In our society it is not politically correct to discuss politics and religion but I have to say what is on my heart and let people know the truth – Body , Mind , Soul & Spirit . Our life is full of many small puzzle pieces and God is the border holding everything together .We have so many choices that it can be overwhelming – the supernatural is the next attainable realm for those of us who are expecting more out of life and want to connect with God’s blessings for our life.

With the roller-coaster economy , extreme political dissatisfaction , panic for this year’s elections , global warming , skyrocketing prices on food combined with the deteriorating quality of our food supply with GMO’s and chemicals, energy trends and health care, people are lonely, scared and fearful . The government , the new world order plots , the people that say they care but don’t , the dissappointments in the world around us …..ultimate dispair for many …. and there is power & protection in the promise of God( Psalm 91) .

Fear is not the way to manage your life unless you enjoy the stress, anger , discontentment ,anxiety , selfishness and uneasiness that for so many has become there way of life and they wonder , why are they here? What is our purpose? It is not just the good deeds that many of us do( you can not work your way to heaven!) , but our spiritual emotional stability that will guide our steps in our daily walk on this earth .

People are searching for spiritual connections today and looking many times in all the wrong places.

I am expecting miracles and they are showing up – my friends are starting to notice too. Expect the unexpected , the radical , the things no one thought was possible -make the miracles bible come alive Never allow anyone’s perception of you become your reality! from Les Brown - motivational speaker).

This summer has been life changing for me . Although I accepted Jesus into my life during a very desperate time in November 1995 , I have never experienced the electrifying power of God as I have at the The Florida Outpouring / Lakeland, FL Revival . The atmosphere under the tent( usually 5,000-8,000 per night ) has been downright amazing -the spirit of God is so strong , at times you can hardly stand up , there is weeping , demonic deliverance , there is laughter ;other times it is an electrifying energy .The call on my life has been to minister to others through nutrition and prayer.

The Florida Outpouring ( which started on April 2nd at the Ignited church( Pastor Steve Strater) off route 98 in Lakeland , FL has been the most controversial , highly publicized, amazing widespread media revival ever and God is definitely trying to get our attention.

Many of my friends , business contacts and people I meet traveling know that they are on my prayer lists and that millions of people are praying for them . Some choose to believe and others won’t ( I don’t judge , just pray!) , but thousands of miracles are happening around the world and in our everyday lives.

My miracles are small compared to others who are leaving wheelchairs, glasses, fibromayalgia, depression , severe physical limitations auto-immune problems and cancer behind them but they mean a lot to me and God see everything , no mater how large or small a situation is – it is important to him too.

People have to start stepping out in faith and claiming their healing . It is a totally foreign way to pray for many people but you can’t box Jesus in ! He is tired of “Man’s Religion “as we think we know it -look how radical Jesus way in his day !

I have had friends & family memebers who healed from anxiety , financial ruin , fibromayalgia, chronic aches and pains , back problems and terminal spinal ailments.

My own spine ( I had a previous fracture of L-5 ) and 4 broken bones( phalanges) and my meta-tarsal in my right foot have been totally healed . My very low body temperature , a 97.6 for years, is now a healthy 98.0 to 98.6 . My eyesight for distance driving has slightly improved and I feel that I am moving into a new realm of healing.My finances have also improved and I am giving more away ! I have sense of Peace and Joy like never before in my life. And to witness the miracles …..from financial – emotional healing – physical healing is absoutely amazing . I walk in divine health daily and yes, I still eat right and take my nutritional supplements and exercise daily as I try and be steward of the healthy body that God blessed me with .

Todd Bentley, the controversial ,tatooed, pierced evangelist with a very tainted past , intensely pursured God and the supernatural according to scripture . Why couldn’t we experience the joy , the healing , the miraculous teaching of those biblically based? His child-like curiousity and awe for God led him to wonder why all Christians and Messianic Jews were not claiming their miracles. He was sick and tired of the conterfeit so called “new age religions” that just confuse and curse people’s lives even more . Many people have said these miracles are from Satan but they are not -there are countless biblical verses to back him up . Matthew 10:8 is what Todd and Fresh Fire Ministries and now countless other churches live by :” Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons ” and freely give away to others. Teach others the ways of the bible – make the bible become a way of life today .

For more information you can check out his website and watch by internet streaming : or watch daily the GOD TV channel at 8-11 EST . Todd has also started on a nutritional path too . He has lost over 85 pounds with the help of a nutritionist and the local Vitamin Shoppe in Lakleland,FL. Roy Fields , the worship leader is also aware of the changes he must make to continue the annointed , productive life for the future of his ministry and family . As a nutritional missionary ,I know that is why God has put Lakeland on my heart so strong because me & my big mouth will start to influence people’s nutritional habits too and honor him .

My biggest passion for health, verified by this summer’s revival is that people keep their healings . You can’t have one or the other . To receive your miracle healing and then return to your “old life patterns’ of eating ( which may be responsible for your illness) is ludicris.

We should honor God with our bodies too, not just our spirit . We are all walking testimonies and are selling the whole wellness package to others 24/7 …… Body ,Mind , Soul & Spirit whether we are conscious of this or not. We need to be bold , healthy, spirit filled joyful people .

When we have the choice ( we do need to be respectful to our hosts when invited or traveling to other countries or cultures), we need to say no to junk food, soda, artificial preservatives & sweeteners ( ie :nutrasweet ) genetically altered foods ( non organic corn, soy, canola-includes fructose ) extreme chemicals used in farming and become responsible citizens in the world that God created. Our children are the most at risk since they can’t tolerate the chemicals and man-made foods as well as some adults.

Check out our book : ‘Are Your Kids Running on Empty ? ” available at your local natural food store, amazon or or for more information for practical household eating solutions.For Adults research the blood type and genotype diet from Dr D’Adamo- I ahve been folowing his programs for 12 years!) Make it a priority to live a better lifestyle than you were before. I am not against prescriptions or medical doctors however, too many people of God are addicted to to drugs , chemicals and food. You can start slowly and God will meet you where you are . Ask for guidance and he will direct you. God sees your progress , your eagerness to to find him brings him joy ……he wants you to pursue him not just take in and accept whatever “man” tells you in an hour on Saturday or Sunday by a religious person who spoons feeds you . Read his word and ask for understanding and revelation.We need to see people and situations as God sees them not how man views them .

Come and get some ….as Todd says -see what all the fuss is about or watch on God TV or the internet .Remember this is God not Todd at these events – the other annointed people who preach ,all have their own amazing gifts by God.

Coming Soon – There is a Fresh Fire burning in a town near you !

The Lakeland revival tent will close on August 23rd so Todd can take the fire elsewhere worldwide but continue at the Ignited Church

A relationship with God changes meaningless work into spiritual productivity and purpose. (James W Goll from revival-day 103 )

You will feel alive & vibrant again , no matter what circumstances are surrrounding you in your environment . We should be waking around jazzed & joyful , not like zombies and complainers.

Healthy Blessings for a new lease on life! YOU deserve it !

Hope to see your smiling faces soon!

Sally Byrd

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