Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

During my trip to the dentist this month I was again reminded of the importance of regular dental check ups and focus on healthy alternative dental care products .

I am very fortunate and blessed with a healthy mouth , hard Italian teeth with no cavities or gum disease. However many people fear their bi-annual dental check-ups- Many dentists are now linking poor dental health to cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and , high cholesterol & triglycerides , hypertension and diabetes and birth defects . You can prevent or catch early warning signs when you visit your dentist regularly .

You also need to informed about the toothpaste and mouthwashes available for sale. The number one red flag is sodium fluoride . Many commercial toothpastes use sodium fluoride which is toxic is large doses and may lead to bone decay from prolonged use. As you age this can be a problem with hip fractures , advanced dental work and chronic back pain.

Due to recent research studies, the addition of fluoride has not been a factor in cavity reduction whether in toothpaste or in drinking water . This additive is detrimental to developing gums and young teeth . When teeth become mottled (showing signs of discolored spots) or pitted , a person ( child or adult) should stop any additional fluoride treatments of any type ( especially sodium fluoride) toothpaste or if possible, fortified drinking water. These spots and over fluoridation can build up long term toxic effects on the nervous system and contribute to long-term bone loss and osteoporosis.

Other key ingredients to watch out for are the artificial food colors & sweeteners , sodium laurel & laureth sulphate . Long term exposure to these ingredients can lead to immune disorders and various forms of cancer. These ingredients may be lurking the dental polishes that finish off your dental visit , your toothpaste or in your mouthwashes too.

The natural form of fluoride sold within the natural products industry is calcium fluoride , a natural occurring mineral ( not a poisonous waste from a chemical plant ) and is safe to ingest for most people except those with fluoride toxicity . Calcium fluoride is abundant in seaweed and green & black tea which explains why the traditional Asian diet produced healthy teeth & gums.

Other important oral care ingredients to look for is CoQ10 & Neem oil for healthy gums, MSM & Aloe Vera for gingivitis , licorice root, silica & bamboo powder for whitening , tea tree ,clove oil , grapefruit seed oil & perilla seed to fight bacteria growth .

There are numerous natural oral care products that work . Tom’s of Maine started his natural business in 1968’s and is still the leader in the industry . Jason’s Fluoride-free Healthy Mouth or Powersmile toothpaste are my favorites. Other quality brands include Kiss My Face ,The Natural Dentist and Dessert Essence, Neem Toothpaste . There are natural tooth powders, tooth gels and natural mouthwashes & floss.

Save your smile and somebody you love this month

Schedule frequent dental checkups , you may need 3-4 times per year to keep your pearly whites shining without synthetic polishes……change your paste & wash

Natural oral care products do make difference-A healthy mouth & a healthy heart !

Healthy blessings, Sally Byrd

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