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Greenline Beauty Consulting with JenniferTravel these days can be exhausting.  Working long hours, socializing ,eating out,  frequently changing hotels, inconsistent sleep patterns and occasionally staying with friends, dragging  around luggage and computers while maintaining a positive outlook takes motivation and disipline. Since my car accident in late January, I have had repercussions with my skeletal system and  circulation issues although regular bodywork and acupuncture do help. Stress affects my body much more than it used to and with my nutritional supplements and bodywork maintenance,  it is manageable without prescription medications. This past 30 day road trip proved exceptionally challenging and I discovered some new road- friendly treatments that helped me survive wear and tear of travel  until I could get back home to my regular therapists.

Chinese foot massage is an age old tradition. In many of the Asian countries, doctors were paid to keep their patients well- quite the opposite of today’s supposedly advanced medical care measures.  Prescription drug abuse is on the rise here in America and it is sickening to me to find people on 5-15 different meds causing multiple other issues.  Many of these Asian cultures including India, Egypt and even Central America used body work; acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, herbal medicine and various forms of applied massage and reflexology to re-balance the body and promote healing from within. Even Jesus washed and massaged feet!

Although the therapies  differ from country to country , the outcome and purpose of foot massage is to balance the body’s electrical energy force through reflex points located in the feet, hands and head. My goal was to keep my lymphatic system moving , a challenge for any one who travels , sits and stands for extended periods of time. When our energy becomes stagnant ( or as my therapists call it : stuck-Chi) our bodies immune systems will suffer and aches , pains and diseases can take root.

marge and sally marge and sally

After 4 days in the extreme  Las Vegas heat contrasting  with the  frigid air in the casino  for a trade show left my shoulders , upper back and neck sore  .  My fun time was working :  a guest on the Stay Healthy radio show hosted by nutrition maverick -Jeffrey Burke who hosts 10 shows per week at 8:00am and 5:00 pm PST Monday -Friday at  call in numbers are 800-820-1230/702-731-1230. The store on 840 S. Rancho Drive #14 /702-877-2494 offers the best in nutritional expertise . Ask for my friend Marge Jacobson ……she is a walking encyclopedia….

My goal after an early morning radio show with Ellen on and a quick trip to LA X. My goal was to get out of Los Angeles and down to San Diego before rush hour (usually an all day occurrence 5 days a week !) and get to my first store training.reflexology 004

In the central part of San Diego is small Chinatown with a variety of cuisines in a 5 minute radius of small mom and pop establishments.  The reflexology sign in the run down plaza window caught my eye … only $ 19.99  special  foot massage.  A little hesitant at 9:00pm at night I wasn’t sure  how legitimate this place was although there were a stream of people of all ages coming in and out.  … open 10:00am -11:00pm ? wow. Ok I chickened out the first night and ventured in after work the next day. What a pleasant surprise.  A clean but very simple waiting area; with about 10 treatment rooms that held 2 recliners in each and a large staff ready to serve you. I am not a stranger to reflexology; I am a  reflexologist and massage therapist who worked PT with Progressive Health Strategies in Fayetteville,NC  (910-484-6934) where my friend & partner Lydia Chambers  still focus’ mostly on feet and anti-aging facial massages.

I had no idea these places were available in abundance all throughout the Southern CA area.   Allow a full 60 minutes for the LH Foot Massage. Jimmy my therapist did not speak much English but took care of me as though he did-a therapist is usually intuitive and thoughtful and he was terrific. The treatment started out with a 20 minute herbal soak and the remainder of the time spent on your feet, legs head and upper back.  The strokes are short and deep and you are fully clothed.  A feeling of relaxation and a slight amount of detoxing occurred afterwords. Check them out at  858-231-0128. This is an inexpensive way to keep your entire family healthy.

Remember to increase  your liquids after any body work.  That evening  I took extra Dr. Venessa’s Formulas Liverclean-4 tabs, Taurine 1,000 mg, Turmeric 500 mg, Magnesium 500 mg and MSM 3,000 to facilitate the removal of additional toxins. A large bowl of Vietnamese soup, fresh herbs and veggies, protein and a fresh sour-sop fruit shake did the trick. Drinking additional beneficial fluids is needed to facilitate toxin removal which abundant in the larger bowls of  healthy soups (clear broth not creamy). Eating these nutritious homemade soups (I usually leave 1/2 of my rice noodles in the to cut the carbs) is a way to keep weight down and detox too from substances that were in the tissues manipulated all over the body.  Unfortunately,  I had to travel northeast  into the desert the following day or else I would have gone back .

A few days later I had my chance … Thousand Oaks,CA had another one called U-Relax Inc. that was referred to me by my friends Andy & Nancy while having dinner with them one night.  Prices went up to $25.00, still a bargain.  A little more upscale with  red leather recliners in a large rooms, the people were again gracious and skilled. Their philosophy is that an improved circulation system will boost your immune system and relieve stress. The massage is different – short rough strokes that some of my friends refer to ask being  ”poked” and “rubbed ’ instead of slower elongated flowing movements in a Swedish massage. Although this  may be  slightly painful to some sensitive souls but the outcome  is terrific and extremely therapeutic.  U-Relax is open 7 days a week 10:30 am -10:30 pm. They welcome groups, what a great way to celebrate your birthday with a couple of friends or even your family;  much healthier than eating birthday cake.

Even Hollywood has them. Working in LA over the following weekend, my friend Stacey (who never told me about these before) wanted to get  a foot massage after a long day of work at her store on Melrose Ave.  There were 2 nearby; Beverly Hills and Hollywood. We choose the one on Sunset Blvd and didn’t make it until 9:30 pm…..The therapists relaxing on a bench outside the Sunset Foot Spa jumped at the chance to serve us. This still amazes me.  The therapist are all so humble and gracious and proud of their trade.

The Sunset Foot Spa offers both foot reflexology and acupressure massage starting at $25.00 per hour/massage at $40.00.  The foot therapy I received was deep and therapeutic by a strong  Asian man that I did not get his name . The slight numbing on my left side starting was reduced after this 3rd body treatment.  Again, you are in a open room with 9-12 chairs. At Sunset Foot Spa, you even get a hot cup of green tea or a glass of water too. This is a well run operation at 5419 W. Sunset Blvd #3 with limited parking although there are some lots about a block away. Call for an appointmSummer TRAVELS 2010 012_cropent at 323-898-4220. Open 7 days from 10:00am -11:00pm.Summer TRAVELS 2010 014

Next on my travel list was the Dallas Fort Worth area for 5 days.  As I am not a beer and BBQ fan I wondered if I could find one here too … I googled “Chinese foot massage” and found there were 2 in town. Icouldn’t believe it. The Arlington area of Dallas has small group of Asian businesses and this is where Foot Mark is located.  Again, coming East prices went up to $29.99 and there was another one for$ 35.00 near downtown called Sole Therapy, a great choice if you are in town for trade show.

Foot mark is located in a busy plaza with terrific Asian restaurant from simple to elegant. Except for 2 nights, I ate most of my meals in this plaza! The Pho95 is a simple inexpensive noodle house with homemade soups and soft summer  rolls.  My favorite!  Kim Hong, a little more upscale offers entertainment while  the Thanh Thanh is a high end place that you will need reservations unless you opt for take out, which is terrific.  A Thai restaurant, an Asian market, Acupuncturist & Herbalist were conveniently located  in the same plaza – this was my new favorite spot in the DFW area.

Jake was my therapist at Foot Mark, he not only soaked my feet but washed them .He used a Thai stick to stimulate tough points on my feet and was very observant to my body’s stress areas.  I managed to get to  here twice around my working schedule.  They book up quickly over the weekend so please call first as they do not have a website open 10:00am-11:00 pm /  817-276-1999. They are located at 2505 E. Arkansas Lane #141 in Arlington, TX.  My body was feeling so much better with this bodywork. Foot mark has several private rooms for full body massage and offer specials for combination’s of  bodywork for various conditions and a frequent customer card that gets you a free 30 min body massage after 14 treatments.

Unfortunately, South Fl does not offer these at this time or least I could not find one advertised. I settled for a chiropractic adjustment with Carol Krol,DC; a fabulous doctor who studied in Europe with Hans Nieper in Germany, one of  the fore – runners of alternative medicine and natural treatments. She said that I have  step up my upper body massages to prevent tissue scars from forming … what would I have been like without any work ?

Massage and bodywork of your choice is not just a luxury anymore but a health maintenance tool that grows more necessary with age. Carol also has a Bio-Mat one of my other favorite bodywork healing agents. The Bio-Mat mixes Infrared technology with Amethyst stones to promote healing , detoxification, promotes circulation, relaxation and electrical balance too. If you are  in the Delray, FL area-You can locate her at 5180 West Atlantic Ave., Suite#123 or call 561-498-8005 for an appt . You will not be disappointed! Check out what your insurance will cover and source out local people who may work with you on a custom made package that you can afford. Regular maintenance at least monthly is better for your body than an occasional Spa Splurge. Everybody can relate to their car- if you only put oil in your car and check the gauges one a year, you may be in trouble. Regularly scheduled maintenance visits will save your health and money in the long run.

If you live in a larger city, check out the Chinese foot massage outlets. I know that I will !

BioMat relaxationBioMat relaxation

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