Salt Again ?

Yes,  I have been emphasizing eating , drinking, bathing and using it on your skin because we are deficient in minerals and minerals  are needed for many of our metabolic pathways including our nerves!

Raw , unheated, unfiltered and or solar dried salt is healthy in so many ways . It can correct adrenal burnout and balance an inactive thyroid gland  while helping  to restore healthy heart muscle and balance anxiety levels.

So what’s the scoop  about breathing it ?

Therapeutic salt rooms  are popping up throughout  FL with rooms available in  Orlando , The Villages ,Tampa , Sarasota, Cocoa Beach, Weston and more.

Salt therapy is common throughout Europe and dates back to the early 1800′s when  salt mine workers were found to have a  lower incidences of lung  disease .

This was attributed to the better air quality and  negative ions,  generated by the salt particles. Over time this therapy known as Speleo therapy was used to treat chronic sinus, skin and lung conditions.

Now  known as Halo therapy , these rooms are covered with 3 inches of sea or Himalayan salt and there is small crushed salt particles from a 1-10 micrometers of sodium filtered through HEPA filters and delivered into the room into the rooms delivered a sense of peace and relaxation. Treatments last 45 minutes and cost around 45,00 for a single session . However,  monthly  , quarterly and yearlong packages offer tremendous savings and include  unlimited visits .

Over time , there have been reports that sleep patterns and loud snoring symptoms have improved. Most people with chronic sinus and rhinitis, asthma allergies, hay fever,emphysema, cystic fibrosis  and even ear infections will notice improvements in 4 or 5 sessions. Side effects are rare ; some people feel a slight tingling in their throat and a slight salty flavor lingers for a about a hour.

I had the opportunity for a treatment; courtesy of my acupuncturist Dr Janean Hamilton , who works PT at the Villages .Give her a call at 352-750-9909 !

A very relaxing and calming experience .Combine it with an acupuncture treatment or a massage and you will feel as though you were at a spa all day ! A staff member who “rakes “the salt chunks in the rooms between sessions were reporting   softer and silkier skin even without using body lotions.

Minerals are so important to our overall health – using traditional treatments like Salt Rooms and other therapies help to keep your bodies in balance.

Try a treatment or buy a package and BREATHE IN ! Your body will notice!

*photos by Bill Burke

In continued health ,

Sally Byrd



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