Sunday, February 14th, 2010

On January 28th, driving from Naples to the Orlando area  after a major training event,  I was involved in a late night car accident where my 2007 Toyota Camry was totaled and  no, the accelerator did not stick !

Yes, I was stunned, shocked and within minutes  bruises and burns from the airbag and impact were visible on my legs and feet.  I loved my car,Janean hamilton but accidents do happen and it has been over 25 years since I have been in one. I am truly blessed along with the other young ladies involved to be alive today and thanking God for rescuing me from what could have been a tragic event.

Not wanting to go the Emergency room, I needed to get the inflammation and shock down fast as possible as my adrenals were working overtime and my blood pressure was temporarily elevated.

Before a late bedtime that evening, I took a scoop of Dr. Venessa’s Anti-Aging Collagen (my 3rd that day) – it is a terrific anti-inflammatory which will help the overall trauma, along with a hot shower and applied Arnica gel to reduce the bruising.  I also used my Recovery Chips (needle free acupuncture stones) on my circulation points and slept only about 6  hours.  I also applied a Tiger Balm patch on my neck.

The next morning – I was at the  Harmony Health & Acupuncture Clinic located at 303 N Baker Street-Suite A, Mount Dora, FL receiving an acupuncture treatment from my friend and also the owner- Janean Hamilton, a registered nurse and acupuncturist. I was fairly bruised by now and my head suffered from pressure on the left side.  Janean  got me to take some Chinese herbs called Yunnan Baiyao for the next 3 days which are used in Chinese medicine for treating the early stages of trauma – 407-758-1880/

Janean treated me for trauma and circulation and massaged Traumeel into my lower legs.  Another version of this ointment Tropicin is sold in natural food stores.

I know with auto accidents that there are many delayed injuries and so the first level of defense was the Anti-Aging3 Collagen which I bumped up to 3-4 scoops daily.

I also doubled my brain and circulatory nutrients  for the next 2 weeks just to be sure that my circuits were in working order. The trauma and impact that my body absorbed needed to be cushioned and the healing time needed, accelerated so I could function at optimum levels.

Supplements  increased: Neuromins DHA: 400 mg, Acetyl-Carnitine 3,000 mg, PS 400 mg,  Alpha GPC 1300mg, DMAE 600 mg, Pycnogenol 500mg, Turmeric 2,000mg, Gotu Kola 900 mg, Rescue Remedy 12 drops daily, Liverclean 8 tabs, Neuromaxx 6 tabs, MSM 8,000 g, Vit D 10,000 IU and extra minerals, L-Typtophan 1,500mg and 2 OregaResp caps, Quercitin 1,500 mg and Greens+ and extra Sun Chlorella for RNA & DNA repair.

For hydration,  I drank Iceland Springs  ,8.8 spring water and Essentia Water, 9.5 (with added Cell Food drops) – both high Alkaline  waters to offset any additional acid produced by the accident trauma. Another new high Ph water, Aqua Hydrate at a 9.0 is also good.

To further reduce inflammation and keep my energy levels revved up, I increased  my Itoen Sencha Shots, so I was drinking 2-3 daily or 2  bottles of the new Oi Ocha ,dark green tea with 3 cups of Guayaki Yerbe Mate Tea ( or 1 -18 oz glass bottle ) for mental clarity and the Numi Chamomile Laura Murphy , LAc -Lemon Myrtle tea in the evenings with my Collagen. Lots of  fluids to hydrate the brain. Remember when you are thirsty, 3% of  your brain is already dehydrated. Aging already shrinks the brain, add in dehydration and stress.  It’s no  wonder many of us have trouble focusing and remembering details. Brain – dead takes on a whole new meaning!

Our brain  is the computer chip or the fuse box of our body and controls everything else the body does. When communication is optimal everything else falls into place and you can focus on organ health and restoration. When involved in any accident, trauma or illness,  protecting the brain has to be your first line of defense.

Due to a heavy travel schedule for work , that included NYC (1 day later for a live radio show on  the  Willner Window)  to  Los Angeles ,CA for trade show to ATL  for trainings (yes, I may be crazy but the show must go on !), I followed up with another acupuncture treatment 1 week later at the Samra University Acupuncture Clinic and Health Center in Los Angeles: 1730 W Olympic Blvd, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015 – where my friend Laura Murphy practices # 213-381-1700. It is a great deal for all of us budget conscience folks – only $25.00 per treatment and the herbs are $8 – $12.00; a considerable cost savings. The therapists are excellent and they really care about you regaining or maintaining your health.  A thumbs up in my book of great places for a body tune-up.

Recommended by Laura, another  3 day dose of the Yunnan Baiyao caps and an hour treatment that included rolling cupping to bring toxins to the surface – glass jars, oil and a  lit candle -pretty cool!  on my back and energy balance for my entire body. I was ready again to get on the plane for ATL the next day.

In the Atlanta metro area:  Another good friend of mine is the most awesome chiropractor and body worker: Dr. Tom Born

Dr. Tom Born 404 -408-0143, 1776 Peachtree Street in Mid-town ATL treated me twice for correcting my crooked hips and spine while also giving me some reflexology to improve circulation through my body, therefore reducing stress. Tom has been treating me on and off since 1984 when I was pregnant with my son!  He is incredible and will work with you on the treatments as his work includes reflexology, stretching, some massage along with the adjustment.  I felt so much better and was able to avoid any medications, even aspirin or Tylenol. My body is healing well and I will get a few more acupuncture tune-ups just to be sure.

Yes, I have some very good friends who are skilled and knowledgeable practitioners who really came to my rescue. I am truly blessed to be walking around and in good health. The good Lord isn’t done with me yet and I encourage all of you to take the time to get regular bodywork of some sort. Your body is resilient and will bounce back more quickly when the body’s fuse box is connected. Preventative medicine is still better than surgery,  heavy medications and compromised mental ability and fatigue.

Just a few hours in car can tighten your neck and irritate your lower back.  Add in traffic, delays and air travel ,computer or desk work Inversion Tableand the stress is magnified. You may not even notice it for a while. I just purchased an Inversion table to help with stretch my back and encourage circulation between visits to my practitioners and to avoid headstands.

My friends call this the “bat table” – it really works!

So take care of yourself now.  Especially in these challenging times where you do not want to land in hospital unless it is a true emergency.  For everyday maintenance and preservation, get your winter tune -up now and feel better.

Psalm 91 excerpt: If you make the most high your dwelling-even the Lord , who is my refuge , then no harm will befall you , no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.  You will tread upon the lion and the cobra:you will trample the great Lion and the serpent.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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