Working at the Florida National Chiropractic Show in Orlando ,FL last weekend with American Biotech Labs( silver sol technology ) was fun and educational . Unfortunately ,Hurricane  Irene was leaving her impact up the East Coast and we were very blessed that FL was spared her wrath . Prayers have gone forth to all those places who were damaged by this storm. Never underestimate a category one !

Chiropractic Care is part of an important body fitness protocol that works to keep our immune system strong,our energy levels up while relieving everyday pain and stress . Thank Goodness that my parents believed in natural wellness and healing . I started receiving chiropractic adjustments as a young adult after several car accidents and sport injuries from sledding  and field hockey ! I love my chiropractors who are mainly located up and down the East Coast , however I have a new one now in Spokane , WA !

They are all unique with different techniques and mannerisms. It may take you time to find just the right one for you . Don’t allow a bad experience or reference close your mind to this type of bodywork . All of them are different , just like your other doctors.

Last week while I was speaking on  a favorite talk show out of Tampa , FL , Let’s Talk Nutrition,Go Green for Immune Health segment , with the infamous Dr Michael Garko (  the topic was Immune Health . It is frequently overlooked that spinal manipulation can help boost the immune system naturally while easing the pain of sinus infections,and even the common cold or flu. Healthy spines do more than combat pain. They can even help with an acne problem or anxiety issues.

Over 22 million Americans make at least one yearly visit to a chiropractor . Pain management tops the list of reasons to go , however auto accidents,sports injuries and headaches fall close behind. Traveling , skin problems like acne,digestive disturbances, everyday stress and  preventative medicine play a key role for other patients.

My care , while preventative in nature is primarily due to auto and plane travel, long hours sitting ,dragging luggage and scuba tanks . Adding in massage , reflexology , acupuncture and exercise and you have a healthy protocol for Aging Well. Your chiropractor can also assist you in the best exercises to strengthen your muscles to better hold your spine in place.

The gadgets at the trade shows are always fun. My booth neighbor and new friend, Dale has created a body massage tool  for PTFIT solutions ( . Dale is a highly energetic, happy guy who is a creative genius who has invented numerous products . He eats well, forages herbs in the woods and loves the natural products industry .

The PTFIT multi is my favorite , is a self massager that needs no batteries or complicated explanations. This simple ,affordable,wooden ergonomic device allows you to treat sore muscle between your chiropractic visits. It offers a unique shape that extends to hard-to-reach areas and is so much more effective than a traditional back scratcher. You can  roll and gently press it  into your upper back,shoulder blades,lower back , buttocks,and even your chest area with ease. The additional rollers can be used for sore legs-quads & hamstrings and even your feet .Only 10-15 minutes a day can change your  level of body stress.  Be sure to drink adequate water so that your body can remove toxic waste easily . After demonstrating the tool for 11 hours at the Chiropractic show , Dale was sleeping soundly ! Several of us frequent travelers in the booth succumbed to buying one !

Some of my favorite chiropractors are listed below , but I know that there are many more out there that I will be frequenting in my lifetime. Most chiropractors are caring individuals that want to be able to add to your quality of life !

FL ,South -Deray Beach :  Carol Krol , DC 561-498-8005

FL North -St Augustine : Bryan Bell ,DC 904-797-3232

GA, Atlanta : Tom Born ,DC 404-408-0143

MD ,Rockville :Robert Rifkin, DC 301-231-0050

NY,Bellmore: Josh Siegel , DC 516-425-0113


So take care of your spine and improve your body ! Support your local chiropractors!

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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