Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

LA CasualThe holidays are here!  Taking special care to feed your body while juggling the ever increasing demands of the season can wear you down. Holiday travel and shopping and keep a positive mental attitude … rules, security, traffic, crowds … Staying calm and focusing on on your blessings  is mandatory for keeping your sanity.  As a frequent flyer and traveler, I always travel with food.

The rules have become even tougher this past year and I have had to bite my tongue a few times when passing through security. I mean is Almond butter a liquid? Couldn’t believe it when TSA  refused to let me travel with it.  Hummus and grapeleaves (in a can), yes I have had them taken from me too.  Are they liquids. Not for most people, TSA yes.  What’s a girl supposed to eat?  Where did common sense go anyway?

As airplane food further degrades to  almost inedible junky-man made  foods, I have to pack to few things to get me through the day. On a recent  upgraded  Delta morning  flight, a free breakfast consisted of: OJ, milk, corn Chex, Breyer’s strawberry yogurt with artificial colors, a pastry and a fruit cup. The only  salvageable  edible fuel was the piece of pineapple and  a few red grapes. Luckily,  I had brought my Guayaki Yerba Mate and Breathe Easy by Traditional Medicinals to sharpen my brain and keep my immune system strong. I reached for my organic hard cooked eggs, raw pecans and manchengo sheep cheese.  The young flight attendant asked me if I had actually cooked the eggs myself? A hard cooked egg?   Gourmet cooking here.  A little planning goes a long way.

For travelers of any type: air, rail, boat, car, hiking or biking, packing a quick snack can make or break your day. A well fueled brain can get you through  almost any situation and help you stay level headed in challenging situations. Try these  easy to make and take on the run for emergency situations. Don’t wait until you are starving and will eat anything because it is free or convenient.

Hard Cooked Eggs stay fresher in a shell. Crack them and carry a little salt or herbs in a Ziploc – type snack bag.

Nut mixes: Choose your favorite raw nuts, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries/blueberries and or 70% chocolate chunks for energy. White cheese chunks add additional protein. Pack them in snack baggies so they will stay fresh and you can have a variety. If you buy Justin’s Nut Butter individual serving packs, they will make it through security.

Energy bars: Pack a higher protein, lower carb bar that provides solid nutrition like the Greens+ Energy bar, Betty Lou’s almond spirulina or ginseng balls, Raw revolution berry bar, Organic cranberry or blueberry bars and the chocolate mint Lara bars. Stay away from the highly processed artificially flavors and sweetened sugar bars that populate the majority of the shelves.

More Protein:  Turkey slices rolled up with cheese or lettuce. Even plain works for a quick high protein snack. For bigger appetites, try a sandwich on Rudi’s spelt bread or tortillas or an Ezekiel hamburger rolls. They don’t dry out as quickly as the bread. Leftover chicken  w/a lemon wedge or a Vegetarian bean burger also tastes great the next day.

Veggies: Celery, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini slices are offer quick and easy nutrition.  Add a cheese stick or a small sealed container a salad dressing for dipping sauce.

Fruit: Apples, pears, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines or red grapes survive most travel snafu’s.  Always pack an extra paper towel.  Berries make a mess unless they are packed well.

Dairy: Taking a container or previously frozen yogurt (no dyes or artificial sweeteners) tastes great even hours after packing.  Cheese sticks or white cheese slices …always work.

Beverages: Pack your favorite tea bags .You can get hot water almost anywhere to kick up your nutrition and fend off the hunger pains between meals. Other drinks like Greens+ individual sticks Emergen-C and other powdered nutrients that you can add to a bottle of water or juice.

For travel other than air, packing leftove

Sencha ShotSencha Shot

rs in a Rubbermaid container: nut butters with pretzels or celery and carrot sticks, stuffed are some of my favorites. Always have some water,  healthy drinks on hand too. I keep 2 Itoen Sencha shots in my glove compartment for my late night and early morning drives to the airport or office or running about all day when I can’t stop to eat.  To save money: make a pot of green, ginger, yerba mate tea or even your organic coffee; fill up  a thermos and get on the road. Listen to a positive motivational CD or music to enhance your experience. Remember to breathe. Yes, stress can trigger shallow breathing and create short memory lapses to fatigue.

So start your holiday off right – shopping or traveling. Be prepared with better for you foods and survive the season with less stress.

In Continued Health,

Sally Byrd

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