The hot steamy summer days are upon us now and many people are asking me what products to buy for adequate deodorant protection. This is a sensitive subject since many people are used to anti-perspirants that prevent natural sweating -forcing toxins inside the body , and contributing to disease as we age. Coupled with the aluminum compounds , chemicals and synthetic fragrances ; this can lead to a toxic cocktail of ingredients leaching into the lymph glands, your blood stream and spreading throughout your body .

I started to use Tom’s of Maine Natural Honeysuckle roll-on deodorant when I was about 17 and have been using only natural products since. Of course mom scared us to half-to- death with breast cancer & dementia claims only later to find out that these were indeed true . Good thing we always listened to mom !

My favorite deodorant is the Kiss my Face , fragrance free or lavender , liquid rock that I have been using fairly regularly for years. Other favorites of mine are the Alvera roll-ons and the Earth Science ( Lichen Herbal ) & the Queen Helene( Mint Julep & Vit E ) and the new Kiss My Face Enzyme Active sticks . The sticks not only perform well -they are a travelers dream – as they do not fall under the scrutiny of the security checkpoints and they may be carried on board without a quart size baggie !

Weleda & Avalon Organics Sprays along with Jason’s Tea Tree oil & Tom’s of Maine roll-ons & sticks are other alternatives  but they won’t provide the longer term coverage for heavy perspiration and all day summer coverage.

The crystal solid rock deodorants , now available in sprays and roll-ons too, are very popular. There are constant debates on the alum ingredient and whether or not it penetrates the skin or not since Aluminum is a positively charged atom and the the alum is not. The debate continues and I can’t seem to get consensus on this one.

Lavilin is another longer term deodorant , great for traveling into hot humid areas of the world, that offers longer and stronger protection without reaching for a commercial anti-perspirant .

For those people who do sweat heavily , I recommend that you start to increase the chlorophyll in your diet which acts as a natural deodorizer and will support the Thyroid, your body’s natural thermometer. Consume a green drink daily ( mentioned in my previous entry ) and increase your zinc & magnesium intake . Dr Venessa’s Liverclean product ( 6 daily for most adults ) works on the entire endocrine system and will help to keep the organs healthy( including the thyroid & adrenals) free of excess chemical waste , pollutants of all types: water, food , smoke , mold , chemical residue from cosmetic waste material and even emotional stress and stone formation. .

Replacing your electrolyte loss will also help insure balance in the overall endocrine system and contribute to a better smelling body . Instead of reaching for Gatorade ( full of artificial colors and sugars) use the Trace Minerals drops and /or Cell Food in your water, herbal teas or juices. The Alacer Emergen-C will work too, but it does contain corn fructose as a sweetener & may not agree with blood type O & B . They do make an unsweetened version , although it is very tart .

Remember to eat more potassium -rich vegetables( celery sticks!) and berries .Since they are in season and prices are down -buy extra and freeze them for your smoothies.

Drink a higher Ph spring water like Iceland Springs, Evamor, Eden , Perfect water ,Crystal Geyser or Figi -one half your body weight in ounces…….and of course your green ,red & white teas.

For a natural aromatic enhancer for your sweet smelling summer body , try using the variety of essential oils mixed with your favorite body lotion instead of a ynthetic perfume or colone . Works great and no toxins. I love sandlewood , geranium ( also a natural bug repellent ) lemon verbena and lavender for the summer.

So continue to stay active this summer with natural personal care products and supplementation. It will make a difference !

Remember that sweating is natural and great for your skin and the aging process…just do it right !

Sally Byrd

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