Ferris Acres Creamery100_3808The excessive tragedies: hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, fires, murders, financial , personal losses,record setting temperatures ,excessive political wars  and  a government out of control – ENOUGH ALREADY !

We can’t control ALL the daily barrage of stresses - emotionally , physically and financially now matter how much we plan or control the issue.   We don’t always know or understand the  reasons behind the cruel , horrendous events that seem to escalate in these end times.  We don’t agree with most of the  circumstances or decisions , but we can certainly prepare and handle it from a faith point of view. One thing that has come out of 2012 is prayer . The United States of America has been a recipient  of prayer from our citizens and many fellow countries with big hearts .

Bill Wilson , co-founder of Metro Ministries is a hands-on passionate leader for inner cities worldwide Ferris Acres Cows in pastureand their children’s welfare , says it best : The greatest opportunities are disguised as impossible situations. Many of these situations could have been a lot worse. Yes, innocent people are paying the price and it is never easy for us to share the grief of those families who have lost everything  they own ; their dreams, loved ones and employment  . Bill deals with children who have nothing , but can regain hope and vision through his teachings on God’s love and  financial blessings to regain lost, empty and despondent  lives . www.metroministries.com .

We can Pay it Forward with prayers and random acts of kindness , not just for a day, a month or a year , but every day .

Prayer helps us find comfort there there are no words to express our feeling or even offer comfort to our loved ones. Faith is mandatory because tragic events serve no purpose  . The CT shooting tragedy  at the Sandy Hook elementary school is very close to my heart since I grew up in Fairfield , CT about 30 miles away . My sister attends a church in Newtown-Grace Fellowship that I attended with her last spring. www.gcf.org/174 Mt Pleasant Road, Newtown , CT 203-270-1005 , that has been working overtime consoling families  , friends , and fellow Americans for the last few weeks. My wonderful sister Hove had a vision the day before the murders . She saw all of those children playing and running around in a beautiful place-heaven . Although she was unsure of the meaning , she understood by Friday and was grieving for the families left behind but comforted by the knowledge that every single child was in heaven with God. No pain or trauma , just love.  I love this church and also the Ferris Acres Creamery – when think about  Newtown I think of country roads, farms , happy families and phenomenal ice cream!stock-photo-9114008-pigeon-in-the-sky

The  Ferris Acres family dairy  that offers some of the best ice cream that I have ever had .I limit ice cream in my diet  but there is something good about enjoying an occasional  homemade dish of of creamy frozen dessert and gazing at the beautiful cows in the pasture . These animals  are lovingly cared for by the Ferris family who has owned the farm since 1864. Usually I stick with gelato for treats but their ice cream is legendary .  Ferris Acres Creamery ( open  April through October ) is the last working dairy in Fairfield  County, CT and a happy reason to visit Newtown in the future. www.ferrisacrescreamery.com located at 144 Sugar Street in Newtown , CT  , open April 2013.

It has been 12+ years since the movie Pay It Forward  movie starring Kevin Spacey,Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment hit our  theaters and  left deep impression in our hearts.  For many of us it was wake up call; a wow , some peopel really care.  Now 2012 is another call to action to  make a difference in 2013.It starts with us . One person . We can make a difference.

Donate time to a loved one , neighbor or complete stranger. Doing nice things for people whom we may not even like, creates a sense of personal satisfaction and  freedom  that can take us through the hard times. Many of us have resolved to do 26 random acts of kindness over this month -maybe we should do this every day . Love is simple and kind.

We are so  blessed to live another day , even while we are grieving .

Discover your life’s purpose this year and start to really live it .  Life is precious gift . Tragic events and financial crisis can lead a country to pray in masses and force us to change and positively impact our environment .

Love , Kindness and a Smile are contagious.  Pass it on America!

In Continued  Health ,

Sally Byrd










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