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A Sencha Shot a day keeps the doctor away A Sencha Shot a day keeps the doctor away 

Globally,  we are increasingly  challenged by both  natural and man made disasters.  It seems as though they just keep picking up speed. The end times as prophesied in the Book of Revelations,  is coming to pass. Instead of giving up there is a lot that all of us can do and be good stewards of our God given bodies and to help our fellow neighbors with encouragement ,education,prayer  and finances.

The tragedy of Japan is affecting all of us ; panic and fear in the natural product’s world is increasing .Radiation protection is now the “hot” topic of conversation everywhere.Hot Peppers Yes , we need to  protect ourselves and help our Japanese neighbors.

Currently , American are already surrounded by various sources of radiation  . Aside from  Nuclear fallout, the  electronic invasion of cell phones, computers, bluetooth devices, television, I pods,energy saving  light bulbs , Fiesta ware, watches, x rays , sun exposure and environmental toxins(  from lawn fertilizers to kitty litter) these  immune reducing elements are commonplace and we need a nutritional course correction  to live well  with in our modern society .

Growing up , my mom made sure we we eating hot peppers daily as color tv started appearing on the homefront, then microwaves . She was a women ahead of her time and immune health was at the top of her list . We were healthy active kids and grew up without any immune defects and we still consume copious amounts of caynee and habernaro peppers.

Curry powder soon followed in her salmon and  other fish entrees . As I grew older ,went off to college and discovered Sushi and Indian food with their protective attributes. Paul Pitchford the author of Healing with Whole Foods ,has been one of my role models and favorite resorces  for years with much credit going to the Asian culture and traditional health techniques.

America already suffers from  chronic hypo- thyroid conditions ( 30% of the population and growing ) and iodine rich foods do help protect the thyroid. Since the thyroid provides over 200 functions with direct response to the brain , this gland is critical for optimum health  and hormonal support throughout the body .

As natural food stores rapidly deplete their iodine supplements headed for Japan , Hawaii and the West Coast, please remember that everyone needs to protect their thyroid and increase the amounts of  protective foods in ones diet.Whatever you put into your mouth should be increasing your health, not adding to the toxic overload of so many everyday junk -filled habits.

If you don’t like sushi or eating seaweed (which is the best natural food of iodine besides sea water)  then taking a trace mineral supplement like Trace mineral drops, Cell food or Quinone ampules in your daily water consumption is a great start . Other supplements would include  Sun Chlorella or Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina. Super food green powder supplements like Greens+,Green Vibrance ,Kyo-green , Perfect  Food and all the rest make a solid contribution to overall daily health and protection . These green drinks provide immune support from head to toe including the thyroid .

Very Important:  Drink as much green tea as you possibly can . I have been recommending Itoen Sencha Shots for years and just 1 can per day can give you 152 mg of catechins (the phytochemicals that keep your immune system strong)  with only 40 mg of natural caffeine , a powerful antioxidant and immune protectant. A Sencha Shot really gives you  more bang for the buck -great news. They are moving their facilities closer to Tawaain inlight of the recent disasters and have a healthy supply of tea already here in the US . ……Doctors are recognizing the benefits of green tea . I recently ran into an oncologist ( ones who specializes in cancer) and they do not advocate drinking green tea on the days a patient receives chemotherapy or radiation because of interference. We know that green tea in high doses can shrink tumor cells while providing for maximum immune support over radiation or other chemical poisoning .Herbs and Spices photo

Sally’s Top 12 immune survival hints :Annie Chungs Seaweed snack Wasabi

1. Eat hot peppers several times per week or take Capsicum capsules.

2.Use Curry powder daily or take Turmeric ( curcumin)  capsules of at least 500 mg or more daily .Try Truly Naturally,Jarrow,Paradise Herbs , New Chapter capsules or Herbs of Light , Herbs etc, or Herb Pharm liquid extracts.

3. Add a thyroid protective supplement to your program like Dr Venessa’s Thyroid Balance, Gaya Thyroid or NF Factors . Reduce the amount of bleached flour products , flouridated water and toothpaste that negatively affect the thyroid.Consume more iodine after contact with chorlinated swimming pools or handling pool chemicals.

4. Start eating sushi or increase the use of sea vegetables in your cooking . The new seaweed snacks from Sea Snacks and Annie Chung’s are delicious and great for kids too. Watch out for the wasabi as it is really hot !

5. Use Wild Oregano liquid drops or capsules  from North American Herb and Spice Company or any of their spices for improved cellular protection. Start adding culinary spices to your foods. Aim for at least 5 tablespoons daily in your cooking or as  condiments .

6. Add a Green super food drink or capsules to your daily regime . I love the Greens+Original or Wild berry Burst. Other good ones are Green Vibrance,Perfect Food and Kyo-Greens+ Wildberry BurstGreAllimax Photoen.

7. Add Astaxanthin or look for a supplement that contains at least 3 mg daily . This powerful antioxidant helps  prevent sunburn which is mild  radiation exposure -a must  for ultimate protection. Cyanotech – Nutrex of Hawaii is the best source.

8. Eat  more berries or supplement with  nutrient rich small fruits like pomegranate seeds,blueberries,yum berries, maqi ,accai and elderberries. The nutrient protection is found in the skins not the the flesh .

9. Use Mushroom extracts like Mushroom Wisdom  Brand or Host Defense to boost your immune system and protect cellular DNA.   Reishi and Maitake work best for most people .

10. Use garlic and onions as much as possible or take the Alli-Max concentrate garlic for optimum immune support. This is the strongest one .

11.Supplement with 5-10 cups or green tea or 1-2 Sencha Shots daily. It may just keep the doctor away  and  keep your thyroid running smoothly ! If these shots are too strong for you then dilute them with water , juice or buy the Oicho one instead or their other green teas from TEAS’ TEA. – another favorite is the rosehip sand green to help firm and hydrate your skin.

12. Use 1-2 tablespoons of the Silverbiotics silver liquid too. I usually add mine to my green tea  or green drink and swish it around in my mouth for about 10 seconds to kill any  infections and to boost my immune system , it has the ability to penetrate red blood cells and it does not store in the body . No Blue  skin !

 Stay hydrated . Consume high Alkaline water to be sure that your brain stays in communication with your thyroid and the rest of your body !

try Essentia ,Iceland Springs or Aqua hydrate .Look for a Ph that is high:  7.5 low end ′s or 8 .0 or 9.o the best .  ……

Stop panicking and stay on course.

Just make some corrections as you live;  to optimally protect your body and the ones that you love.

 Consume organic dairy products , meats and produce where ever you can or buy locally .keep the coffee in check too……

In Continued health ,

Sally Byrd

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