick liquid. Add mixture slowly into the mixer and fold into the eggs & sugar . Add the sea salt and flavor extract and the nuts.

Pour into the greased pan and bake for a min of 50-55 minutes. Do not let them burn . Since this is a flour-less desert , the toothpick will not come out completely clean when warm. Allow the brownies to cool first before cutting or they will crumble. Cut into small squares -they are very rich!
Serve with powdered sugar , a dollop of whip cream or fresh berries.

For sugar sensitive individuals -Serve these with a nutritious beverage like green, white ,cinnamon or Roobius tea to help to nullify the effects of the sugar and take 2-4 tabs of Dr Venessa’s Sugar Balance formula to regulate sugar levels within a hour or so.

Options : For parties  and special events try using muffin  pans for a fun alternative with a ‘nut’ or berry on top . Use a little oil spray on the bottom of the paper muffin cups and nix the extra flour. Reduce the cooking time to 35-40 minutes. Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar for a color variation.makes 12-14 muffins. Enjoy with your favorite beverage .

Tips: Always use a high quality chocolate .This really makes the difference. It is worth the extra cost . The 70% -75% range seems to work the best . Never use milk or white chocolate unless you decrease the sugar as they are much sweeter and offer none of the health benefits as pure cacao.

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Just about everyone loves homemade soup especially with the colder weather . As an addition to last weeks entry on surviving the holidays and the winter season this soup not only tastes good but will help your immune system stay strong…..

This one of my families favorite and easy to make vegetarian soups that is both dairy and grain free. Many of us are cooking this holiday season and soups are so easy and much more nutritious than packaged varieties.

Try this for light meal when time is limited…it also freezes well.

Remember :

Buy organic or local produce whenever possible for the highest nutritional benefit-

Time : 45 minutes

Utensils needed:

6 quart soup pot, 1 large bowl ,1 large knife ,glass measuring cup,blender,wooden spoon , ladle


3-4 tablespoons ghee ( clarified butter) or unsalted organic butter ( optional )

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil ( to 4 tablespoons if no butter is used)

3 tablespoons dried basil or parsley flakes

2 tablespoons turmeric , ground powder

1 whole bulb garlic, peeled and chopped

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper flakes

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1 bunch parsley  or cilantro, chopped

1-2 large celery stalks , sliced

1 bunch of broccoli with leaves, chopped

1 lb of carrots and or parsnips ( I like to use a combo )

4 medium size onions,chopped

1 bunch of  escarole or kale ( discard the stems )

2 quarts of vegetable broth

Saute the garlic, onions , parsley and herbs in the butter and oil . Add the vegetables and broth and cook until tender,about 25 or 30 minutes.

Add small amounts of the vegetables and broth to a blender just until smooth .Repeat until the entire pot has been blended. Add additional salt to taste and some chopped herbs of your choice.

If you tolerate dairy,  a small amount of Shredded Romano ( sheep’s milk) or a soft goat cheese will really satifsy you .

Serve with a fresh mixed Mediterranean mixed green salad and water with lemon for a light , but a filling , cleansing and immune supporting meal.


Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Friday, November 30th, 2007

The Christmas holiday season can be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year . We are supposed to be enjoying our families, taking care of the needs of less fortunate people , thanking God for all of our blessings and yet , most people are exhausted trying to meet the demands of what our society dictates. The endless commercials, internet ads, shopping expectations , the demands of parties, decorating , cultural events and even end of the year business challenges are too much for many people .

Many people tend to focus on gifts and neglect themselves and become sick by January .
TIP #1
The most important supplement to balance your immune system is a green drink , like Greens+ , Kyo-Green, Green Vibrance , Perfect Food or one of your other personal favorites. Take 1 tablespoon up to 3 times daily with a minimum of 8 oz of water for each tablespoon. These high-alkaline green drinks are also a terrific meal replacement or snack when runnning errands or shopping . If you are watching calories , have one before you attend a party or event to limit foods that you normally don’t eat .
Just add to a water bottle ,shake and take it with you. Reduce the dose to 1 teaspoon for kids under 12.

TIP#2 For those holiday sniffles , make sure you have your natural anti-biotic acting supplements with you at all times. Wild Oregano Oil or the Oregabiotic ( North American Herb & Spice ) , Silver ( Silver Biotics or Sovereign Silver ) Garlic (Allimax) herbs,( Dr Venessa’s Respiratory & Bronchial Complex) and the Vitamin C ( Alacer Emergen-C packets)and Resistant Microbes Herbal Extract ( Herbs of Light ) really work .

TIP#3 For anxiety attacks and emotional balance from the stress of crowded shopping malls and horrendous traffic jams, try using rhodiola, holy basil , B-Complex and Pantothenic acid (500mg) .Try Kava Kava 300 mg at night with 500 mg of Magnesium and /or 100 mg Theanine .

TIP#4 Use Aromatic essential oils like lavender and peppermint , they help to reduce headaches and uplift mild depression. Tyrosine , 1000mg also helps.

TIP#5 For focus and concentration for the things on your to-do list , drink Yerba Mate’ ( Traditional Medicinals & Guayaki’ are my favorites) , Green Tea ( Itoen , Numi , Traditional or Celestial Seasonings ) and your EFA’s -200-300mg of DHA fish or vegetarian marine source ( Nordic Naturals , Nature’s Way ) Phosphatidyl Serine
( PS ) 100-200mg daily, ( Jarrow Formulas) also works .

Remember to breathe, get moving with daily exercise , surprise someone with an unexpected courteous gesture or a genuine smile , and take joy in the simple pleasures that this season brings.

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Friday, November 16th, 2007

My kids are already asking for it . They could eat it every week. Ezekiel bread stuffing doesn’t last long around my house. I was raised on the commercial Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix and have created a wheat free option as one of my favorite side dishes , year round.

This version is vegetarian , meat options are listed below.

Utensils you will need:

1 large bowl for mixing stuffing

1 small bowl for eggs

1 measuring cup for liquids

1 electric frying pan or a pyrex baking dish

Cutting board

knife for chopping

large spoon


Ezekiel bread- (1 loaf) orange wrapper -100% flourless. moisture. You may also use Spelt ( Berliner ) , Rice or Millet bread if you have severe grain sensitivities.

1/4 cup unsalted butter , Organic or Irish butter.

1 cup water or vegetable broth

1 large bunch of parsley , rinsed well chopped fine. Italian has more flavor than curly.

1 teaspoon oregano, fresh & chopped

4-6 green onions or 1 med onion , chopped

4-6 cloves of garlic , chopped

2 eggs, large and beaten well

8oz chopped crimini mushrooms ,( small portebellos /bellas)

3-4 stalks of celery , chopped fine with leaves

1/3 cup of chopped nuts-pecans ,walnuts or almond slivers
1/3 cup dried cranberries or chopped Granny Smith green apples

1/4 cup shredded Pecorino or Locatelli ( Italian sheep’s milk cheese)

Olive Oil , extra virgin

Bell’s Poultry Seasoning , 1 tablespoon ( this is vegetarian) or fresh ground sage & rosemary

Red pepper flakes , 1/4-1/2 teaspoon ( optional, adds some zing!)

Salt, Celtic , Real or sea salt to taste


1 loaf of Ezekiel 100% flour less bread (orange wrapper ) Let sit out overnight in large bowl .Cover with a cloth paper towel .This will reduce the moisture in the bread and make a firmer stuffing .

Tear into small bite-site pieces including the crust . Let sit .

Beat eggs until thoroughly blended in a small bowl.

Heat butter & olive oil in the electric skillet or large frying pan .

Add scallions , mushrooms, celery, parsley, oregano and garlic and cook down until translucent . Add water or vegetable broth and seasonings ( Bell , salt , red pepper)

Combine the heated vegetables into the large bowl with the shredded bread . Add the beaten whole eggs, nuts and cranberries or apples with the water or vegetable broth to the bread mixture.

Mix well with a large wooden spoon or clean hands!

Cook in skillet on low heat for 20 minutes. Spread the shredded cheese over the stuffing .

Heat under the broiler in the skillet or move the mixture to the Pyrex dish( slightly greased with olive oil ) until slightly browned and cheese melts . Serve warm with your favorite protein or vegetable dish .

OPTIONS: Add 8 oz of beef , lamb or veal sausage, 1/2 cup oysters or chestnuts to the vegetable saute.


Serve as a side dish with your morning eggs.Poach, soft boil or pan fry eggs ( olive oil or ghee) and use the stuffing instead of breakfast potatoes or grits.
Try stuffing instead of potatoes or rice for your favorite fish meat entree or for vegetarians with sauteed spinach, beet tops, broccoli or kale . Drizzle a teaspoon of Spectrum organic flax oil w/ DHA over top , just before serving for extra health benefits.

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

After consuming 2 cans of Sencha Shots, my favorite Japanese green tea in a convenient can, and a cup of Yerba Mate & Green Macha tea , my brain is recharged and I am embracing the day with enthusiasm and focus.

Green tea & Mate are superior zero calorie sources of metabolic energy stimulants and anti-aging nutrients in a can/bottle , teabag , capsules or powder that stabilize blood sugar and are loaded anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrient colors so they assist in the prevention or reduction of glycation evidence in the skin. Glycation is a sign of aging . Many diabetics and people with extreme low or high blood sugar and/or insulin imbalances or people who eat a high carbohydrate diet , may experience excelerated glycation in their body .This increase wrinkles , sagging skin & slows the cellular renewal as we age.

Although reversing deep wrinkles is unlikely , unless you succumb to surgery or injections, there are choices like acupuncture , acupressure facial manipulation and facial massage and exercises that produce excellent results.

Heavy coffee drinkers beware , because rising insulin levels that strain the adrenal glands will accelerate glycation and aging.

The caffeine is these green teas do not stress out the adrenal glands like strong coffee.

Some people do experience an increase in stomach acid-they need to combine the green tea with other beneficial herbal teas like mint,licorice root , fennel, marshmallow and slippery elm to soothe the digestive tract.

Many research studies show that a minimum of 10 cups of green tea are necessary to get your desired results for antioxidant activity . The Sencha Shots by Itoen are my favorite quick fix jolt for the day with 152 mg of catechins per 6 oz can and the nutrients contained in 5 cups of green tea. This “bitter” tasting beverage, it tastes better as you get used to it …. is a twice- brewed tea leaf that acts as a healthy cell food, encourages improved metabolism and aging reduction.

For a less bitter taste without the punch , try Dr Weil’s Gyokuro tea , a shade -grown green tea with a fresh taste & smooth finish in an 8.2 oz can .

Dieters: Consume 4 cans for 4-6 weeks then cut back down to 1-3 daily.

Diabetics: Consume 2 cans daily.

Students: Consume 1-2 cans as needed , more for exams .

For Skin Health : 1-3 cans daily

I also drink Yerba Mate for mental alertness and focus to wake up the brain cells; mix it with mint to experience a refreshed spirit.Start putitng 2 different tea flavors in a cup . You can also extend the ‘life of your tea bag ” this way .

Other favorites that improve circulation and thus benefits the skin; include ginger , peppermint and roasted dandelion root ( removes glandular impurities from the liver and gallbladder ).

I am probably drinking around 10-15 cups a day alone with my water intake around 65-70 oz.

My Favorite brands include Traditional Medicinals, Numi , Guayaki , Celestial Seasonings and the ready to drink line of Itoen and Dr Weil’s . Tips for accelerated antioxidant protection is to mix and match your favorite teas to create custom blends and a stronger tea taste.

Try organic roasted dandelion, green , white teas, red & green rooibus tea , yerba mate or ginger , peppermint and ginseng and so on….

Economical & Easy :Boil water in a 6 quart pot . Add 6 bags of the Celestial Seasonings Ginseng Honey Lemon Green tea with 4-5 bags of Traditional Medicinals Yerba Mate w/ lemon and 2-4 bags your favorite brand of green tea ,steep 5 minutes, then refridgerate.Tastes great and you do not need a sweetener .Your family will drink more tea when it is already made! Serve with a sprig of mint.

For travelers: Take along your favorite tea bags with you, everyone serves hot water , including the airlines.

For instant cold water teas: Try Garden of Life liquid green tea packets and Jackie Chan’s InstaGreen beverage mix stixs.

Tea is finally accepted as a healthy drink and is still the #1 beverage of choice worldwide over soda’s!

Don’t let cellular decay rust your body and increase aging ,

Keep it young with Green or White tea , Yerba Mate or your favorite herbal tea beverage.

Please remember to avoid the convenient green teas that contain corn syrup and additional caffeine stimulants that are available in most retail outlets from convenience stores to airports. Read the label .Make better choices!

Sally Byrd

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sally on May 7th, 2011

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007


Many of you have asked me for my opinions and health secrets and I will be able to communicate to everyone through this blog. Please feel free to ask me questions and share your successes .

The name of this blog was inspired by my friend Dee Pell in Charlotte , NC whose entire family and network of friends thought my last name was “says” . I used to do massage and reflexology on her hair clients and friends and was one of her nutritional resources when I lived in Charlotte from 1994-1998 . We even started on the blood type diet together in 1997…….Thank you DEE. I miss you !

New label designs are in production and the Doc and I are updating the current formulations. Working with his gentle uplifting energy , positive attitude and his sheer genius of a mind, has been motivating and satisfying . Since I have been a friend of family for 7+ years , I feel at home.

The  Collagen product for which I have been taking since June 2006 has been amazing. I have lost almost a full pant size and I sleep at least 6 hours a night -no small feat for a women who is in the throngs of peri-menopause. As for aging gracefully and overall skin health , this is the answer. We are losing collagen daily as we age and this product will work on all tired and thinning body tissue to firm it up and repair damage. How many of you are approaching 40? You have already lost 15-20% of the collagen in your skin.

With the added Vitamin C , amino acids – Lysine, Glycine and Proline in therapeutic doses- even insulin levels can be balanced, another cause of aging skin. In addition to twice a day collagen supplementation on an empty stomach , I increased my L-Glutamine intake to 5 grams and MSM (Opti raw material ) to 8 grams daily to add extra firming support . The results are positive but this process takes time.

Remember to also drink plenty of pure , non-flouridated & chlorinated water .The ideal ration is 1/2 of your body weight in oz per day . This would equate to a 140 lb individual would need 70 oz…..With every serving of collagen you need to consume at least 8 oz of water so this will add to your daily goal and optimum skin hydration.

Results come quickly when you load up your body with 2 servings daily for the first 6-8 weeks…….let me know your results.

Sally Byrd

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