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We love our Country , Let’s preserve it
We love our Country -let's preserve it

If you are like me it is difficult to watch the news today ; the negativity surrounding our economy , our lives, our actions and the blatant illogical decisions coming from our illustrious leaders in Washington can  stress-out even the most sensible balanced person .

In my health seminars , I continually make the comment about taking charge of your own health  . This was drummed into my head even as a child by an independent thinking ,common-sense  mom who refused to feed us junk food or cokes or listen to lies even in the 60′s when eggs and fat were going to kill us.

As a young girl who was ridiculed for eating whole grain dark bread, artichokes, sardines, raw milk , hot peppers, sprouts, yogurt , trail mix, vegetables ,who drank homegrown chamomile iced tea instead of sodas and who took  supplements to school and later on to work, I know. I have been there , done that .Persistence & tenacity pays off in the later years and ignorance in youth can be cruel .

Do not put your health into the hands of our government . Just because insurance pays for it ,it  doesn’t mean you should have the surgery , take the prescription or use that treatment . The people who do need the government support ; our veterans , the disabled, the terminally sick, young children and emergency health care are different . For most of us we can take action to help ourselves. The latest health care bill is a joke and an embarrassment to our heritage.We the people and citizens of  our country need to fight back . The government is supposed to be working for us , not against us .

Staying healthy in this country can be expensive .We are currently penalized for taking care of ourselves.  I rarely get reimbursed for any of my integrative health care choices because I choose my own therapists and natural minded practitioners (  acupuncture, chiropractic , deep tissue massage, reflexology , colon therapy, foot detox and infrared sauna therapy , preventative dentistry , supplements  along with  other necessities to keep me well.  Why is it that some countries like Asia , physicians get paid when their patients are well. We are working in a reverse negative manner and need to change.

Except a yearly physical ,  I pay out of pocket and give up other things . To me  health is of the utmost importance because without it, we cannot fulfill God’s purpose for us  here on earth . We all have dreams, jobs, careers, hobbies and activities  in areas that we are passionate about . Purpose is why we are here and if we lose that drive or that passion , we will become like sheep instead of shepherds.It is easier to manipulate and control sheep than their leaders( shepherds) .

Our affluent country is a health care mess and each of us who is not disabled , of legal age and of healthy mind has a responsibility to take care of ourselves. First become aware of the bills being passed and get involved by writing or volunteering if you have time. I actually went to a local tea party this month in St Augustine. A refreshing message was projected  as follows:

To support the constitution,  To give back this country to the people by voting , not force. To protect our free speech in all media outlets, To promote fair taxation for all citizens. T0 promote immigration legally instead of through amnesty . To support significant tax reform and fair tax regardless of party affiliation.

The 12 core values and principals promoted really hit home for me . Honesty , Reverence, Hope, Thrift, Humility , Charity , Sincerity , Moderation, Hard Work , Courage , Personal Responsibility and Gratitude.

For additional information or to get involved in your hometown visit: or or      &

Here is what you can do now to prevent your own health care crisis: tea-party-taxes

Start eating better . It may take a tremendous willpower in the beginning  not to eat how your friends eat ,or to just order off the menus instead of customizing a few things in restaurants.

Be sure to let your family and friends know any changes before you are invited to eat at someone’s home. Even on airplanes I am noticing some minor improvements. I was excited to see apples and bananas offered  in the first class cabin of Delta now . A much better choice than the sugar & fat laden cookies or salty snacks that are usually free. It is better to fast than to eat that stuff . The calories are just not worth it. Bring your  own tea or snacks especially if traveling with children or taking medications with you.

Avoid processed junk foods , artificial sweeteners colors & flavors, high fructose corn syrup , genetically modified foods ,excessive grains , excessive sweets, cellular damaging  oils like cottonseed,corn or soy and irradiated foods .  For additional assistance visit or if you have children  or grandchildren to feed.

Eat organic when ever possible- especially  the top 12 foods commonly known as the”dirty dozen” below that contain the most chemicals, so balance your grocery budget around these foods being organic,regionally grown, in season or grow them yourself:

DIRTY DOZEN:        Peaches, Apples, Bell Peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Pears, Grapes(imported) Spinach , Lettuce, Potatoes.

To save money and to support farmers growing ethical and heirloom crops ( NON-GMO) support regionally grown foods without chemicals at your local farmer’s market , or natural food supermarket . Buy in bulk when you can  and use your crock pot. The Slow food movement is spreading and is healthier for you .

I did this many years ago  as a young working single mother . Make soups , stews , fiber rich bean dishes and buy local food . This can really save you money while providing nutritious meals for your family .

Eat less calories, live longer and healthier . Drink herbal teas instead of sodas. Water instead of juice drinks etc .

Cook your own food instead of eating  frozen or canned processed meals .

The economic downtown has forced people to change their habits. This is a blessing .Our excessive society needed to change. We need to get back to our roots and learn why  to use natural remedies first , when combating everyday colds and flu ….don’t run to the doctor for every sniffle or reach for an over the counter drug . What would your great-grandmother have done years ago ?

For optimum health , NEVER get a flu shot unless it is a life or death situation.The swine flu scare this summer is another tactic to instill fear into America, to force vaccines loaded with chemicals into your body . There are other ways to explore first and the vaccines should be your very last resort , if at all.

Boost up your immune system : Each of you can develop your own nutritional weapons- my arsenal of protective immune supporting nutrients include : Dr Venessa’s Anti-Aging3 Collagen & Liverclean , North American Spice Wild Oregano, Silver Biotics Silver spray & ASAP gel , Allimax Garlic , Greens +, Host Defense Mushrooms ,Maitake or Reishi Mushroom extract Osha Root  , Turmeric and Quercitin. Your immune arsenal  may vary a bit as I am an O blood type & Hunter Geno-type. More on this subject soon.

Meanwhile, take action for yourself , your family and your country . Grow something …even a potted herb like basil , will help  Support local & organic food.

Teach your kids and your grandchildren about food sources and get them involved in cooking and buying better quality food. Eat God -made food for God for your made body.

Eat home more and learn to cook something new…share food and recipe ideas with your friends..get to know your neighbors and give thanks to God every day for what you do have . Stay joyful in all that you do .

“  A joyful heart is like good medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones ” Proverbs 17:22

Be Pro Active. You can make a difference.

In Continued Health ,

Sally Byrd

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